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I have said before and I say it again, MEMOIRS OF MR. HEMPHER, THE BRITISH SPY TO THE MIDDLE EAST should be mandatory reading for everyone ~ Muslim and Christian alike. We know the Jews are behind much of this of course and, considering the Saudis have Jewish origins, that might add a little more insight to the situation. In fact, the tenets of Wahabbism have more in common with orthodox Talmudic Judaism than they do with true spiritual and scholarly Islam, that which they are trying so hard to eradicate. 

The form of Islam that emanates from KSA is more concerned with rites and busyness ~ memory work etc ~ than it is with matters of spirit. After studying the Koran on my own, I found the rules of Saudi influenced Islam was very off putting with all of its extreme shalt nots or be beheaded. This is NOT Islam!
Wahabbi/salafi Islam is an innovation within Islam and the geo-political web of religious extremism, treachery, and financial and moral corruption emanating from the worldwide mafia of Mullahs known to the Muslim Ummat as the plague of Wahabbism. THIS is why it was created and the Saudi clan installed upon the throne of KSA. (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).
Wahabbism is an ultra puritanical, unintelligent and uninformed perception of Islam. It has been used as a motivational tool by imperial nations; USA, Israel and Brittan since the soviet era. and uninformed perception of Islam. It has been used as a motivational tool by imperial nations; USA, Israel and Brittan since the soviet era.

Throughout history there have been different names for this sect but in the eighth century, one of their leaders use to call himself "Salafi". Even today, this sect has four names: Salafi, Wahhabi, Najdi and Ahl al-Hadith. It is generally known that today they prefer to call themselves Salafi.

This sect would not have been as famous as it is if it were not for the state sponsorship of Saudi Arabia. Even today if a person, or a number of people, were to petition the country of Saudia Arabia, they would receive funds or grants if they promise that a Mosque or Madrassa would be built to teach the Wahhabi curriculum. 

Another common method is for magazine publications to receive funds to help increase circulation on condition of propagating Wahhabi beliefs. It is in this way, and by currently owning large, well equipped publishing houses, that the Wahhabis have been able to mass distribute and mass circulate misinformation about the Ahl as-Sunna wa'l-Jama'a and propagate their own beliefs ~ passing them under the guise of "Salafi" Islam.

July 27, 2012

[The fake "Islam" that American allies and proxies have been pushing all over the world, especially in the former Soviet countries, is not actually "Islam."

The religion taught to all the ignorant Sunni Muslim militants that we have deployed across the world is NOT a religion, but a carefully crafted mind control science which creates a need to murder "infidels" and "non-believers" and all of those who refuse to accept the false "Islam."  

If you truly believe in the things being taught by them, you will be faced with an inner struggle of the Spirit, between innate human morality that teaches everyone that it is "wrong to kill," and the teaching by moral "authorities" (who produce "fatwas") that defines most of humanity as "kafirs," who must be brought into submission or eliminated.  

In other words, Wahhabism is a religion of terrorist murder, focused on eliminating true followers of Allah/God.   SEE:  Excerpts from Iraqi Intelligence Report On Origin of Wahhabism  MEMOIRS OF MR. HEMPHER, THE BRITISH SPY TO THE MIDDLE EAST]

“When the unity of Muslims is broken and the common sympathy among them is impaired, their forces will be dissolved and thus we shall easily destroy them… We, the English people, have to make mischief and arouse schism in all our colonies in order that we may live in welfare and luxury.”[3]

“When we reach this number we shall have brought all Muslims under our sway” and Islam will be rendered “into a miserable state from which it will never recover again.”[3]

Saudi protesters have gathered in front of the interior ministry in the capital city Riyadh to demand the release of political prisoners held captive in the kingdom.–Dr. Syed Ali Wasif

The protest broke out in the Saudi capital city on Wednesday, when demonstrators shouted slogans against the Al Saud regime and called for an immediate release of the prisoners.

Press TV talks with Dr. Syed Ali Wasif, the president of the Society for International Reforms and Research, from Washington, to shed more light on the issue. Below is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV:
The numbers of political prisoners in Saudi jails are shocking. How is it that this goes unnoticed by much of the international community?
Simply because they both have the same objective, the same agenda, mainly the Western community, the Western countries, and the international community is totally dependent upon the Western countries vis-à-vis the economy and the imports and exports, their trade, commerce and so on.

So this is basically a matter of Western interests. Saudi Arabia is basically toeing the policy of the Western powers, the policy of NATO in the Middle East in the name of the so-called Islam which it follows, the Wahhabi-Salafi Islam.
So this is the problem and this is the problem the common people, the layman, is always unable to understand, the real people, the real monarchy hidden behind this nefarious objective to toe the policy of the Western countries and have a pro-Israeli policy implemented in that region to seed some pro-Israeli regimes in that region.
So this is mainly the historical policies of Saudi Arabia; this is nothing new. The main problem is the international community, the human rights organizations, the Security Council of the United Nations, Red Cross and Red Crescent and other international bodies are totally ignoring the fact that tens of thousands of people, Saudi citizens, have been arrested for the last decade and are still being arrested.

There is totally an arbitrary detention of men, women and children with no fundamental rights, especially those people who are living in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia are treated as the third-rated citizens of Saudi Arabia. They do not have any kinds of right despite the fact that they are the citizens of Saudi Arabia.

The thing is in order to understand the Saudi regime, you have to shed light from two different angles. If you understand those two different angles and the perspective from two different angles about the Saudi regime, you will be able to understand the reasons of those mass detentions and illegal arrests.

The first is the international perspective, an angle, and that is Saudi Arabia is totally following and toeing the line of the United States and Israel in that region. So it is basically acting as a policeman or a watchman for the United States and Israel in that region. So whatever is being asked by Israel and the United States, it blindly follows the rules.

The second is the international community wants oil and Saudi Arabia is rich in oil. So they do not want any kind of hindrances while it comes to oil supplies.
Press TV: 
The arrest and detention of activists throughout the Persian Gulf monarchies, as we have been hearing about now in the UAE as well, has been heightened dramatically of recent. How much of an influence does the Saudi experiment in doing this for years have?
Well, simple. Saudi Arabia from day one, the moment it was created by the MI6… the British Intelligence Agency was behind creating Saudi Arabia and the dichotomy is it is in the name of Islam.
Of course Islam has nothing to do with Saudi regime because it is totally in contravention with them, basic and fundamental Islamic norms and that is Islam requires a regime with people’s representative and popular support.
In this case of Saudi Arabia, we do not see any kind of popular support to the Saudi regime or people’s representatives sitting in the assemblies or in the parliament. So it is totally in contravention with the Islamic norms.

We do not see any kind of main Islamic following in Saudi Arabia vis-à-vis the political system. So, nor did the first four Caliphs rule by iron fist or without the people’s representation or there was not any kind of personal or family regime during the fundamental years of Islam.
 But in Saudi Arabia, we see one family regime is ruling over the country for the last 70 years unhindered and without any accountability. The corruption is rampant and there is no human right; there is no Islam; the real Islam is absent from the Saudi political system and they are just following the lines of the Western countries.

So this is important for the laymen and I would like to draw the attention of the Muslim ordinary people, the laymen of the Muslims, through the courtesy of your channel that Saudi Arabia is using the name of Islam to prolong its nefarious designs in supporting, defending and safeguarding the Western interests and the Israeli interests.

It has nothing to do with Islam.

Just because it has Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia, it does not mean that it follows Islam.

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