Friday 24 March 2017


 Did you miss me last week? I sure hope so! The problem with skipping a week of posting leaves me with a ton of images, far too many for one post. I simply have too many collected and so much has been going on. To save myself hours of sorting, which I already have done to a great extent, I am just going to plow through the lot of them. There are FAR too many for one post so I will put everything up but you will be coming back on Sunday for Part Two.

UPDATE: I ended up getting it all done before going to sleep.  SO check out both pages during the week because there definitely is too much for one sitting. 

I have been sipping a drink and posting all evening, losing track of time. I just took count and realized it is way late and I have not even gotten to the Terrorist cartoons or the Trumps yet. I'll leave this page as it is, already too many images, and move on to a Page Two. It may be up before I retire or maybe you will have to wait until Sunday! This is what happens when you take a week off and so much happens.... 


Or doesn't do...

My daughter who lives in Silicon Valley tells me that liberal Americans are truly fascinated by our feminist PM, Justine Trudeau. Even she gags on that.


I was at this Chuck Berry concert held at Varsity Stadium in Toronto. I am sure you will see me somewhere in the audience! "My Dingaling" was so much fun. The other headliners, Jim Morrison and John Lennon, are possibly sipping heavenly tea with Chuck as we speak! 


The gong will no longer bong for Chuckie Barris:

AH, THE Democrats, surely, as I type this, are celebrating the defeat of Trumpcare earlier this afternoon. Trump has basically laid the blame for its future failure right at the feet of Pelosi and Schumer, saying they will be responsible now for this colossal failure that is Obamacare.

Erdogan is acting up again, as if he ever stopped. It is most interesting that the London attack took place within a very short time of his last threat towards Europe.

Then we have the EU, now suffering under intolerable conditions. More on Europe to come in this posting. Looming Brexit, The Treaty of Rome, Scotland. 


The 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome is being celebrated right at this minute by the globalists who are determined to continue the destruction by every means possible of Europe and its indigenous people upon whom they have declared genocidal war.

Poor Geert:

One of the most socialist nations in the world, but Norway's socialism works. Their education system is free and they offer it freely to the rest of the world. If you want to get a degree, move to Norway and it is there for you, citizenship not required. Just pay your own way and for the cost of exams (minimal) and you can get a top level degree. It is expensive regarding taxes but that money is sunk back into the people and the nation, not supporting a huge military. 

 Just too funny.

 The "Pecker Pepper". Yes, they are real.  Buy your own seeds.

 Can you even begin to imagine such an experience? 

Titled: Words mean nothing. 

AH but the Democrats hated Gorsuch. Al Franken made an especially excellent fool of himself here:

In the world of fake news:

 Translation: It never happened.

These cartoons on the healthcare problem were collected before this evening when they announced the failure of Trumpcare. Schumer and Pelosi were gloating so broadly during that CNN performance. 

Immigration anyone?

International cartoonists, such as this Canadian above, still continue to mock the very idea that there are immigration problems in Europe. This cartoon emerged a few days after the riots Trump spoke of in Sweden became unreported news around the world. 

Washington Leaks:

A little fun at the expense of the loony libs?

If you think pussy hats are rude (beyond silly) the attacks on Mary in primarily Christian countries have been beyond obscene. Above is bad enough.... 

That's all for now folks! Stay tuned for Part 2.



  2. A good haul... Thanks.
    It brightens a Saturday morning to have cartoons...

  3. Yes, we missed you! ... thanks for being back ... :)


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