Saturday 1 April 2017


This week I offer you a hodge-podge of material. To be honest, it is getting pretty boring again in the cartoon world; I am tired of healthcare, infighting, liberal madness, Trump hate, Obama sedition, the chosen ones, Brexit, the EU, but, maybe it is just me. Liberal madness is one of the few things that still get me laughing.  I slipped in a few April Fool Cartoons in there as well. Hope your week is good, spring is finally here albeit reluctantly and a tad chilly ~ a full month behind when it comes to seasonal foliage. Get out there and plant flowers for the bees.

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Your weekly overdose of cuteness.

"Sadly, everything Philippe ate went straight to his hips."
"So what are you talon me? You got to be falcon kidding!"
"I should never have eaten those burritos!"
"Sad to see a black & white cartoon on National Crayola Day!"

Check out this short quiz from Sean Hannity. I failed MISERABLY! Sanders is more Communist sounding than Marx according to these quotes, no question about it! 

 Now THIS is serious news!

OK, Walking Dead fans, calm down, calm down. The headline about Norman Reedus being canned from the series is an April Fool joke! (Phew!) Someone is cruel. Can you even imagine this show without Reedus? Just look at the zombies, who seem to come and go like weather patterns, and think of them as those who have been Talmudicked. New word! Do you like it? "Talmudicked" = Judaicized. I blame Mark Glenn for addicting me to The Walking Dead. 

 Now THIS one is clever!

Polar bear population has at least quadrupled since Al Gore was born.

This cartoon seriously got me to the point that I was doing internet searches on the topic. Here is the artist's Pitch:  
BRUSSELS, Friday: 
In the wake of Brexit, European Council President Donald Tusk has signalled sweeping changes to the European Union including a move away from the familiar circle of yellow stars that in the past have adorned EU flags, logos and stationery. 

"Now that Britain has gone, we here at the EU felt it was time for a change and as such we have decided to adopt black stars instead of yellow which will present an overall stronger image of the Union. It will also serve to intimidate other members into staying", Tusk said. The changes will take effect on April 1 this year.

It was an April Fool Joke by the artist.

In memory of Martin McGuinness.

 Gotta enlarge this one.

Enlarge and read. 
This is NOT an April Fools Day prank.
It is real.
This is how they think. 


  1. Love the open borders for Israel images. Hilarious!

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