Friday 26 May 2017


It is too much to ask that the world take notice, finally, of terrorism and its vile intrusion into our every activity? The attack in Manchester killed children. But children are killed horrifically in the wars that created these monsters. Why is the death of one child of more note than that of another?  This bombing that took place ~ is it any worse than the actions of a pilot zoning down and raining bombs on civilian populations? 

Populations being decimated by this enforced political social manipulation need to unify and deal with this problem in their midst. But we know those behind all of these abominations will continue to ratchet up the tension as time passes; they always do.  I believe that behind-the-scenes manipulation is what Barbara Lerner Specter was referring to when she discussed the important role of the Jews in the racial disintegration of Europe.

As for the fasting. It has been a week. It is amazing how often ideas of food cross the mind! Having nothing but salt and olive oil in the house, it is easy to just shut those thoughts down. Energy level is good just so long as I take it easy. 

Enjoy this week's offerings and if you are American, enjoy your Memorial Weekend!

Was it "impressive" when terrorists of the Middle East destroyed the history of the lands they were invading? 

 A world gone mad.

This cartoon struck a chord with me, loving words as I do. Anyone who discusses anything of import or that requires creative use of grammar is aware of the constant need to downgrade your terminology to be understood. And then you stand the chance of being ridiculed or reprimanded because "No one talks like that anymore." ~ meaning words using more than three syllables are not as effective a method of communication than an emoji. 

This is the most important cartoon of them all when it comes to the Manchester attack. People get upset. They have vigils. They say "never again" and pray for everything. Huge outpouring of emotions around the world. Then, it happens again because no one does ANYTHING about the real problem, genocide of the European people.

 Ever get that feeling?

 A silly radio-station publicity stunt somewhere. 
"I identify with Wonder Woman."

Artist's Comment: On a less somber day, we would have enjoyed roasting Monica "Wet Clean Up, Aisle 7" Lewinsky for her appalling editorial in the New York Times, celebrating the death of Fox News's Roger Ailes for allegedly exploiting her "personal tragedy." But we're not in the mood, so we'll cut straight to the chase.

Lewinsky was a lying, lascivious little slut back in the day, and she remains unapologetic for her role (and roll in the hay) in disrupting American government. If Bill Clinton, that miserable tower of human excrement, hadn't been busy fighting his removal from office, he might have actually been doing presidential things like, oh, nailing Osama bin Laden when he had multiple opportunities.

Would the World Trade Center towers have fallen if Bill Clinton's pants hadn't? We can't know, but we can say with certainty that it's at least possible that they wouldn't have. Which is why, Monica, this appalling story isn't really about you and never was. So do the decent thing, accept your shame, and ~ unlike your time spent kneeling on the Oval Office rug ~ shut your disgusting mouth.

Why did Hillary dress up like Monica Lewinsky for her College Commencement Speech Today?


There is no rising above terror. There is no co-existing with terror as suggested by the mayor of London ("The cost of doing business.") These types of platitudes arise with every horror and nothing changes does it? "Praying with Manchester" or "Solidarity with Manchester" does no more good than with Paris or Berlin or NYC. There are certain phrases that I believe sets a people for exploitation by a skilled or knowing thief. The above is a perfect example. Others include "Turn the other cheek" and "The meek shall inherit the earth."

 The artist agreed with me when I politely admonished him for the insult to the Great Qaddafi.

Artist's Comment:
All you knobs out there who insist on comparing this circus to Watergate, please grab some bench, already. The Watergate investigation proceeded after getting hold of actual evidence; this freak show has absolutely jack, concocted by the Democratic Party nearly a year ago to explain away their aggressive failure. Nobody has any actual evidence of anything ~ it’s all anonymous sources saying whatever the “reporters” need to make up, Washington Post and New York Times bilge being debunked before the print editions even hit my doorstep… hell, even the “reporters” farting out this waste don’t come anywhere even resembling close to Woodward & Bernstein-level investigative reporting.

This shindig is so not Watergate, it’s not even funny; it’ll be more like a combination McCarthy witch hunt and a Monty Python Inquisition.

So, just take a friggin’ seat with that crap.

All I can focus on in this image is the triangle which so strongly resembles the top of the pyramid on the back of every American bill.

I will say the same of any beautiful youngster whose parents are of the same race and gifted genetically. Black. Yellow. Red. Browns. It matters not. All races can reach their highest standards of beauty when their parents "match".

I have been running these offensive "It's retarded" cartoons for a few weeks now. Do you really have to think too hard to get this one?

Even my favourite cartoonists, being Conservative, are fawning over Israel and this recent visit by Trump. I do find it disheartening.

Thailand legalizes gay marriage.

 "Who's fueling this extremism anyway?"

Below: The recipients of some of the weapons sold to the KSA.

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