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These days it is increasingly difficult to be amused by political "humour". Things are just too serious to warrant much laughter at anything. This series of toons is a bit more serious than usual and primarily aimed at the horrors inflicted on the people of Palestine. Warning, included are a few photos not suitable for children or the faint of heart. BUT they are real and must be shared if only to shock the world into awareness of the barbarism that threatens us ALL.

I listened to two MSM reports of this latest land grab invasion and was nauseated at how the whole scenario was portrayed to the largely ignorant Western public.  Not ONE Canadian I have spoken to even knew there was something going on in Palestine. From the beginning the build up to this attack has been micro-managed by Bibi and his media and is rapidly entering the stage of another major Palestinian Holocaust.

On a personal level, good thing are happening in my life and, somewhat selfishly, I resent the pain these political events bring to me in a time of happiness. How darn selfish can I be? How can I smile when people are burning? ("Beds are Burning" by Midnight Oil always struck a very powerful chord with me. However, I know I deserve the good things and enjoy them so I do my best to separate the two sets of emotions for the moment. The high point of my summer so far was sitting in a lovely garden full of kids' toys, shoes off, surrounded by my daughter's oldest friends, sipping a local beer, nibbling watermelon, a week old baby sleeping in my arms, a pair of kissy-face pitbulls begging me to toss the ball. Life gets no better than that!

Life is full of horrors but we have these moments...... the moments that remind us of what life is really all about.  I swear if such wonderful life-affirming things were not taking place right now it would be so very very easy for me to sink into abject hatred of our common enemies. Too easy. It is in these times we must seek out empowering and affirmative events to remember what we fight for.

Today there are more than the usual number of cartoons as well as a few (some extremely graphic) photos so I apologize if the page is slow to load. I may not be around for some time and under the circumstances in Gaza, just had to post as much as I can. 
 What a joke! No one but the enemy laughs with mirth. The rest of us wince.

I pray all of you, despite everything, managing to find pleasure in summer and your daily lives ~ enjoy the small things that matter. Now when I sit in a forest and listen to the birds, no longer do I think of the ones that used to make the wilds a riot of sound, I appreciate the songs of the survivors. This is a subtle but important change in how to view the world, to appreciate what we do have ..... 

The world's silence on Gaza and this "Operation Defensive Edge" or whatever foolish name they have given it is gaining more media international coverage than Operation Cast Lead ~ but the whole story has been so manipulated by Nutty and Shinbet that it is almost impossible to get the truth out.That is OUR job, it falls into our hands. This includes appreciating the works of some brave Israelis who actively fight the deeds of their homeland at great expense to themselves and their futures. They are the great minority but, they are that mustard seed by the side of the road that must be nurtured.

Bonus! Special Mainstream Israel/Gaza "cartoons
It is amazingly predictable although at last there are a few who seem to be putting out the truth. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, the sites where I found them, the ones that were more honest had a great deal of dislikes whereas the pro Israeli MSM toons were highly "liked".

CNN boots reporter from Israel-Gaza conflict after above tweet

Partying Israelis cheer as they watch the Gaza pounding from front-row seats munching popcorn and enjoying the summer evenings.  Below: THIS is what they are cheering.

Little changes. Remember this charmer from Operation Cast Lead?

Now, on to today's "jokes"

Holy FIFA madness, world citizens! Zionists being ever the opportunists....
‘Israel should have taken advantage of the suppression of the demonstrations in China [Tienanmen Square], when the world’s attention was focused on what was happening in that country, to carry out mass expulsions among the Arabs of the Territories. However, to my regret, they did not support that policy that I proposed, and which I still propose should be implemented.’ ~ Bibi Netanyahu
 Watching FIFA in Palestine


Sometimes Mr. Fish is even more bang on with his imagery than others. His is a more intensely rebellious mood this week although the top on Palestine is biting.

Hmmmmmmm. Google rides along on that thing too?.

Personally, I cannot stand this guy Adam Sandler. Last weekend on one evening there were, simultaneously, FIVE of his movies on the tube to choose from to watch. ACH! However, this Middle Eastern caricaturist seems to have captured him quite well!

 Admiring Jewish art...

This just possibly could drive you mad.... but very cleverly. Every single thingamajig  is a tad boggling. I would love to offer some clever social comparison or political witticism, but currently am all out of that stuff.



This popular Israeli cartoonist never fails to sicken me with his portrayals of the facts.




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