Saturday 17 June 2017


Please accept my humble apologies for the lateness of this entry. Once again I simply fell asleep and I have been working hard all morning to get them out to you. Happy Summer solstice this week, get out and play in the outdoors! Heck, the world grinds on no matter what you do! Meanwhile, here you have a lot of cartoons on the usual suspects with a bit of an emphasis on (non)Brexit.

My thrill of the week (obviously I have a dull life) was having Mike Pence "heart" a comment I made in Twitter to him!


Then get thoroughly ticked off at this scum. 
They MUST be eradicated, yanked out by the roots 
like a rampant suffocating ivy.

 Thanks Trevor!

This Chabad-oriented artist does cartoons that are often very appealing to goyim for the Western market. He does well. However, he would be honest if he pointed out his own peoples' participation in the hate game.

Naive twits worship this Communist who loved his elite luxuries. This is the (Sephardic) Bolshevik / Jewish revolutionary spirit that inspires Antifa (and ISIS).

I am truly sorry, but this pun was so bad I could not resist.

 Never forget who this woman is and what she truly represents.

 Read the translation. Please enlarge.

These nations, so far, have not been plagued by extremism as have the more welcoming nations of the EU. Can you blame them for just that reason alone? Let alone the cost which would destroy their economies?

 Stilton has been at it again. Visit him to read some first class rants on American politics. His common sense humour is sharp, incisive, and ... well funny!

My kids never saw the inside of a MacDonald's on my watch. But the toys, I would go in during lunchtime, buy a pack of fries to get the toys, then dump the fries or give them to some homeless person sitting near the restaurant. This way my girls were still part of the action without the bad stuff.

 Some street in Israel.

 Enlarge and see the most popularly misused word in online conversations.

 I am not a fan, but that is some quote.

 So many of these old liars have been exposed over the years. 

Children and puppies. Yep. Kill 'em. Vile Libthink.

 Enlarge and study. Soros.

 Look into this, folks. In YOUR town. 
Shut them the heck down. 
Soros' stench is all over this.


 I knew it immediately! Do you? 

And the ONLY cure found so far, for these poor children, is citizenship for their families. How FOOLISH are these Swedes? When will they throw off this yoke?

 Remember that image of male lacy undies I posted recently? Here they are again!


  1. once again snip you hit it outta the ball park

    1. Thanks, Mr.R. If this is who I think it is. Glad you enjoyed.


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