Friday 9 June 2017


The sad thing is, many people won't get this silly little cartoon. May they scratch their heads and figure it out! (Hint: Frankfurt School)

Thank you SO MUCH to whoever shared a link to this page last week. I went out and the visitors were few since I had posted on Saturday am. When I got home it was in the thousands. So thank you so much whoever you are. It really is gratifying to see those numbers, shallow woman I am to think that way. But, even better are your comments and suggestions. 

Be well, all of you, and be grateful for your every day.

This is what I have been telling folks for awhile. Humility is all well and good, but being suckered because you have been conditioned to be meek, that is when you stop "turning the other cheek". Your righteous anger is not something to be ashamed of!


This one is well worth holding on to for future reference. Please enlarge to make sense of it.

The fast is going well. I guess this is my third week, I have stopped counting and just doing it. Getting a bit slower and my swims are more languorous than athletic but still a workout. I am sure if I had a slice of bacon, or any solid, my tummy would rebel. Someone was cooking bacon down the way the other day and the smells had me salivating. The fast drink is only available in chocolate so I think that bacon will become my new "chocolate" in terms of numminess.

I said almost the very same thing the moment I heard of his birth,"to the manor borne and all that jazz" although I was appallingly naive back in the day as were we all.

The Chinese government wiped all information on Tienanmen Square from public access. Years ago it was removed from educational programmes. They just continue the whitewashing. 

Trust the NYT to screw everything up. President Trump goes against the JWO/NWO agenda so media just keeps on throwing out more propaganda and lies ~ not to mention misinterpretation of the facts. They are desperate to make this Russia story stick as a potential basis for impeachment. It won't fly.

 (Read NYT headline above. Stilton nailed it.)

Artist's commentary: Despite stratospheric levels of hype, yesterday's laughably named "intelligence hearing" testimony by disgraced former FBI Director James Comey wasn't so much "shock and awe" as "Rorschach" and "Aw, shut the Hell up."

We cite Rorschach because, as is the case with other meaningless ink blots, everyone interpreted Comey's remarks however they wanted: the Right sees Trump as completely exonerated, and the Left believes they heard so much dirt that they can't decide whether to take the time to impeach the President or simply march on the White House with pitchforks and torches and burn the building down while he's still inside.

The reality, as nearly as we can tell, is that Trump didn't do anything legally wrong when talking to Comey about Mike Flynn and the Russian investigation. But in true snowflake-style, Comey is now interpreting his own bizarre feelings and fantasies related to that conversation as proof of wrongdoing.

Comey, who is dishonest and Machiavellian but no fool, is fully aware that Trump did nothing to obstruct justice ~ but he was spinning like a Dervish trying to imply otherwise. Which makes it fortunate that he no longer runs the Federal Bureau of Implication.

Comey did occasionally share interesting truths, including his concern that former DOJ head Loretta Lynch had been compromised during her meeting with Bill Clinton on an airport tarmac. He additionally confirmed that Lynch asked him (which in Comey's mind is apparently a direct order) to refer to Hillary's criminal investigation as a "matter" ~ which Comey subsequently did, even though he freely admits that it was a lie designed only to help Hillary's image during election season.

All in all, his testimony showed only that Trump can be ham-handedly (but legally) direct when expressing his thoughts... and that Comey (among others associated with Obama and Clinton) has genuinely made a practice of obstructing justice by attempting to interpret the hints, nuances, and implied desires of his political masters.

Because a nod is as good as a wink when justice isn't intended to be blind.

 Comey admitted to be a source of leaks!

 Chortling with glee. Maybe they will begin to accept things now?

 Interesting point made here.

 The Dissident

 My favourite after-the-election cartoon.

Middle Eastern cartoons depict Angela as a beacon of love and kindness. Understandable but unfortunate. The people who portray her as such to these desperate immigrants, luring many to dangerous enterprises, are also criminals.

The boys in this school actually addressed the issue of females dressing inappropriately for classes. Years ago I had a friend, a teacher in high school, quite handsome even to younger girls, who told me that he had to send a few girls home for inappropriate dress (and consciously sluttish posture  aimed towards him at the teaching podium). Above is the response the boys and girls were given to the request for more modest clothing. These girls disrespect themselves, the males around them, their teachers. But somehow the boys take the blame.

Seems we just wore lighter fabric in the spring! Dresses too. No need for shorts at school. Bring back dress codes.


 Hashtags and prayers do nothing.


 I am not a fan of Geert's but in this instance, his words are true.

Trump may have not been particularly delicate here, but I would take his strength over the bottom kissing of the traitorous sycophant Muslim running London.

 Haha! Touche!

By speaking this simple truth so obvious to the rest of us, young Trump has been labelled a whiner by the liberal media.

NOTHING this man can accomplish will EVER be enough for these creatures.

 OK, this woman needs to be committed. This lack of logic shows her to be genuinely certifiable!

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