Thursday 14 April 2011


The other day, to cheer me up, a friend sent me information on Chernobyl which showed that the countryside was becoming habitable again. There were photos of greenery everywhere and people living in the area and it all looked normal enough. Too normal! 

I knew that the photographs did not show the deformed plants and trees, or the genetically damaged wild life. I offer here a few photographs of animals and wildlife of the Chernobyl area and you can decide just how "normal" things have returned in a scant 20+ years.  

Also I enclose a URL to a link I was steered to by John Kaminski. It is hard to look at, hard to absorb but I sucked it in and watched and listened and learned. 

Chernobyl Legacy by Paul Fusco 

Images of barn swallows living near the site of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant explosion show a variety of abnormal features. Picture (a) shows a normal swallow, while the other pictures show signs of albinism (white feathers), deformed beaks, deformed air sacs, and bent tail feathers.

The high levels of abnormalities in the birds suggest that radiation is also the culprit in the higher than average levels of health issues in humans living near Chernobyl ~ a direct contradiction to a World Health Organization-led report blaming social stresses for the ailments. ~ Courtesy National Geographic

Chernobyl's two thousand poisoned villages 
will disappear in a uranium fallout poisoned forest.

Abandoned metal and concrete structures will eventually breakdown into deadly toxic nuclear rust and dust. Despite being impregnated with fatal nuclear atoms most of the flora and fauna will continue to grow, albeit mutated, as long as the sun shines.

 Many babies have been born with organs outside the body including the brain.

 These catfish will swim right into your hands. Eat one and you will die. Everything that still grows around Chernobyl contains nuclear poison. These fish grow twice the size they used to, but only live half as long.

One of the crazier lines of thought I came across is one that we are familiar with. Some environmentalists feel that the Chernobyl disaster was a good thing because it drove people off their land and nature, both flora and fauna, have come back well.  Warped but alive and too deadly to serve much purpose.

Thanks to DublinMick for this delightful portrait of a post Nuclear Hillary.

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