Saturday 1 October 2016


More on the so-called "debate" later.... 

Another week of sickness, madness and everything in between. Racism. Obama. Peres. Pressure cookers. George Soros. Brangelina. Putin. The "chosen" ones. (Always ask, "Chosen by whom?" I can guarantee you won't get an honest answer.) The so called debate. 

It was a delightful surprise to find a link to my last Clinton Dump posted over at Darkmoon. Most amusing was the comment that this site is israeli. You really have to wonder sometimes where people get these ideas. The genuine treat was the responses of the majority of the readers to this humble enterprise ~ thank you to all of you. I also want to thank BlackBird9 for getting this url out regularly to some site that seems to seriously boost numbers.   

 These Red Meat images must be enlarged to read. Sorry about that. It's a font thing.

 Again, a cartoon that must be enlarged to be read. 

World Day of anger and protest" ~ Some organizations, including Islamic, plan to conduct attacks in the "World Day of anger and protest" September 30, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry's press service

I really don't know where to go with this one. The Slovakian artist, Marian Kamenski, is one of the most prolific and artistically skilled editorial cartoonists on the planet. Sometimes he "gets" it; many other times he toes the party line for commercial success. This is a rather frightening "cartoon". In what spirit is this vision offered? During today's post I draw attention to his work since there are several of his contributions posted in here. He hates Trump and Putin. Seems to like Hillary.

Cultural Marxism and spiritual murder of the younger generations. Disney anyone? How about a little more Harry Potter?

World Peace Day as celebrated by Lebanese artist Swaha.

I can relate....

How many can you find?

I say, who cares?

Please see: Viktor Orban Sees Refugee Vote as Way to Jolt the EU: Hungarian leader hopes immigration snub will spark ‘cultural counter-revolution’ against Brussels

In the 1960s, the sugar industry funded research that downplayed the risks of sugar and highlighted the hazards of fat, according to a newly published article in JAMA Internal Medicine.  This was done to "refute" concerns about sugar's possible role in heart disease. The SRF then sponsored research by Harvard scientists that did just that. The result was published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1967, with no disclosure of the sugar industry funding. More on this horrendous crime HERE

My memory could be wrong but it seems to me that, right after 911, when I first studied PNAC, its agenda included Saudi Arabia on the hit list, although it was not mentioned later. Now the KSA is being used as a distraction from the real culprits behind 911. Major obfuscation taking place. There is definitely trouble brewing in the kingdom.  But then you have the optimistic viewpoint expressed below:

According to the artist: Veto override : … OK world…. get in line thanks to our politically and emotionally driven congress FROM BOTH PARTIES.

This is possibly the most important image posted today. People ask why so many Americans (and Canadians) are the way they are in terms of political savvy ~ naive and totally ignorant of the truth of the matter. Look to the pap they are fed!

Please enlarge to read. Great wisdom.

Another international war criminal is in the hands of his maker. Boohoo.

Crocodile tears anyone? Oh, BTW, when looking up images for "crocodile tears" the first I found was in Yiddish claiming the phrase"to shed crocodile tears" was of Jewish origins. (Of course! To doubt this assertion could make you antisemitic.) Further research proved the phrase came from Edmund Grindal, the sixteenth-century Archbishop of Canterbury, quoted as saying, ‘I begin to fear, lest his humility . . . be a counterfeit humility, and his tears crocodile tears.’

International hatred for Putin is as ridiculously overblown as that shown towards Trump. Cartoonists go out of their way to insult and demean both and I simply refuse to post them, especially those using the evil Putin to vilify the equally evil Trump! It is beyond humour most of the time. The above I post simply as an educational example of Western projection...  In those games, everyone lies, but Putin has halted at least two World Wars ... those in power simply cannot forgive him for that.

This despicable obscenity, George Soros, was backer for the infamous Riot Girls who so rocked the international world with their obscenities, all as part of his destabilization programme for the Russian nation. 

Ah, George Soros again! And you wonder why the Russians have outlawed him?

Soros again!

And now we trundle over to that pathetic thing called an election Debate. For tonight that is as much of this election madness as I will deal with although I have a Trump Dump in the making ... and more Hillary. But not for this evening.

Holt hit an all time low with this line of questioning. This has what to do with anything?

Trump, in a way, won the debate by "losing"; in so doing, he disproved Hillary's constant accusations of being hot headed and unpredictable. 

A misleading pro Hillary cartoon by Marian Kamenski of Slovakia.

 Now ain't THIS the truth? 

 The Debate as portrayed in a Chinese paper. No, I don't quite get it.

.gif from Rense

 This is what was promised before the debate. It is not what they got.

Again I post this to show the media bias against Trump if you watched the debate and were aware of the shenanigans going on behind the scenes. The entire cartoon is a lie....

Another ludicrously imbalanced cartoon pro Hillary. Yes, she was well prepared, but to project this image of Trump and his more laissez-faire approach is patently ludicrous and wrong. This is the sort of thing almost ALL editorial cartoonists are portraying to their viewers. 

 Check that door sign!

Slovakian artist Marian Kamenski doesn't like Trump much at all. He frequently and rather relentlessly portrays Trump and Putin together, bolstering that unfavourable image of two dictators. 

“I think Trump won the debate. I thought Hillary did a little better than I thought she would on the offense. I thought she was a little nastier than he was. He was very respectful. I wish he’d hit the Benghazi thing harder. ‘She does have experience ~ bad experience.’ A good line.”

 And then there is Snopes....

It took me awhile to decide whether or not to post this one. How far will Liberals go to excuse Hillary for her crimes and poor health? How far to demonize Trump? Or do I just not have a good liberal sense of humour? Dang it is all so confusing of late.

 This guy is soooo sick. I do love his work so much.

 It is too late in the game for such luxuries.

Snopes says "Big deal!" But it is against the stated rules of the debate! See HERE for more. But truly he probably just didn't want to be whacked!


  1. Excellent as usual. Some got me laughing to myself. Where I live sharing can be tricky. Liberal at one time meant something good; now it means something debasing to just about everyone. Liberals seem to hate people. I wonder what percentage are taking psychiatric drugs? Of course, conservative has lost its meaning as well. I don't think it ever meant anti Liberal in the good sense. But all the terms have faded and become something to throw at enemies. I have neighbors who seem mentally ill if I mention anything connected to politics. I try to take in a wide range of articles and videos, but lately doing that has been giving me stomach aches. I think Carter was probably the last recognizable Democrat president and Reagan the last Republican. Since then our presidents have been preoccupied with a very alien ideology which Obama perfectly embodies. No public figure I can think of so approaches a robot as that man. Bland and low on personality. A man without a country, a gender,a past, any accomplishments that seem genuine (he really went to Harvard Law School?); community organizer must be a euphemism like sanitation engineer is a euphemism for garbage collector. Sometimes I think the man could walk through a wall with ease as he is practically without substance. Most of what he says seems to come from some very obscure source, a parallel universe where the USA has 57 states . . . Fortunately when he vacates the WH it will live a very small vacuum, barely enough to accommodate Trump who is almost certain to win the election.

    1. I get your take on Obama. I happened to be watching Oprah the day she introduced him to the world. He was all young and bright eyed and she told us he was running for Prez etc etc.

      MY immediate impressions were that this was an empty suit. When the camera panned him from the side I saw him as a flat sheet of paper waiting to be written upon, a flat balloon waiting for air. He had no substance or real meat on either body or soul. It just glared at me that way.

      I watched the Bilderbergs tell Hillary to back down and let this hollow thing take the election; this is why she feels so entitled now, assuredly she was promised the "woman throne" after the "black throne".

      After the elections, all these happy black people were dancing around partying about how a black pres would make their lives so much better, support his own kind, etc. But Barack is a White House "black" not a "black person".

      Owned by Soros ... like Hillary. From the start ... all he is is, as David Icke once put it, a "communicator". And he only communicates to his masters....

  2. THINK....





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