Saturday 22 October 2016


Amazing that she forgets the Bush and Gore problems a few years ago... The panic Trump set off with his common sense approach has been blown out of proportion most likely to hide the fact (very poorly hidden) that basically he owned the debate. His calling Hillary on her switching topics was classic. The establishment is horrified at Trump's defiance because, deep within its soul, it fears that the people for whom Trump speaks no longer accept its political legitimacy or moral authority.

Just when you wondered how much lower things could go in these elections then along comes Slutona Madonna. Is she trying to prove Hillary a hypocrite or is she just giving the nod from one queen of degeneracy to another ... or just another publicity grab.... thing is Queen M is already owned by Israel and its rulers...

 Satanic sisters....

I can only suggest one follows the links provided and know this is the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Remember, before dissing the source, most JMSM would not touch this story with a ten foot pole. Personally, I have never bought a copy of this but I do confess to the occasional quick looksee whilst standing in line for whatever. Years ago this ``paper`` was sued for multiple millions for slander and have since broken several top stories due to their diligence in keeping their reports honest.  Hillary Fixer Breaks Ranks
 I have yet to meet a `Canadian for Trump`..... EVERY one I meet makes a distasteful face at the mention of his name. This is Canadians being odious, snobbish and rather stupid. I mean, look how wonderful our liberal country is with Justin and his .... oh, don`t get me started on Justin who the press tells us is loved by all Canadians.

 Child abuse on both counts.

 He thinks the above is hilarious.

 Ha! Kinda cute...

 If only her supporters cared.....

 Divide and conquer, from Rules for Radicals by Alinsky, Hillary`s greatest influence.

`Skin to Skin`was no more than a nurse HOLDING THE BABY for a few minutes while the mother was being stitched up after the C-section!

 Like, SERIOUSLY this woman thinks Trump is in the moral gutter?


Let me introduce you to my leettle friend...

Ah, yes, such a fine example for girls....



I had 4 younger brothers back in the 1950`s and early `60`s. Lucky Mom was a nurse who could keep up with the messy of their play. I think my favourite was when one took a flyswatter to an underground nest of angry hornets that our Dad had planned to smoke out later in the day when things were cooler and the bugs less active....

`The Never Ending Story`................

This is the desk of a feminist teacher (women`s studies) and some of her reading materials. 

Here is a close-up of the book in the upper left corner of the above image. What the heck is heternormativity....

 Kills what?.....   brain cells?..... what drugs are these guys on? Or is calling them "guys" a heteronormative insult? What an amazing diversion from reality!

I now know that heteronormativity means `normal`....  and is a bad bad thing according to that alphabet group of sexual liberals.

Truly my favourite this week. If you don't get it, how did you get here?

Now, think about how long this particular repetition technique has been in play and how it fits, most definitely, into the war against Trump. Or, as in the case above, 911 and Iraq.



  1. You had it nailed at the get-go -- in the midst of that long, long series of Amerikan (s)election 'toons, especially ones favoring Tweedle Duh over Tweedle Demon, or vice versa (!) -- I too fervently wished that it all be over!

    1. Were I American I know my choice. These are truly interesting times only, for once, there is a little optimism in the air. I truly believe, from all I have studied and listened to, Trump is sincere in his intentions but he would still be hindered by so much...

  2. War is coming as prophesied by Nostradamus, St. Malachy, and Revelations NO MATTER WHO WINS.

    1. I fear you are right. So then it comes down to damage control in presidential options.


  4. I love these. Thank you for what you do S&S

    1. LOL Someone has to do it! You are most welcome.

  5. Thanks for all your work!

  6. You are a precious resource for a world in pain.

    1. You sweet talker, you. This almost made me cry. Thank you.

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  8. Fabulous!

    And I think that however his daughter may have formally converted into "the tribe" for her wedding, Trump is much less a fool than he 1st let show.
    And by now has certainly open his eyes wide.
    Indeed there is hope.


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