Friday 16 December 2016


OK, so here I was with all the images loosely sorted according to category, all ready to load, when I made a silly typo renaming one only to find that accidentally I had renamed and unsorted the entire lot. I doubt they are in order any longer and I truly don't want to start that lengthy sorting procedure again! Aleppo and the horrible guilty Russians are the prime targets this week. Therefore they were now all over the post but then, those in Aleppo have hell around them at all times. Please enjoy.

Beware of marauding Canadian moose....

If you burn your toast, you know who to blame......

 Er, I don't waste my time on such diversionary idiocy.

The unattainable (as of yet) dream...

Get your priorities ~ and your stories ~ straight, Sir!

I did find this one just a tad cute. Fun pun.

Stilton is definitely playing on the naughty side this week.

Uhm, perhaps because this Putin / Russia JMSM onslaught is media hype and hysteria? 

Love this ...

The evacuation of Aleppo.

How beautifully optimistic.... great cartoon, Mr. Ramirez

ONLY in Canada will you see something like the following warning a few miles from where one of my siblings lives. Ah, sometimes it is truly wonderful to be a Canuck!:

Shortly after his detested announcement on the pipelines, Trudeau thinks this release regarding recreational and medical marijuana will put him back in the good graces of Canadians? I think not!

The stately giraffe has been placed on the endangered species list.

A definitive statement of Canadian Communism.

Oh, Christmas spam, oh Christmas spam...

True question. True response.

I told you Stilton was being naughty today!


 Love him or hate him, this cartoon is just plain funny.

Do an image search on this topic. The results are (not) shocking but real.

Reality check.

Will this madness never end? I doubt it...

I burned my toast this morning. It wasn't MY fault! I was thinking about Vlad at the time so he did it.

Ah, the sheer hypocrisy of it all!

Well, this is how the JMSM presents the options, isn't it? Obviously THIS is how they view the President Elect and his choices.

I stumbled on a silly article this week on how to live life. The various images touched me, however. The above was in regarding to learn how to deal with money.

 This priceless image was to illustrate "forming relationships"..

 As for `self awareness`...

And this was dedicated to `keeping up on events`! I don`t know about you, but I feel that way when I first read the morning news.


  1. "If they were really fighting for my freedom. This is what it'd look like"
    I like that one...
    Love the baby reading the paper. That's me every morning too... lol.
    Thanks :)

  2. Love your work, thanks.


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