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Get this child into home-schooling immediately!

Liberal double-bind.

Trump, Bibi, and the UN


Such a loser, Colbert! Sad.


Grammar police here ~ another symbol of "White Oppression". Learn the language. You know, punctuation. Capitalization. Spelling. "SepArating".

Meanwhile in Canada...

Just Christians. Lenin served his masters well, so his statues will stand ~ for now.

Enlarge and this is quite readable. Interesting history, folks.

IF I remember correctly (emphasis on the little word 'if') this was titled, "Europe Under Bolshevism". Prophetic considering the situation today. Bolshevism comes from many groups; the names change; the inspirations change; but the final result is the same. And we also know (((who))) further this movement: look to Jacob Schiff; look to such as George Soros and his ilk.

Racist scum, White Nationalist Trump. How dare he deny protection to such dreamers as above?

Not to forget those White Americans and Red Americans also in need of employment. Don't forget them, darlin'.

How did 2,800 Pakistanis get into the United States from their home country in the oh-so-distant Sub-Continent? Slide in through Mexico? Is someone telling more lies about the DACA programme?

Is it just me or does the Chelsea in the hat have a 5 o'clock shadow? Square chin. Chin dimple. Manning, you will never pass as a woman without more surgery.

Bernie prevaricates for an hour of confused filiblustering (Check that new word!) before you realize he is still discussing the issue as you drift asleep; Negan sums it up in nine clear words, punctuated by Lucille.

Famous last words. (We wish!)

Late morning today I was watching daytime TV with someone, a popular soap opera. During that hour-long show there were EIGHT very long advertisements for prescription drugs. Enough to guarantee my taking care of my health and avoiding drugs at all costs! One reason they run such legalese-crammed ads with long lists of "may-result-in" or "has-been-known-to-cause" warnings is that these advertisements serve as legal notices should problems develop with use of the drug, thus saving the companies from prosecution in case of lawsuits.

It is interesting that it takes dissing the President to finally begin to awaken the public to the dangers of Hollywood and propaganda. The more they do it, the more people will stay away in droves. I have no idea what normal attendance is to these self-serving award shows, but it is wonderful to see them sink from the weight of their own hubris.

For so many of us, this is quite true but few would ever admit it. But some of us refuse to "settle" and satisfied with the single life we are stuck in. Still there is always so much room for improvement, of course!

Now that is protecting your people! Well done, but expect NWO/JWO retribution, alas.

And the photographer is not also guilty of manslaughter because he just recorded this despicable act rather than take action? Was he connected with the perpetrators of this abomination? What of the audience in the background?


I doubt things have changed all that much over the past 3 years.

Seriously, the mind does boggle at times! But the Swedes continue to vote these Yidiots into power and then pay the bill mindlessly as their quality of life sinks to the bottom.

Faith and begorrah, and just what is wrong with White, Irish, middle class women teaching in a nation that was predominantly white until just a few years ago? I mean SERIOUSLY, what these creatures are saying what is wrong with Ireland is the Irish themselves! Let us discuss cultural Marxism and genocide of an ancient Celtic race.

More famous last words from a Liberal turd.

Spain and Catalonia begin to draw lines in the sand.

Thanks again, 90 Miles from Tyranny for the many images I picked up from your site!

Ah, George Soros (aka George Schwartz), puppeteer extraordinaire.

Letting the cat out of the bag.

Enlarge. Read. Read again. Let these pertinent facts set in. Very important political connection drawn for us all.


The following paintings come from an unlikely source ~ comedian Jim Carrey. Each enlarges well for further study. Rodney Dangerfield said, "Comedy is a camouflage for depression." Despicable as he was, his assessment is correct.  Admitted depressive, famed comedian Jim Carrey has reached into himself and unleashed unrestrained creativity with his spell-binding painting. The short video is truly worth viewing although Carrey barely alludes to the source of his dark inspiration to create. This artistic side of Carrey is fascinating and inspiring although, to be honest, I would be upset if one of my daughters brought him home as a beau. What I see in much of his art is reminiscent of the work by artists who have survived MK Ultra Trauma-Based conditioning. How did the boy from small town Ontario really get to where he is today?

The Project Monarch butterfly? Powerful symbolism here.

 This image disturbs me. Very much. Evil personified.

Carrey's sculpting is wonderfully detailed and flowing.

The artist wanted his Jesus to be a combination of all races.

I would put this Mother's Day tribute up on my wall any time! I love it. All the energy and colour and bursts of life of Spring are exuberantly on display here, like a riotous garden.

Artist Comment: Restroom:Despite a Trump administration ban on transgender Americans serving in the military, public support and empathy for the rights of transgender people continues to grow. Around 0.6 percent of US adults or 1.4 million identify as transgender people, according to the Williams Institute think tank at the University of California. Source:

Artist Comment: Rainbow Mafia: Same-sex marriage advocates in Australia have been accused of violence and excessive bullying toward their conservative opponents as the nation gears up this week to vote either "Yes" or "No" on changes to the legal definition of marriage. Opinion piece from former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott:

Iadmit this is tasteless ~ almost as tasteless as Schumer herself but at least a potato can be salvaged by cooking, butter, salt and pepper. Nothing can help Schumer. But is it not inspired and absolutely hilarious?  Yes.  The problem is, I love potatoes! Will I ever be able to look one in the eye again (ha-ha) and NOT think of this Schumer abomination? C'mon, people, admit it, my little eye joke is funnier than everything Schumer has EVER done put together!

Took me a while to figure out that this thing is female despite the brow ridge and overall angry male vibe. I love those nose rings that were used to lead bulls around ~ ancient slave symbolism. Took a bit of my "trans-investigation" skills to ascertain the truth here. That tight breast binding clinched it. Not to mention the delicate pointed chin and the slope of the shoulders.

“We claim that killing a newborn could be ethically permissible in all the circumstances where abortion would be. Such circumstances include cases where the newborn has the potential to have an (at least) acceptable life, but the well-being of the family is at risk,” the article reads. “We propose to call this practice ‘after-birth abortion,’ rather than ‘infanticide,’ to emphasize that the moral status of the individual killed is comparable with that of a fetus (on which ‘abortions’ in the traditional sense are performed) rather than to that of a child.”

Don't be naive. We KNOW what types of demons we deal with; if you don't know by now, you better open your eyes and learn.

Meanwhile, globally, the medical field is acknowledging this whole trend is harmful to children and a possible form of abuse.

Amazing what these nobodies will do and say for media attention; no one would pay them attention if they did not serve the agenda and diss Trump!

More Liberal logic.

PETA has gone seriously globalist with this sort of thing. But then, it always was globalist.

What she could have said.

What she really said!

Artist Comment: Rohinga Girl/Map of Myanmar: In this cartoon, a map outline of Myanmar forms the decapitated remains of a victim of unheralded violence in Rakhine State, western Myanmar, where militant Muslims displace and murder their own people and then blame it on their enemies to garner sympathy from the west via biased media reporting.

So there I was the other night, shopping for a reading lamp and I stumbled across this little thing. I read the reviews of customers; most saw it as a cute little joke. Only one person had the gumption to point out the perversion of such a thing. To be honest, the image of a row of them lighting the dark was more than just a tad creepy.

And yes, the Democrats are doing just this! But then, Bill Clinton set the whole ball rolling, didn't he?

To see these and more, visit VISUALIZING PALESTINE.  Some of the above enlarge well enough to read, but at the original site, they all work properly. Worth the visit.

This pithy comment made me laugh.

Antifa and such organizations have given resistance to the PTB a very bad name. Resistance is an ancient worthy and honourable tradition. Below are a few entries to a contest on Resistance art that I found to be captivating and open to interesting interpretations.

Texans, take note! Those shiny big clean cities are at stake here. So is your wealth.

Face it John, you are just a paid meddler. Soros is using you but so long as the money is good....

Erdogan to visit America... If I remember correctly, the last time he was here, his thuggish bodyguard got rather rough with a few folks. They were no more than goons.

I still cannot figure if the entries under #NaziBucketChallenge are tongue in cheek or serious. Sadly, I suspect a combination of both and everything in between.

My favourite of the collection.

This made me laugh.


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