Tuesday 26 September 2017


 Caption this!

Just more stuff to get you through the week. A sanity break of sorts in the madness of our world. German elections. Football foolishness. Canadian madness. These seem to be the main focus this time around. Common sense cartoons. Please enjoy and I will be back on Saturday with more.

Brilliant. Predictive. 2016.

Meanwhile, the UN has decided Canadians are guilty of racism towards black people and must atone for their crimes. Just watch Justine jump in and grovel. I am sorry but, er, this whole thing is ludicrous. If this type of idiocy hurts my family, which is very mixed, causes rifts in a harmonious whole that has stood well for decades, it would be criminal indeed.

How I would like to (((triple parenthesize))) some of these words. 

Thanks Blackbird9.

One could study this "cartoon" for a very long time. The multiple social issues it covers span more than 1000 words. The Che shirt, to me, is the ultimate commentary.

What he looks like. (Sweet lil dreads.)

What he imagines he looks like.

In other words, if we see you filming we will beat you senseless.

I found this total foolishness flying around the Antifa sites, usually when they want to make a point. Silly, isn't it? It seems being born white is the new "original sin". To be honest, their sites are pretty funny because they are so damn clueless.

And now for some Canadian politics:

What most Canadians dream about. 

I hesitated to post this; it seemed cruel to his mother, also a victim; but considering the damage her son is doing to Canada, figured it should go up.

One correction to this image: The infant Castro is holding is not Justin, it is his older brother Michael.

The Conservative West is not much loved by this submissive bully woos.

The people of Ontario can only pray to see the backside of the Wynne abomination but she has the liberal vote.

Not an actual quote. At least I don't think so.

Crude but gets the point across.

Gotta smile. Deluded but idiots still bought his lies.

There! You laughed! I knew this would get you.

NEVER tick off the Clintons. Martin Shkreli may be one of America's (((biggest jerks))), but even he does not deserve what is being done to him in the building above.

Bizarre Customer Endorsement for the Ford V8 ~ courtesy of 90 Miles from Tyranny.

What do you think of this avowed traitor in uniform? Should he be disciplined? You would think he would know enough about Che to not wear that tacky shirt! But, how subversive is he with it written in his hat? The fellow men have little idea of what he is doing there I imagine. And I also have a feeling, going by several factors, that he probably has a star of David tattooed somewhere on his flesh.

Update: Second Lieutenant Spenser Rapone is being spoken to.  But not before, you can well bet, gaining a legion of fans from the right. 

Gotta love dem Commies. Not.

The JMSM of Germany is going absolutely crazy about the results of the recent elections. The hysteria is unbelievable. Hitler has been reborn! The Jews are hysterical. I see nothing but unrest coming from this because, as with Trump, the vilification has already begun as you will see from the cartoons below. 

Enlarge. Read. Get ticked off. But KNOW the truth and share it however you can.

Sigh. See the pattern yet?

I had a statue much like this when I grew up.

Old streets in Rome. Keep them Italian.

Alllll those Berkeley riots....

Slice of the Pie

Spell binding. The power of language.

Muckety is a great source of such information.

Thank you, James Perloff.

Nice trust fund Jewish boy from Toronto.

Chelsea and a friend.

Political correctness trumps science yet again.

Dismally titled "LIFE"

Media has never been honest.

And now for one of the greatest diversions ever. My own opinions on these spoiled athletes will become clear with these entries. As stated previously, anyone who kneels is being submissive.  As for who is doing this, they are idiots, it is clear who will lose in the long run. People turn to sports to escape the problems of daily life, whether they are into politics or not.

Since I have never watched football, I guess I am bottom of the barrel racist.

Dang if only those athletes could get so worked up and look so pious when it comes to matters that are important. This is a Trump slap-down plain and simple. Gonna cost those "pros".


This is how they think. Enlarge and prepare for madness.


 NFL supporters

 Enlarge. Read. These are the high end athletes expressing their opinions.

 This dude earns $19 M a year and he still protests.

The nice guy who is barely mentioned in the media despite his rampage in a church, killing decent people. He even rolled the woman over after shooting her in the back and shot her in the face.

 Meanwhile back to that Somalian shooter... Liberal idiots speak out.

 This is what an FBI internet troll can look like. Below is one of his victims. 

 Money worship

 The elephant in the room


  1. Great ! Thanks ,liked the Trudeau cartoons ,very good .
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  2. Some of the funniest stuff!

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  3. Hey Noor:-) Did you not open my comment or it didn't make it through: would you do me the kindness of reinstaing my link? I am back at blogger so it should be easier than my wordpress blog, and I am happy to be rid of it, actually. Wordpress is a moneypit. I like things free and easy! http://www.theqharqadtree.com/


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