Saturday 21 October 2017


Another Saturday, another pile of cartoons on whatever I could find, not to forget also Tweets that seemed to be of interest. I pray winter is settling in well around you because here on the coast it has been utterly wet and so windy the windows rattled. Anyhow, get going and enjoy this Saturday's offerings. The looming explosion of Clinton involvement in the sale of uranium to Russia is one we must continue to push because it is huge and the evidence is there. These criminals must be brought to heel but we shall see.

Another story at the moment is the #MeToo movement which is huge. Despite myself, I looked upon several unpleasant incidents that I had pushed on the back burner in which I was a #MeToo but was fortunate to escape unscathed. I had no desire to write about these things, just reflect a bit more deeply and then let them go as I did so long ago.  In each incident I escaped unharmed but my attacker ended up with a scarred face ~ simply because I had a large dog and if she was not with me, I carried her choke collar in my pocket, a VERY effective weapon which I could whip with precision. However, Lucy was by my side 99% of the time which was the best protection for me. I remember wondering why, immediately after these attacks, I felt ashamed of these encounters even though I had not provoked them. I was a lucky one, though.

But enough of that. Carry on and please enjoy and share this material. That is why it is here.
Just check with Mayer Rothschild and his ilk to know the horrific truth of this belief.

Capitalism has won hands down. The real dividing line is no longer economic. It's political. And that divide is between democracy and authoritarianism. China is a capitalist economy with an authoritarian government. It is the Rothschild NWO/JWO bankers' dream of heaven: cheap labour and maximum profits with almost no restrictions.

Life under Communism
Just. That. Depressing.

Real priorities, not those of the (((Communist government))) that few knowledgeably voted for.

Is this why Soros donated $18 M to his beloved Communist foot soldiers? Why is he stuffing the war coffers of anarchy at this time? 

Where to begin? Oh, where, where?

Racism! Racism! Chortle.

Try not to spew your drink as you read these punchlines; each one is a gem. I could not choose a favourite.

Artist's Comment: A Nocturnal Visit From Uncle Joe Biden: On the subject of the claim that past leaders didn't console the families of dead soldiers, former U.S Vice-President Joe Biden always had time for the widows, but especially the children. He loved the children... OH, how he loved the children. When visiting the family homes of slain soldiers he would often make a point of stealing up the stairs after the children had gone to bed to console them in his own special way, perhaps while reading a book. See more of Joe Biden with children here:


The bridge to eternity.

Photo-shopped? Perhaps. Good chance of it, but it certainly is an eye-catching image. Considering where CA has been headed lately, perhaps Baphomet plans on moving there once it is hot enough and the people slow enough to welcome him with more enthusiasm than they already do in San Francisco.

I was never much of a Tragically Hip fan but they did do a few songs that stuck with me over the decades. Gordie's voice was not my favourite although he could be tremendously compelling in small doses. New Orleans is Sinking, a hit long before the Katrina landed, has always been a favourite. NowGordie is gone; happens to us all. TBH I miss Tom Petty much much more.

This is how they market our PM Yidiot abroad. Sickening. Suckers buy it. Usually female liberals.

This being liberal Canada, folks are all a-flutter about these new laws in PQ regarding face coverings. Personally, if they cut down on Antifa and radical violence and demonstrations, I am all for it. This is Canada and we need to keep it clean.

Don't get your knickers in a knot. This is a joke. Sadly, it COULD be believed as truth by some in today's hateful climate.

Nature's candy.

A sweet treat for the Australian Aboriginals since time immemorial.

Oh, ladies!..................

These are NOT serious people even though they think they are. How can anyone even be seen carrying that sign on the far right? Classless and low. Typical of type. 

I posted this same image months ago only it said, "Women Voting Republican". This version makes much more sense however!

Artist Comment: I Ran:"During the eight years of his presidency Barack Obama ran away from the responsibility of reining-in a nuclear-ambitious Iran by suggesting that a policy founded on appeasement and concessions could transform an Iranian regime renowned for seeking nuclear weapons, a sponsor of terrorism and a bitter enemy of the United States, into an ally. Despite the presumption that Tehran would change course, the Iranian regime continued its nuclear technology-seeking

Didn't Bush make that same claim just before bombing the hell out of Bagdad for no reason at all?

When it concerns uranium sales to Russia, a lot of difference.

Who are these fools? The beast has already said she is done.

Rahm Emanuel and the sanctuary city of Chicago:

I figured this out decades ago. It is truly one of the reasons I don't give up or back down. We owe our descendants our best efforts.

Titled "The Menace of Nationalism". Most cartoonists abroad definitely support the retention of the EU. They seem to not understand the concept of loss of freedoms!

As you can see, the new young leader of Austria, Sebastian Kurz, is still under pressure. Hitler! Hitler reborn. Such fools.

(((Another one))):


Will Hamas and Fatah make it work without oversight?

Now they are after TinTin?


Scott Wiener is that filthy Senator responsible for the latest slew of horrific laws signed by Moonbat Brown. There is now punishment for not correctly addressing Transgenders; Mr. Wiener has been photographed in full makeup. Thanks to this creature there is now no need to give your HIV status to a partner or even when donating blood. There is a third equally despicable law; I cannot recall it at the moment, but it is equally degenerate. However, the point here is how an elected member of the American senate dismisses and insults the very people who dare to express decent sentiments when faced with the destruction of their children; his attitude is deplorable, beyond the pale.

Had enough madness yet? Owlkin?

Oh, dear lord!

This thing needs a bra.

Trump said these words in all sincerity and respect but you would think, according to media, he had called this widow and taunted her. Ludicrous to carry on so but that is the media we know and don't love. The only thing that matters is the man's family took comfort in this call and the woman received genuine notice from a President who really does care about the military men, unlike his predecessor and his ilk. 
So now "White privilege" includes lifting yourself from poverty to success no matter how far you climbed by sheer effort and hard work. 

On to the #MeToo movement which has gone international:

Trump is responsible for 100+ years of sexual corruption in Hollywood! Liberals are trying really hard to take that crass but harmless comment and compare it to the actions of Bill Clinton or Weinstein!

There are women who lie. A fact that should be kept in mind during this time of accusations. This woman deserves every second of jail time she was given for trying to ruin a man's life.

Last week I wrote that the cartoonists were banned from drawing the truth. It seems there is both banning and violence against the Rohingya. Meanwhile the world remains more or less silent.

So, White feller, just loll around and do nothing, eat whatever you want, don't exercise. Your weak and puny body is not going to last because it is inferior to that of the black man. What about discussion of diet here? Or genetic disposition. tc.

What does this mean? Confusing.

VERY confusing.

Authoritative Communism in America.

Circa 1920

Ancient Roman bridge in Andalusia, Spain. Amazing to think that this has stood for thousands of years. Amazing to think such a thing could even be created. This is Western civilization at its most ingenious and creative.

#UraniumOne is the Clinton/Russia collusion scandal that is simmering on the burner, just waiting to explode.


Podesta Email regarding Uranium and Hillary.


A slight bit over the top but I rather like it.

Artist Comment: World Food Day, October 16, 2017. Food as a weapon of war. 

 The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse:


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