Friday 10 November 2017


Apologies, folks, but I had to go for the cheapest laugh first.

I believe this is from France,  circa 1939

After today's monumental screw up by young Justine, the entire world, if they did not know it before, are now painfully aware of his unsuitability to do more than pose for selfies. More HERE.

Artist Comment: The Weeping Woman of the Korean Peninsula: One of those negative-space cartoons that will spectacularly fail, unless you know your Korean geography and you can see what I see.

Artist Comment: China Rolls Out the Red Carpet: I would bet my house that Donald Trump was advised not to ask shifty Xi Jinping about the brutal suppression of ethnic minorities in northwest China, it's extraordinarily high rate of executions, its internet censorship or the absence of democracy in an oppressed country ruled by a one-party dictatorship.

The Future of the World Without Christianity

The 100 Year Centenary of Communism

How Antifa protects itself from... the truth. This is one of their "cartoons" fecal based, of course.

Amazingly, nor not, this Blake creature is a writer "journalist" for Buzzfeed. I took a quick look at his "work" and it only took three headlines to realize he is a major pusher of the right agenda and a purveyor of unequivocal garbage. Oh, and his insight level is about as deep as his IQ is high.

Putin gave those buzztards back their Communist agenda decades ago.

Elephants are disappearing. According to some African myths, who will then hold up the sky?

Street scene in Brazil. 
I thought it was Tel Aviv!

Meanwhile in Sweden. Totally unreported in the West.


Learning responsibly.

It is more than mental illness, but almost all of these shooters, no matter their "spiritual inclination" has a history of documented mental instability with the possible exception of the Vegas shooter. Trump makes a very valid point that some of us have been making for several years now.

India has some serious problems. Years ago I watched a movie on the children of poverty in Calcutta; they all painted the skies grey. The concept of blue skies was totally foreign to them.

Wonderful way to keep peoples in turmoil, make billions in reconstruction, shift populations, rebuild communities (or not) according to Agenda 21 guidelines. Not to mention make millions of people government dependent for a plethora of reasons, or to punish various peoples for not ... cooperating... on any and all levels of existence.



Supreme Commander Soros and Shabbos goy McCain doing his best imitation of a golem.

Goood one.

How come my daughter got her Masters in Mathematics. 
What is this dipshoot talking about? 

What on earth does such a thing have to do with Women's Health? And why is this demented creature a "hero"?

Degenerate as hell. Meet Kandikaine and her Piglet

Artist Comment: (apologies due: James Montgomery Flagg): Now, anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m really not a violent guy by nature at all, but still ~ I couldn’t pretend I wasn’t enjoying watching Richard Spencer and other dapper US Nazi big shots being clocked in the street at photo ops. I mean, what the hell; these bastards bring guns to rallies, f’crissake, and Liberals get bent outta shape when some Antifa hangs one on Richard Spencer? Get a grip. Still, you can’t punish the fascists without also going after the collaborators ~ and Liberal America is right at the top of most decent folks’ lists. I’ve always kinda hoped that once the Antifas get the Nazi issue punched out ~ look out, Liberals.

Interestingly, the Left (top) is doing its best to divert attention from its degenerate sexual agenda yet the lower shows where their own interests lie, whilst decent folks merely wish to protect their children.

No charges were laid for the destruction of the above monument. That freak is a representative of much that is wrong with America. Well, the entire Western world actually.

Coup or corruption? Who really knows yet?

Pay attention here.

Bet they spoke purer Welsh, Scottish and Celtic too!


Jean is a tad bigger than her image might suggest. Radical feminist perhaps?

Kurtz might want them all dead so he can have their doughnuts.

This tweet caused NO END of problems for the Baios. Yet it was simply, as we pointed out at the time, an attempt to bury the truth.

Ends up in hospital.

Artist's Comment: Hillary: "Imagine if he was using a silencer!" Christmas came early this year for connoisseurs of hilariously stupid journalistic malfeasance. Specifically when USA Today, an alleged newspaper, sought to educate its readers about the weapon used in the horrific mass-killings in a small Texas church.

That's about as serious a topic as you can get, so you'd think that serious journalism would be something of a goal for USA Today. But how wrong you'd be!

To add to their audience's fear of guns and those who wield them (like the hero NRA instructor who used his own AR-15 to end the carnage), the paper released an infographic video on their Twitter feed described as "a look at the gun used in the Texas church shooting." They then showed the basic gun, then started adding on possible modifications to make in more insanely terrifying, like a bump stock, laser sight, extra large magazine, and...a chainsaw bayonet.

Yep, this is actually what USA Today thinks people should start worrying about
Before you even ask, no - there's no such thing as a commercially available "chainsaw bayonet," although there are a few good old boys on Youtube who've rigged up dummy (literally) models so they can play "hold my beer" while charging, shooting, and eviscerating enemy pumpkins.

But USA Today would have you believe that ignorant, bible-thumping deplorables can just waltz into Walmart and toss a chainsaw bayonet in the cart along with their Pabst Blue Ribbon, turkey jerky, and environmentally-unfriendly disposable diapers.

Diapers which might actually be better used by the gullible USA Today readers who wet themselves when just thinking about this hybrid killing machine...and perhaps also by the USA Today journalists and editors who chose to indulge in infantile gun fantasies rather than bothering to research actual facts.

Twitter folks did have a lot of fun with the chainsaw bayonet silliness. They just get sillier. I know this is not serious politics here, but it does highlight just how STUPID the JMSM think their viewers and readers are and how we are now just throwing it all back in their faces. 

Bonded by Barney Fife.

That vintage Cadillac hood ornament adds an indisputable touch of elegance for the gentleman of discretion.

Artist Comment: Taking Aim at the Victims of Terrorism: Interesting debate the other day about how we as cartoonists continue to portray terrorists with the standard balaclava-clad look when in actual fact terrorists don't even conceal their faces anymore. Is it a case of not wanting to offend on the basis of race or ethnicity? And how do we portray a "white terrorist" now that they also have been thrown into the mix? Comments welcome, voting optional.

Cut funding terrorism.

Artist Comment: The Low Tech Face of Modern Terrorism

Orchestrating War

One does simply not flip the finger at the president when the people you work for are employed by him! Silly liberal Yidiot.

Never play pool with this dog! 
This pitbull cross has mad skills.
(forgive the obnoxious sound track)

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