Tuesday 6 February 2018


Artist Comment: Bloody World: Wars, division, violence, calamities. The state of the World in 2018.

Thanks to 90 Miles from Tyranny.

Communist icon Che Guevara assassinating women. 
Yes, a revolutionary hero! Not so much.

Artist Comment: Prison Break: Resisting Nicotine: Many of the cartoons entered in the Art of Resistance competition demonstrate the theme of resistance against corporate greed and rising populism; but as the blurb on the competition page says: "...to resist... out of a sense of responsibility for the people around you", I apply this to the struggle of breaking through the mental dependency on tobacco and scaling the wall of physical cravings for nicotine, so that my family can have me around for many more years to come. This is what resistance personally means to me.


And Twitter.

Actually, Nunes is a hero for releasing this material, but I don't think the artist here agrees.

 Artist Comment: The Distrust it Buurrrns: For something that’s supposed to be a such a big ol’ hot, sloppy bucket of nothing, the infamous Nunes Memo sure has the Democrats screeching about how it’s sowing “distrust” of institutions like the FBI. Yep, Liberals love them some FBI now, just like ol’ Phil Ochs said ~ 10 degrees to the left of center when things are good, 10 degrees to the right when it affects them personally. Now, as someone who’s been involved in Left activism and activist media for nearly 40 years and knows the FBI’s history of disrupting and suppressing popular movements, I can tell you for free that I don’t need some babbling memo from a GOP Congresscritter to make me fervently distrust the goddamn FBI. Really, folks, let’s get serious, here. They have a history. Between this drooling love for the State and feverishly trying to rehabilitate George W. Bush, I’d say the Democrats are pretty well cracked.

Liberal cartoonists are doing their best to minimize the memo's importance as can be seen from the following.: 

Methinks Lady Justice should be clearing her throat at the treachery of Rosenstein.

The memo is definitely not a "nothing burger".

Artist Comment: The Slippery Slope of Olympic Corruption: Was the bid to secure Pyeongchang as host of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games manipulated by a notorious money-laundering cabal paying bribes to corrupt IOC officials? More here:

 Racist. Satanic. Google really does it all.

Artist Comment: The End of the Resistance: Sometimes standing up for what you believe in comes with a hefty price.

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