Friday 9 February 2018


Stilton says: Is it just us, or does the timing of the wild, stomach-churning chaos in the stock market over the past few days seem awfully convenient for those anxious to distract Americans from the near-coups attempted by Democrats, intelligence agencies, and media outlets?

Following release of the Nunes memo, concerned citizens were just starting to dust off their pitchforks and fill up their tar-and-feather barrels, when suddenly the market dropped faster than Bill Clinton's pants.

Did some highly-placed, highly-funded person or persons know exactly what and when to sell to send automatic trading computers into a cyber-stampede "flash crash?" We don't know, and we have no proof - but then, the idiot who wrote the "Fire and Fury" book about Trump doesn't have proof of anything either, and he got a bestseller out of it! At least the stuff that we're making up is plausible!

According to the head of the financial department here at Stilton's Place, the company retirement fund  (and we quote) "took it in the nuts" on Monday. Fortunately, on Tuesday some of the painful swelling went down...although it may still be weeks before our portfolio can again ride a unicycle without agonizing pain.

Normally, we'd look at such a "rogue wave" financial event as being a fluke rather than a blatant manipulation. But now that we've gotten a look at the breadth and depth of the attempted manipulations during the last election, we're apt to be a little more suspicious than usual.

Making the term more apt: Also shmuck, "contemptible person," 1892, from East Yiddish shmok, literally "penis," probably from Old Polish smok "grass snake, dragon." NOT originally North American as stated and considered to be low Hebrew.

Artist Comment: Colonization of the Red Planet:  The successful launch of Elon Musk's Falcon Heavy rocket open new horizons for the colonization of Mars. Are we ready for the future to come?

 Admit it: You laughed.


Classless creature. Tasteless behaviour being passed off in the Liberal world as "wit" and "humour". It is, of course, just more of their lunacy and hatred towards decency, as shown below.  (((These people))) are obsessed with sex, body functions and human waste; it is a sickness. The Guggenheim isn’t talking. But perhaps its leadership thinks the insult to the presidency or perhaps the allusion to the reported splendor of Trump’s Fifth Avenue penthouse home will do it some good with liberal donors whose hatred of the president knows no bounds.

 Again: I heard you laugh.

 All for Peace

 The Bad Egg

As a Canadian, I find it hard to believe that this empty creature still has fawning adorers, especially American liberals.

 The war is on.

 This is not as easy as it might seem. I ring in at 32.



Stilton says: Senate Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi just set an official record by flapping her yap for over 8 hours (and 2 adult diapers) on the subject of why legal citizens should get nothing in the budget if illegal aliens aren't allowed ~ indeed, encouraged ~ to remain in our country.

In fairness, the majority of those illegals work hard during their annual, back-breaking harvest of taxpayer-funded entitlements. And let's not forget that you can't be a Dreamer without taking time for siestas.

It is thought by some that Ms. Pelosi chose to speak so long in order to quell growing rumors that she is suffering from senile dementia. It is thought by others that her remarks ran so long because she kept forgetting her place in what should have been a 20 minute speech and kept starting over again.

All we know is that Nancy has, once again, set a record which will always be enshrined in the hallowed annals of the STFU.

 Not if Hillary and company have anything to say about it!

 Of course they were; this was known from the onset of Trump making these allegations.


When my children were young, they sometimes had to sell chocolates or whatever as part of school fundraising. At that time, they were young; we did not have a car and took the bus. My more enterprising daughter was, as usual, sitting up front chatting with the bus driver balancing her little cartons of candy in her lap; it was Friday afternoon, payday; she sold out just sitting there at the best time of day with treats for weary workers.

 The deception is strong with this one.

 Atomic Israel

 Lest we forget: Monika Schaeffer

Stilton says: To be clear on the subject, Stilton's Place is still Gay friendly and relatively non-judgmental about relationships between consenting adults in which no one gets hurt. Unless, of course, that's what turns them on.

Still, the news that groundbreaking comedian Richard Pryor and mumbling blob Marlon Brando were lovers is just a little more than we can take without reaching for a stiff drink and then immediately regretting our use of the word "stiff." Also, remembering Brando's "Last Tango in Paris," we don't expect to be using butter again for a long, long time.

What bothers us isn't so much their proclivities, which are none of our business, but rather that hearing Pryor and Brando's names jammed together in this context puts specific images in our head that we don't want to have. In much the same way that we don't really want to imagine the bedroom bliss of entirely heterosexual luminaries like Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman.

Then again, maybe we're just upset because the damn stock market is still plunging,  so we're more than a little sensitive about any subject related to taking it up the poop chute.

The punking of Schiff by two Russian broadcasters; they convince him they have nude photos of Trump misbehaving in Russia. 

 Kim welcomes the world's athletes to a unified Korea.

 The Hypodermic Half Pipe

 Roman Catholic Church and the Pole Dance

 Mallard is being cruel! Haha.

 "She was an insult to feminism."

Occasionally I miss Twitter. This fellow was one of my favourites. 


Artist Comment: Silent Sunlight: The search for missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 resumes in the Southern Indian Ocean.


Slightly over the top.

It might be good for the American soldiers to know the people are behind them. These international displays of military power are commonplace around the globe and have been for a very long time.


  1. The last time the stock market dropped that fast was about 8 years ago.

    The US House was debating a bill to actually audit the FED. Not a superficial audit, but the real deal. The market dropped like a rock, the House debate was put on hold and the bill disappeared.

  2. The stock market is how the true rulers of this country keep our government in check. That and good old blackmail

  3. btw, who is 'Slender man' with 'fat woman' (Hillary?) so much musical chairs in DNC and Trump administration I can't remember who's who.

  4. I always tell my Palestinian husband "all white people look alike to me" hahaha


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