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If this week seems to be guns, guns, guns, it is. And this is reflected in today's offerings. The media has been taken over by this issue; no one seems to talk about much else. It makes one wonder what is NOT being discussed, although the President has been doing fairly well keeping the public on top of things as much as can be done. Justin Trudeau's jaunt to India gets some coverage. It has very cold and snowy here, although at the moment gale rains are melting everything. This is, I pray, March (soon) and coming in like a lion. 

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Justin Trudeau representing Canada.

Artist Comment: From here to Eternity: Billy Graham 1918 ~ 2018. Popular Christian evangelist and spiritual counsellor to every president from Harry S.Truman to Barack Obama, died peacefully on Wednesday at his home in North Carolina. Graham was 99.

 Ah, the liberal media has its priorities straight.

Original statement.

 How the quote is found in the JMSM.


 Elitist and full of air. 
The Canadian clown.

Just saying, Donald Trump Jr was in India simultaneously and was treated like royalty.

Read just how ignorant Justin is on Indian affairs and WHY he was snubbed. All due to pandering to Indian voters, hoping to draw in both Sikh and Hindu, oh and Indian Muslims, while he is at it. It just does not work that way; it seems he cannot comprehend international internal conflicts do not just bow down to "sunny days".

 When in India, I even wore sandals into the SHOWER ~ just in case. 
One simply does NOT go barefoot in India.

Behind the Taj Mahal.


 I thought communism was an allegedly classless state... semantics.

 Litmus test for racism.

 Another litmus test?

Artist comment: Bialowieza Forest:  A recommendation from the European Court of Justice (ECJ) Tuesday found that the Polish government had violated European law by allowing logging in Europe's last remaining primeval forest. Advocate general Yves Bot described Bialowieza as one of the "best preserved natural forests in Europe, characterized by large quantities of ancient trees and dead wood." It is home to the largest population of the property’s iconic species, the European bison.
ED Noor: I predict that Poland will be put under increased scrutiny for "crimes" and will be stabbed by a thousand little paper cuts for its current political stance on the Holocaust.  Its every infraction, however minor, could become a major incident to break this brave nation down.

This is increasingly the case in Italy where African gangs are establishing themselves and challenging the local mafiosi.

Remember this German model?

Common Sense:

ED Noor: I apologize to the author of this piece. I neglected to save the link and cannot find it again. If this is your work, please contact me so I can give credit and provide a link to you. I am Canadian but these sentiments ring very true to me. What impacts the US eventually impacts us up north. 

We are burdened with a decades old liberal-socialist deep state, a corrupt mainstream media, and a public school and university system that perverts our history, culture and Constitution. This has spawned a legion of young and now mature individuals grabbing microphones. They make sweeping statements as ones with authority, but demonstrate their ignorance on subjects like the Constitution, of which they were taught little or nothing. The Left depends on this ignorance to further their grip on our liberty, furthering their agenda. It is manipulation on a grand scale.

These are tools of an old left-wing theology and government that, as James Robison has said, “masquerades as God.” They have poisoned our nation and instead of solutions that preserve our freedoms, they offer what they wanted from the start, more government, more control.

There are many educators dealing in indoctrination rather than education. This practice has become pervasive and devious. The authors of United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination decided to create their own interpretation of the Constitution. Under ‘2nd Amendment’, their summary reads: “The people have the right to keep and bear arms in a state militia.” Our founding fathers and Supreme Court say differently. In a 2008 landmark decision, the Supreme Court confirmed what was already known; the 2nd Amendment protects the individual’s right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia.

With erroneous and misguided interpretations of our 2nd Amendment thriving, what do the founding fathers, the men who wrote and endorsed the document have to say:
“No free man shall ever be debarred from the use of arms.”  ~ Thomas Jefferson, 1776

” I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.” ~ Thomas Jefferson, 1787

“I ask who are the militia? They consist now of the whole people, except a few public officers. ~ George Mason, 1788

“The Constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.” Samuel Adams, 1788

“Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed, as they are in almost every country in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops.” ~ Noah Webster, 1787
We mourn when any innocents are killed, but there is a larger issue at stake. The 2nd Amendment is not about hunting. It is not about sport. It is about self-defense, self-defense against criminals, self-defense against the mentally deranged, and self-defense against a tyrannical government.

Don’t waste your time by saying an out-of-control government can’t happen here. It can happen here. It can happen here like it happened in Russia, like it happened in China, in Germany, in France, in Cambodia, like it is happening in Venezuela and Cuba…100 million dead is a strong testament.

With a straight face, the government asks us to trust them with our protection. The Broward County, Florida Sheriff’s Department failed to protect those children. The FBI failed to protect those children. The deputy assigned to the school failed to protect those children. Even the police responding to the shooting failed to protect those children. To make matters worse, the police thought they were tracking Nikolas Cruz live on a surveillance video. They realized later, when it was too late, that the video carried a twenty minute delay. The students and teachers were already dead.

The response to this perpetrator, from federal and state authorities, at every stage, was a totally mismanaged, mishandled blunder. Was there anyone wearing a uniform or possessing an official title who did it right? Every child and teacher in that school was on their own. This incident, from start to finish, was no exercise in confidence and security. It is clear to any thinking person that the best first-responder is yourself.

Now the politicians, police officials, the misinformed, poorly educated distraught students and parents, and the ever-present liberal vermin eager to use these deaths for political gain, are asking us to react with an equally emotional backlash. They demand we put away our common sense, abandon our freedoms, and blame an inanimate object.

The 2nd Amendment is our most important right. It insures and defends every other right given to us by God. If there are those that would surrender those rights in search of like-minded doormats, let them look elsewhere, for they won’t find them here. This is America!

Dear lord but this is a misleading comment. I was shocked to read it, considering this woman has such clout in literary and intellectual circles. It blames white people for everything, completely ignoring the modern Zionist threat.

Now this is absolutely wrong. It is also very anti woman. I doubt many FTM wish to play on men's teams but, for some strange reason as we have observed over the past few years, MTF seem to believe it is their right to play against natural women.

 No matter how you look at it, this Hogg child is suspect.

 The sad but bitter truth of it.

Just what is Obama saying here? This traitorous creature Tweeted this from his page that still lists his work as President.

 Er, In your dreams.

Somewhere in Europe.


"Putin did WHAT?"

Artist Comment: Blood Relatives: More than 400 civilians have died in airstrikes and artillery bombardment on Syria's rebel-held Eastern Ghouta region this week.

This week the cartoon world was, as can be seen by the toon above, very hard on Bashar Al Assad. This is one of the kinder depictions. International cartoonists continue to paint him as a bloodthirsty monster with the same brush they have used to smear him for the past years.

Now this is a joke. A little research and I know this is a joke. 14/88 was something I was unaware of. "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." The Donald would never quote a supposed white supremacist....

Artist Comment: The Man Who Would be President: U.S Vice President Mike Pence may yet find himself in the top job should Donald Trump succumb to the relentless pressures surrounding the presidency.


  1. Thanks for the toons - Every Canadian I've met appears to be sensible and a decent person ... how did Justin Trudeau happen to Canada? Unbelievable!

    I'm on and repost some of your images - with a link to your blog of course. Do you have a Gab account? ... if you do please give us your account name.

    Hope it gets warmer for you soon - regards

  2. A very mixed bag, as always, Noor, but I enjoy your stuff. I like your vision of an armed teacher and an armed student facing off in the classroom. There's social peace for you! Vive la Palestine !


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