Tuesday 27 February 2018


I love #31.

The truth lies in that twitching tail.
Birdie is about to become a toy.


(((Tribal warrior.)))

Claims she is protecting the people of Oakland.  Yeah.


The fool is wearing a groom's celebratory wedding outfit here!

The year is 1947. My parents built this cabin on their honeymoon . I was born 9 months later. This is where I want my ashes scattered.

Traditional Russian architecture, as I reminded this commentator, was beautiful; he was thinking of BOLSHEVIK or Communist architecture, the bone ugly creations of the last century.

Make this blue and white and you have the UN insignia!

Well, fancy that! 
What a strange coincidence!
(They are laughing at us.)

 A little Communism.

 The Commie elephant Republican.



Someone failed this child.

SoyBoy tattoos


Media bias perhaps? 
Holy smokes, these kids are not the angels we are being told they are.

Another distortion based on events in Tienanmen Square. 
That David and Goliath theme.


Now, read that headline again and let it sink in.

Smiling as resistance.

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