Saturday 26 May 2018


All apologies for my tardiness this morning but I loaded everything last night, then my eyes were just too tired to continue. Next thing I know it is 4 am, the birds are singing, and here I am making like a ninja (hot great image but... ) trying to get things up.

Neighbours to the South, please vote this scuzzbucket out!

Note the date. This tweet did not age well.


Modern options. Today's political options satisfy the Soros' of the world but not the people who actually vote.

Don't you wish the Hoggs had taught these values to their son rather than the ignorance he spouts?

Sanctions and constant attacks from the cabal who have wanted to see Venezuela fail and applied their usual attacks, just as they have in other "enemy countries" who do not follow the proper line. This requires a very strong leader, something Maduro just is not. It took a Chavez to hold things together. The sanctions are largely responsible for the situation today. Socialism ain't great but cannot work if never given the opportunity.

And sanctions...

Artist Comment: The Last Donut: So, yesterday, Democratic Party hacks Chump Schumer and Nancy Pelosi proudly unveiled a vague, tepid economic reform package called “A Better Deal”. It’s kind of adorable, really, the way the Democratic leadership is suddenly discovering the crushing income inequality in the US and, in typical lame-ass Democratic fashion, tries to claw its way back to relevance with Left and progressive voters. And that slogan ~ dear god, how many focus groups did it take to come up with that, anyway? “A Better Deal” ~ man, that just inspires the living hell out of me.

Silly cartoon. Europe has been around forever. The European Union is the new critter on the planet and failing madly, hence the breakaway countries who care about their own populace and culture. a taboo according to the PTB.

And all that press business is the price paid to drum up attention and focus the eyes of the world on the throne, bringing in popular "new modern royals" to replace the ones who are tottering on the brink of death and keep the business of royalty alive and thriving for the younger generations of fans and monarchists.

Remember when Wills had hair and symbolically posed with baby sheep?

Sorry, Mike, but I disagree. Saudi Arabia is more the root. Even the best cartoonists sometimes get it wrong.

Those jobs COULD be in America not Israel.

Bibi and international censorship.


What they see!


At the foot of my street. Those clouds are covering the Olympus Mountains of Washington State across the Strait.

Where the HELL is Israel in this cartoon? I got no response from the cartoonist when I asked. Perhaps the ISIS flags represent Israel?

The British medical system.


  1. Whew! ... after awhile I became quite concerned ... wondered whether the thought police had got you - makes me realize how much I take for granted ... glad your post appeared - Thanks for your work.

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