Saturday 5 May 2018


The truth of Communism. As written by Karl Marx. More on that man further on.

Michelle Obama recently referred to herself as our "Forever First Lady," apparently under the mistaken belief that, like the "Highlander" legend, she becomes stronger and more powerful each time another First Lady dies.

We're pretty sure the system doesn't really work like that, although if we see Hillary and Michelle charging at each other with broadswords we'll have to reexamine our belief.

I stumbled across quite a few cartoons about Myanmar. Unlike those available in the West, those from the Middle and Far East do not hesitate to show (((the power))) behind the unrest and ongoing genocide.

Meuller's orders.

Bibi has been going after Iran for so many decades that now, many artists ~ who once drew him with respect and ignored his lies ~ are exposing him for what he is. More to come further down the page.

‘Netanyahu provides a fascinating glimpse into the psychotic tribal mindet of Judea. A clown who sits on a huge pile of WMDs, an arsenal of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons designed to kill millions, is crying foul, complaining that another state in the region may attempt to equip itself with similar weapons as a means of deterrence. Jesus Christ identified the psychosis in his fellow Hebrews and counseled them on how to counter their barbarian inclinations, and it didn’t take long before Jesus was nailed to the cross.’ Read more HERE.

NEVER forget the Kol Nidre.

Stockholm Syndrome crossed with Trump Derangement Syndrome. A very serious disease.

Stilton says: Yes, it's true ~ the "boy part" has been cut from the Boy Scout program, and the members (so to speak) will only be referred to as genderless scouts.The change is due to the fact that the organization now allows girls (and middle-aged men who identify as girls) to join in the campfire-building, merit badge-earning, marshmallow-toasting fun and therefore didn't want a repugnant, divisive, gender specific name like that still used by those sex Nazi's in the "Girl Scouts."

Technically, the official name of the program will be Scout BSA, so the word "boy" is still hidden in there, but much like the word "colored" which lurks in the name of the NAACP, we're all supposed to pretend that it doesn't exist.

Sadly, the real story is that not enough kids are interested in being any kind of scouts these days which is why the Boy Scouts are trying to steal as much of the Girl Scout membership as possible.

But even though we understand the rationale, we're sorry to see yet another traditional bit of masculinity bite the dust. Especially since when it comes to "social justice," even when huge accommodations are made, someone will always want s'more.

Spring is here. Enjoy the flowers.

And believe me, Canadians had many reasons for detesting Harper!

Canadians will pay for this forever. 
And this summer will be very dangerous.

Anything for a photo op?

This is the kind of crap liberal cartoonists are lobbing at Kanye West for his words. They are merciless and truly not harbingers of free speech.


The claim is Mr. West has been "white washed".

A few weeks ago such a Tweet would not have existed. 

Happy Birthday, Karl. 
Hope hell keeps your cold heart warm.

This is indeed true when one looks back on the many failed genocidal attempts of complete Communism although we can be sure that is not quite what this creature intended.

This cartoon cracked me up for its silliness. Jews don't do heaven. First, the old atheist would never be in heaven considering the work and damage he has permanently wrought upon the planet. And wearing a halo?! I don't think so. Second, the modern Communist fist bump is a balloon lightweight?

Yes, sorry Jeffy.

So we upped her game:

Flugennock says: Blue Wave II, Banzai Pipeline: Well, the latest news from the “Blue Wave” midterm election scene actually isn’t looking that good for the Democrats. 

Despite a Reuters poll showing a 9% drop in Milennials’ support for the Democrats and ~ on top of that ~ the Chump Schumer DACA sellout, the Doug Jones disaster, their support for a massive war budget and the bombing of Syria, their continued support for Saudi brutality in Yemen and Israeli barbarity in Gaza, the collapse of the Russiagate freakshow and the whole Joy Reid hot mess, the Democrats are still acting all cocky and talking smack about a “Blue Wave” this November that will supposedly flood the House of Representatives with new and better Democrats. 

Uh huh. I’ll go heat up the Jiffy-Pop.

Even if he puts HRC behind bars, I could never trust this guy.

Truly delusional. Both of them. Seriously crazy and dangerous as rabid bats.

Spoof account.

Has this ever happened to you?

The state of British "justice" is beyond pathetic. There is none.

Hungary protects itself from this. And rightfully so.

The Grand Paris race cancelled due to migrant camping.

Somewhere in Prague

It gets tiresome seeing Hitler treated like this decade after decade. 

Middle Eastern cartoonists are not so squeamish as their peers in the West when it comes to pointing out who is behind the political unrest and genocide that has wracked that nation for the past few years.

An abandoned black bag was found along the border and inside was this tiger cub, close to dying from heat and dehydration. He had been abandoned by the smugglers. Fortunately he made a full recovery quickly and was shipped to a zoo where he will live out his days. Apparently this method of smuggling such rare animals is not uncommon.

$168 for this joke. These are for real.

I really don't get the math. 
The camps were "liberated" 75 years ago!

Guess who handles security for the great Haj? Go figger.

Thanks again, James Perloff.

Hannity has no credibility, IMHO, if he can say such things.

A few years ago such mockery of an Israeli leader would have been unthought of. But Nutty has little credibility among the people of both East and West. Only those he can bully give him much listen. And even they are tired of this yidiotic tirade.

What a classy broad that Daniels thing is.

Adding insult to injury

Oh, where to begin on this one?

Again, where oh where, to begin?!

So very very true. Cultural Marxism is entirely unnatural.

Yes, it seems that removing all gender bias is the key to solving global warming.

He must be weeping by now. 


  1. I forget the name, but a couple years ago some conservative minded people decided to create a new scout organization for boys that is firmly grounded in Christian or traditional principles. It's for boys only and it is Christian with no pedophilic/homosexual values tolerated. Wish I could remember the name.
    The San Francisco Chronicle had a little girl "scout" on the front page of today's May 5th paper.

  2. Willie Wobblestick7 May 2018 at 03:13

    God Help Us All

    Angela Merkel
    Went round in a circle
    She didn't know what to do.
    The stupid old bint
    Would not take the hint
    To immediately resign from the zoo.

    Donald P. Trump
    Gave the table a thump
    As befits a man of action.
    But the promises he made
    Have all been delayed
    So he bombed Syria as a distraction.

    Teresa May
    Had another bad day
    In keeping with her history.
    How someone this dense
    And with so little sense
    Made PM is quite a mystery.

    Emmanuel Macron
    Walked round with a sack on
    Thinking weird thoughts about mum.
    But Rothschild's pet banker
    Is such a wet wanker
    He panicked and sucked his thumb.

    Dreamboat Trudeau
    Likes to put on a show
    In lieu of a cogent agenda.
    His policy stance
    Is to do a daft dance
    And query his wife's true gender.

    The EU president
    Is a Vichy resident
    But nobody knows his name.
    He has an expense account
    For a phenomenal amount
    That he squanders without any shame.

    The vile NATO boss
    Could not give a toss
    About the upcoming orgy of killing.
    For each bomb that is dropped
    Each young life that is stopped
    There's a chance to pocket a shilling.

    As we hurtle to war,
    Though none knows what for,
    It's clear our leaders all sucked.
    If they are the best
    Of us in the West
    Then we are totally fucked.


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