Tuesday 13 March 2018


Here we go with another midweek collection guaranteed to bring at least one wry smile to your lips. It is spring here, the days are sunny, blossoms beginning to colour everything with optimism. Sorry for all you folks still stuck in winter, but short winters are the reward I get for living in a place where I am surrounded by liberals.

The 7th Anniversary of this Extinction level event.

Now, about those teenagers who are trying to rewrite America to their own image ~ with a great deal of JMSM publicity.


Five years ago....

Rising population in Texas?

To add insult to injury, I recognize that coat. It is a favourite of Hillary's so Justin's head was cut and paste on her, his feminist goddess.

Run, Katherine, run!

An oldie but a goodie.

Mine is food. What is yours?



Feminist goals.

Listen to your men!

Apparently there is currently a big schism in the feminist movement between black and white feminism. It seems that black women are more qualified than their Caucasian sisters to harp on feminism and there is (woohoooo!) a lot of infighting between the factions. Of course this commie criminal (I cannot call her a bitch because of my love of dogs) goes with the politically correct line.

Senator Elizabeth Warren White House Hillary Clinton

This is worth a re-post.

Looks like a gun-free zone!

"I'll stop off at Walmart's and pick up something for dinner." looks a tad different in China.

In the UK.

More UK madness. I really could not find anything on line about this. AH! It was a Halloween prevention ploy.

Freedom of speech, anyone?

I am just going to drop this right here.

For Much more: Snippits and Snappits: Alternative Cartoons: Fukushima: August 24, 2013

Such common sense should be illegal.

And now "globalist" is becoming an anti-semitic slur. Every time they bring up a NEW "slur" they are admitting to their self-awareness of who they are and what they are doing.

Story: HERE

Last week someone wanted her to be HIV+ for the next movie.

EDITOR?! NYT?!?! No wonder that rag was so very supportive of Trump! Silly liberal critter.

You do something horrific for your health then get guilt-ridden? I have HAD bariatric surgery and it is a pain, literally. Had it reversed because it almost killed me. Now I lose that weight the old fashioned way. But never in my journey would I ever feel I had betrayed anyone but myself for putting myself in that situation in the first place.

Inside a sex bot.

Check for zombies and aliens?

This little collection is drawn by a cartoonist in Afghanistan.

How it goes....


I KNOW this one make you crack a smile.

This was one of my favourite moments from Big Bad Vlad. He met with Angela who has a abhorrence of all things canine, enough right there to put her in my bad books. That big old Lab is Vlad's constant companion and apparently just a big pussycat; her entering the room set Angela on edge as he sat and smiled ever so sweetly. Classic.


Where next?



  1. Justice Clarence Thomas of Neil Young's 'Working Man'.

  2. Ha! Some good ones here. Well, always good ones! I particularly liked the 'Trump army' comparison to the Obama family. But in looks only. Glamor doesn't help a darn thing. However, Melania and Ivanka
    Trump have the best taste ever in dress. Not tacky ever! Hillary didn't do too bad in her younger years, either.

  3. that tax "service"
    postal "service" screed
    that morphs to servicing the cows
    has finally explained con"serve"ative mind for me
    at least in Canada they got honest enough to drop the progressive from their name.
    now if they would drop the service parts and just run as cons
    or is con a code for "self"?...selfservatives

  4. Ha & HAHA! Thanx 4 this!


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