Tuesday 20 March 2018


Note how this one is reminiscent of the style used by the pre-WW2 German publication, Dur Stormer.

Thank you, once again, Hillary, for embarrassing yourself and supplying the world with yet more humour at your graceless expense.

We can only pray that this is a probable scenario upon the table.

Tourists in South Africa are encouraged to wear these pathetic shirts for their own safety. WHY, if you must wear such a thing, would you even patronize such a country? How could you not question the place on so many levels?

Actually, "the devil you don't know" is very well-known and, since his nomination, Wynne has been running terrified.

They are getting closer to Cuomo.

A lot of "crumbs" invested in this lovely little fortified castle.

Democrat recruitment.

Ah. poor Mueller!

After Donald J. Trump, of course.

LOL. Just a cheap shot but funny.

Somewhere in Quebec.

Hmmmmmmmm. Angela knows.

Gay commissioner and Muslim Mayor of London.

Tolstoy visualized Anna just this way! They FINALLY captured his vision.

St. Paddy's Day somewhere in Ireland....

I already hate this image. Somehow I hit a button and it is my desktop and for some reason does not want to leave. Need to get the techie in to remove it from there.

Facebook put me in jail for a few days. It seems the above, posted years ago, finally offended someone with a delicate constitution.

The disgusting part of this image is that this filthy creature will be honing her act up here in Canada where she launches this "comeback tour". Sorry, when you are not funny, there is no coming back.

The stupid runs very deep with this one.

Oh, dear!

Bezos walking his dog.

Canadians get this A LOT. A LOT.

It is wrong what is being done to this guy, but hey, he is also an Antifa Communist. So that rather blunts my compassion level. But being jailed for teaching a puppy to "Heil" is not a crime.

Bet this hurts!

Not a very smart idea.


Just a joke, folks.

This is beyond brilliant.

These guys get it.


  1. You know, Zuck and the chicken, even if photo-shopped, sends a message implying if he swings that chicken around his head umpteen times he will be absolved of all his sins against humanity the chabad way, lol. Fat chance though. FB has not been an improvement of communications more likely being a tool for surveillance.
    Thanks, Noor

  2. I love the painting "When you're at a party and you only know one person". I don't know what political point you're making there, Noor--I mean, it doesn't seem to have anything to do with communists or Justin Trudeau or Muslim immigrants or unborn children--but it is charming.

    1. I put in lots of silliness. To balance the dark a bit ~ make things a tad more palatable. Personally I rather liked the lizard getting a cut up near the top. Trudeau is pretty one note these days but he could become dangerous at the rate he is going. His gun confiscation line is drawing flack.

      BTW Commies in any form, and I have hyper sensitivity to them, are my most favouritest target. But some folks just insist on giving... like HRC.

      Have a goood spring.


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