Tuesday 10 April 2018


Thanks again, Mr. James Perloff for this BRILLIANT gem.


Another pearl from Perloff.

So eloquently worded and so true.

Canada mourns.

Oh, dear!

At a European university, my daughter told me she sneezed at a conference the other day and received "God Bless You" in at least 9 languages including Arabic and Pakistani as well as Greek, German, etc etc.

DELICIOUS UPDATE which also explains the media antagonism towards Orban: Soros Defeated After Attempting to Rig Hungarian Election and Losing Millions

Watch for a LOT more action against Hungary, especially Victor Orban. (((The usual forces))) are out in full array already against "Illiberalism", a funny word with a common sense description. The collection below are both pro and con. Speaking only English makes it a tad challenging at times.

This one has that pre-WW2 energy of a young Hitler to project a sinister feel to Orban. The "never again" crowd are all up in arms and will pull out all the stops. Alas, the Western media will buy it and sell it; think about it, how could they not?

Cartoonist Peter Schrank does most of the covers for The Guardian. His art (further below) demonizes Orban on the covers of many issues. I include his work to show what Orban is up against internationally in the media.

No wonder they hate him so.

Soros and his group, frothing at the mouth in their eagerness to get into Hungary. Or that is what I read into this intriguing image. If you can translate, please do your best!

To be banned next in the UK?
The shiv-brush ~ ideal for picking AND brushing!

I thought this was a joke; it is a totally serious aspect of the campaign. Beyond pathetic.

Very old Nun with a gun.

In memory and solidarity with Yaser Murtaja, the Palestinian photojournalist murdered by the IDF at the Gaza Land Day protests last week.
ED Noor: Snipers have wounded at least SIX well-identified journalists

Obnoxious much?

A place to call home.

The Syria Civil Defence "White Helmets": Daring rescuers, or a manipulative organization with links to terrorist groups? You be the judge.
ED Noor: I sent the artist the following link to the truth, an article in TASS. but he removed the link from comments. Read: 

Interesting lapel pin McCain wears.

It was not easy wading through the wads of cartoons regarding a chemical gas attack in Syria.Every cartoonist out there was coming up with his version of events, all of them portraying Assad as a bloody monster aided and abetted by Putin and some "nasty looking Ay-rabs". As well, from what I read, there was no attack of chemicals. The doctors of Douma say they have not treated any chemical injuries of late.

2013. They have tried this many times but so far their deception has failed to convince the world.

Interesting camera angle.

Baby Octopi

The world is a beautiful place.

This begs for a good line.
Open to suggestions.
How do they deal with this?



This is trivial but amusing. And a pleasure to post a student story not involving gun control and the 2nd Amendment. 


  1. Ah, yes Snoopy is Wise ... best cartoon on the page ... thanks for the inspiration ...

  2. your efforts to uplift the huddled "masses" has inspired others

    all over the world...


    your inclusion of beautiful landscapes & Nature undefiled,

    by the Zionists global mass murder for filthy lucre
    "AGENDA"...and utter devastation,
    serves as a friendly reminder
    that this world doesn't have to be a "JEW" worshipping
    cult compound full of "JEW" poo

    the cesspool is optional

    Thank you ever so much



  3. Please publish the winning caption...

  4. Thanks a lot for assembling such a huge amount of carricatures over the years!

  5. Congratulations on your three score years and ten. May you be blessed with good health and more years.
    Thank you for this site.


    James Barker


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