Friday 27 April 2018


I have never even heard the guy's tunes. But I am in the same position of adjustment. More on Kanye to come.

How very true. More on Bill to come as well.

Ghana is about to take the same political action.

This week I feature a fair bit of work by Mike Harris.

The brilliance of the leader of the South African Communist party proves he has a great grip on historical facts. He is much more credible hopping from foot to foot and cajoling hundreds of followers to "Kill the Boer."

Not just the Norwegians any longer!

From Mike at  90 Miles From Tyranny

He could very easily be doing all three things!

Ship the SOB back to where he came from. NOW.

This creature always has a distasteful expression on, as if she can smell her own rot.

And that, folks, is primarily why Trudeau failed so badly in China.


FINALLY someone got it right. 
This is the Communist fist, not the Nazi salute. 
I make merely an observation, not a political comment.

How does this idiotic comment even BEGIN to make sense to anyone who knows much about Communism? She wants the government to have the guns, but does not make the connection. Idiot.


The Who nailed it in 1971.
Won't Get Fooled Again. 
"Meet the old boss, same as the new boss."
(But the world has been fooled many times 
since this song was released.)

Over the years, as my eyes have been opened, one hero after another, from my youth onward has been forcefully removed from their place of honour in my memories. I can relate to the pain but not to the despair expressed here simply because there are real heroes all around us. Every day. We just need to choose who we let in...

What an idiot!

Stilton Says:  As the old saying goes, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't teach simple math to Bernie Sanders." A saying which is particularly apt in light of the Vermont senator's statement that he will soon be announcing a new federal jobs program which would guarantee a $15/hour job and health benefits to every adult American who "

wants or needs one."Sure, such a program sounds like it would be prohibitively expensive, but surprisingly the whole thing could be funded simply by raising taxes so high that the evil rich and the somewhat-evil middle class will literally beg for quick, merciful deaths. 

Even apart from the funding for such a program, we foresee a number of other problems with the idea: 

• What the heck kind of jobs will these even be? Jobs in the actual government?! Because we're not guessing that this new pool of workers would add much in the way of efficiency for our already hopelessly moribund bureaucracies. Or will the government create businesses which will compete with their private sector counterparts, who will be at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to getting employees or actually being profitable?

• When these magical $15/hour jobs appear, what will happen to those currently makin less than that amount? Oh yeah, they'll all jump ship and take the new jobs (which apparently aren't finite in number). And who will take their places? No one ~ unless they're stupid and hate money. Although Bernie's plan does contain a loophole: the new jobs are for adult Americans.  Meaning the jobs with substandard wages can still be performed by children.

• Bernie's plan would include job training (presumably in many languages) for any who need it. But where will these instructors come from? And how will job seekers be ferried back and forth to class? We're guessing that in any given week, one third of the group will be paid $15/hour as drivers, one third will be paid $15/hour to take classes, and the last third will get $15/hour to teach. The next week (and the one after), they all switch jobs. Finally, a perpetual motion machine!

• Businesses trying to compete for workers by offering higher wages (while simultaneously being taxed more) will have to raise consumer prices significantly just to survive. Unless, say, GovMart or GovPizza or McGovBurger undercuts those prices since they're not required to make an actual profit. So the likelihood is that prices in the private sector would shoot up until consumers rebel and desert them...after which the private businesses will close, reducing the tax base, and forcing taxes to be raised eve higher to keep the program funded. This is what is known as a "death spiral" to both economists and the gigantic self-devouring worm Ouroboros.

Is Bernie's plan likely to pass? Thankfully, no ~ but it's a frightening bellwether of where quite a few Progressives want to take the country. And if the midterms go badly fo our side, they just might possibly get the chance.

 Crude belly laugh.

 This man is not only dangerous, he is downright silly.

 Puts ZZ Top to shame with that beard. 
An alpha American most definitely.


 Yeah, seriously. This young.

How they do it. There is a reason I detest this cartoonist, considered to be an Israeli treasure. There are several hidden messages in here once you understand how these folks think and act. 

Not crying a river here. There are so many "holocausts" ESPECIALLY the current one in Gaza. Another Jewish cartoonist who upholds the Israeli obscenity upon the planet.

 Raul Emmanuel's father was a founding member.


Remember this one? "The smaller they are, the harder to hit?"
This is the mindset of Israeli snipers.

 Those snipers in the moral IDF practice going for the smaller body parts.

 Remember what Milo really is and who he really works for.

I have been following Candace for a few months now. She is witty, amusing, sharp, very eloquent, charismatic. And solid.

Even harder than Kanye acceptance is... omg... agreeing with Kim on something!

I have to say, Kanye's taste in cartoons below, although almost all by Jewish cartoonists for the New Yorker, is actually quite brilliant.

 Best cartoon of the week. Hands down.

 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Truth.

Definitely a record.  
And who does he follow?
His wife.
She, too, only follows him.

 If interested, read more HERE.

 Another poorly aged tweet.


What a selfish woman. Teaching all the wrong lessons to her daughter.

 This soulless creature knows little of the millennium old relationship between man and dog.

Preferring your own room to sleep is "entitlement". Expecting streets to be free of human feces is an "entitlement issue". Methinks Miss Ou can return to the sh*thole of her origin.

 I think this guy went to the same school as the South African leader.

He also said:  
“We want land. We want our own. You don’t like us, Mr. Trump? Break us off some of this territory. You don’t like us, Mr. Trump? You don’t want to be around us? Then hand over the state of Florida,” he added. “You don’t want to be around us ~ make a trade. Give me Georgia. Give me Alabama. Give me South Carolina.”

“Donald Trump, the black man is not a son of a bitch. He is the original man. He’s the maker. He’s the owner. He’s the cream of the planet Earth, father of civilization and he’s the God of the universe. He is your father, cracker. Donald Trump, I’m your daddy. I’m your daddy and you’re a child that’s out of line." 
 OMG! Now that is a funny stretch of the imagination ACLU.

 Spring showers.

The hem of the Toyota looks as if it is held in place by Scotch tape. Horrible tailoring.  And then there is the aspect of the rounded posteriors.... 

This is what a modern State Dinner place setting looks like.


  1. I know you're instinctively conservative, Noor, but even allowing for that, seeing Thomas Sowell shown in a favourable light makes my blood run cold. As they used to say, he's slightly to the right of Attila the Hun.

  2. That little crab stopping for a moment to say: "Hey Mom!" really made me smile. Thanks!

    And for that Scotch-taped hem, well, all I can say is they should have taped it downwards not upwards. Don't tell me even the French women lost their sense of style. Poor Brigitte should at least have covered her knees. IMO


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