Tuesday 24 April 2018


Best comeback EVER.


This filthy creature is at it again. She says such vile things to grab attention and gets it. Then she cries victim.

Poor Commie Colin. So sad he is unhappy.

Lest we forget.....

I was raised to have this environmental mindset.
When my babies wore nappies, these ideas kept them in cloth not plastic.

So do trucks, vans, cars, bombs, machetes, poisons....

Yes, there is a state in India that follows this line of thought. Visit Haryana and you will see what a true rape culture is like. Western feminists are so clueless.

Natalie Portman has set the Jewish world afire and the tribe is not at all pleased with her. The actress was scheduled to receive the Israeli "Genesis Award" which is their highest honour in film; a huge event was scheduled around the ceremony, millions of shekels lost. Miss Portman, an Israeli born woman of conscience, claimed through her representative:

"Recent events in Israel have been extremely distressing to her and she does not feel comfortable participating in any public events in Israel" and that "she cannot in good conscience move forward with the ceremony." 

Dubbed "the Jewish Nobel," the Genesis Prize "honors extraordinary individuals who serve as an inspiration to the next generation of Jews through their outstanding professional achievement and commitment to the Jewish people and Jewish values, such as social justice, tolerance and charity."
Kudos to Natalie Portman for taking a stance knowing full well the price that could be extracted for her "impertinence".


This filthy little creature has always revolted me; even before I knew of my innate Jewdar. What is he trying to say or is he just being ignorant as always? Snide little thing.

Same refrain, different nation. 
Hijab rights in this instance.
Abortion rights in the West.

"Contact with a citizen"

Then she backed down and apologized because of the media uproar. No respect.

Steals the man's smoke and then karate kicks him. 
Bad-assed monkey.

I have no idea what this says. 

But, Donald, we want to talk about Stormy!

The atheist pope is at it again.
He doesn't even rate a capital "p".

My thoughts exactly when she swished out of the hospital looking perky.

One of my brothers has a workshop. Thought I would share this image. I am told it is a good place with everything he needs to make about anything ~ and he has.

Another fake coupon for free coffee.

For true teachers, yes, they deserve so much more; for leftist teachers with the Marxist agenda, just fire them.

In Wynne's Ontario, such parents could lose their parental rights completely.

At the moment Bloomberg is busy with the anti gun movement that he so heavily funds.

Then there is idiocy from petty yidiots like below:



  1. I have no idea what this says

    It's the Muslim creed, Noor: "God is one, and Muhammad is God's Apostle."

  2. Some good stuff this week that I will re-use.

    To even engage the horse-shit that the media spews is, in itself, not an act of rebellion but what they actually want. They want people to waste their time and energy playing the game. Step one in murdering your spirit is getting you to bite on ANY of their baits. Media is 100% complicit in everything that the powers that own it do. There is no "independence" of any kind. There are only baits put out for the suckers who don't need to wait for hooks. The hook is already there when you don't recognize ALL of media as complicit and even engage the baits. At that point the spiritual murder that's been going for decades gets to continue for more years. Hence the immense importance of media-fakery knowledge and not treating any of the events reported in the media as "real," when nothing about it has been proven whatsoever. 9-11 is the most obvious case, where the exact logic that exposed Sandy Hook as completely fake also applies, but is deliberately ignored, lest "troofer" egos get deflated as they deserve to be. Yet, people and that includes 90% of conspiracy theorists and dissidents in the "truther" camp, have been w-rung very cleverly by the Pavlov's bell of their egos to react (salivate) with fear (fear of not having had the brains to decode an emotionally-based PsyOp that ran them over like a Mack Truck and has made them deal with the psychological injuries that never heal (or lose mental stability and ego, any firm ground to even live an artificial life on) year-after-year in all the endless later smaller PsyOps that trigger the same anchored subconsciously symbolized, emotionally-colored attitudes. They are made by the w-rung bell of their egos to salivate to entirely empty plate of "planes" and "3000 victims." There were neither of either. It was a made for TV fraud just like the rest, just not as obvious right away because there was too much deliberately inflamed strong emotions clouding people's vision. It is very obvious now but 90% of truthers still have the sand of fear in their eyes and WANT to keep it there to prevent them from seeing and having to deal with how easily they were manipulated like infants.


  3. By the way, did you notice that the stick-wielding bastion of non-Western morality below is wearing western sneakers (might even be "new balance" sneakers, couldn't make out the logo) for good ground grip and athletic performance requirements? lol Wouldn't wanna slip and hurt the heretic womb-men in goat-herder shoes, now would we? Besides, they're not the ones in this world-wide farce calling America "the great Satan" like the Peugeot-driving clown Ahmedinejad, back when he was acting out the script, so they're allowed to wear western shoes. It's only for "humane" reasons, of course, and true communion with Allah and his commandments.

    Same crap goes on in Islamic Iran, but you have most "truthers" and "anti-New-World Order" people ignoring it because they consider them "freedom fighers," (Joanathan Azaziah even went as far as calling Khomeini and Che Guevara the two greatest freedom fighters of the 20th Jew-sus century)never mind their completely bullshit "space program" and "nuke program" scripted by the same clowns as everywhere else: elite Jews and their freemasonic lackeys. Nuke weapons are a gigantic Jew-concocted fear-mongering lie, period. And space? Don't make me laugh! It's all complete Judeo-Masonic nonsense. No one's ever been outside the atmosphere and don't even get me started on the "20,000 orbiting satellites in space" pile of elephant dung, they are completely fake, all of that is to shock and awe people into obedience through false hope; GPS and all the rest of that crap is all done through simple triangulating towers built right on the earth.



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