Friday 13 April 2018


Tonight I am simply too bummed by events in Syria to say much. I plan to sit here, drink grapefruit juice and vodka, and post for your enjoyment. The vodka might get me going here and there, but no promises. To be honest, I am confused and fearful about Syria and what this all means, but I also realize my worries arise from knowing too much ~ or being appallingly ignorant ~ both being equally possible.  

One thing I do know is that Assad did not gas his people. Plain and simple. Russia first claimed this to be a falsified event and Russia is internationally acclaimed as honest in these matters, despite what Americans think. There is no way Russia would risk her hard-earned credibility on this issue.

Meanwhile the people of South Africa are being slaughtered. Where is the uproar? Where are the diplomats?

Just ask Julian. Call him what you will, but he has sacrificed everything to change history for our benefit. This temporary silence will be dealt with but this man, an individual, brought about much change.

I'll take the one with the red tie.

Liberal tolerance...


More American mob mentality, not too bright.

Ooopsies! The kids are too distracted on their electronic devices perhaps? Perhaps they are not interested? The scary thing is, will the (((victim class))) double down on the propaganda? That is their usual course of action.

Where to begin here? Seriously?

This was my hope for the chemical attack that never happened and a positive step in this horror, but we were too optimistic it seems. The attack progresses this evening and no one knows what will happen next.

Meet the Blue Footed Booby aka Sula nebouxii.

Ben wrote most of it. And this lists his crimes VERY innocently shielding his participation in some amazingly deviant behaviour regarding infants.

 Three pervs. Ben, Justine, Kathleen.

This is one of the platforms that Ford runs on: removing this educational damage.

Another pervy friend of Justine's.

Dalglish and a young friend.

This horrid creature reveled completely in the very negative responses she received from thousands of people and stood up defending her comments. Then turned the pages and played victim, especially after MacLean's Magazine denied any support for her words. I thought the wording was excellent and to the point but Ms.Loreto seems to feel that she has been insulted and all women should rise up and stand behind her against the magazine. Not too many takers. A despicable person.

The ignorance runs deep. But then, THIS is what they are being taught in too many public schools from daycare through to final graduation. Many of these youngsters then attend liberal universities where the daycare environment is upheld and they never learn strategies for dealing with the normal problems of the real world. 

Final product: Alas, more often than not, naive, hyper-vigilant, over-sensitive, entitled snowflakes easily controlled by anyone who can hold their attention for a minute. 

Add another form of this cultural Marxism to the less educated and easily manipulated of their peers, those who did or did not graduate, and you have a strong army to make the Frankfurt principles manifest.

How about experience and examples? Science trumps real blood and death (and statistics) any old time. At least in today's world.

Bill Cosby....


Another scuzzbucket.

Proud Canadian deplorable here.
Never felt better. Never looked better.
(Well, except when I was younger 
but I was clueless then.)

BBC very poorly done propaganda.

Caught in the web.

Now that I am much smaller (2/3 to my goal) and needing a new wardrobe, I seek ideas for an edgy but not punky older woman. Where I live, a liberal haven, that seems to include a buzz cut and wild colour, but that ain't me. I like the style Roseanne is wearing here and want that jacket. To think I am finally this small with a short way to go now on my weight loss journey blows me away!

All that small print we sign when set up accounts? That small print we skip past in our eagerness to "play" and click agreeing to terms? That is the small print, folks. The stuff they tell you to read. So in truth, as despicable as this is, people give this information up voluntarily.

OK. Short and creepy looking. Really creepy looking.

Ask yourself how Zuck serves Israel.

Trump Train is NOT the official Trump account.


On June 12, I celebrated International Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day! Much tastier than the publicized alternative of the Hollerco$t.

Speaking of real, modern Holocausts:

 And wearing what looks to be a BDSM slave collar.

I dunno, but I would call you a cuck.

 Gearing up for battle....

How is this for Communist conditioning? Fatalistic. Depressing. So VERY Frankfurt and guaranteed to help kill your soul.

 With tonight's events, I fear that the process of WW3, already well underway, has turned a corner.

Considering California is extremely Democratic, it might NOT be a good idea to produce three Californias adding to the number of CA senators and congress-folk.



 White Helmet Productions


Yidiot posted the bombing of Baghdad, 2003, probably thinking no one would catch on and believe it to be Syria.  Note the name of all these anti-Syrian enthusiasts. If you read Israeli magazines and news reports, then move down and read the comments. Israelis want this war for the reasons illustrated in the map at the top of today's offerings. Note the names are primarily.... Tribal.

This morning I visualized Trump as a lion beleaguered by packs of hyenas, a deadly situation if the cat does not have back up. At the moment I am conflicted.

 Five years ago.

I would like to move here and pull up the drawbridge.


  1. Yes, I think that most of us who were thrilled as we watched Trump demolish the Establishment to win the US Presidency are feeling pretty conflicted right now - the more optimistic are hoping that he's playing some kind of brilliant '5D-Chess" but, this Syria bombing with no evidence, (and all the indications of a false flag), just makes me despondent - plus the fact that neither Hillary nor her cronies have been held to account for their documented crimes ... indeed, that island castle sure looks inviting right now ...

  2. hey had some classics for your work

  3. If we stand back, dial down the emotion - hard, I know - this strike is actually a bit of a "nothing burger". Syrian army & air-force facilities pre evacuated, Only 1 or 2 out of 8 airfields targeted actually hit (An over 69% intercept ratio on all incoming Tomahawks,etc . . . & reports r that of the 8 air - surface missiles fired by the UK NONE hit/arrived !!) with damage minimal. The ex Chemical Weapons facility in Damascus got dealt to but the first responders are NOT wearing protective gear ergo THERE WERE NO CHEMICAL WEAPONS !!

    I think Pres. Trump is playing 4D chess. He's keeping (((them))) happy with a strike although his anti war base is pissed. But when the dust settles in a few days, most will get the big picture . . . i HOPE

    Cheers for the efforts Noor. Has little Justin(e) had a quiet week?? There wasn't much on him. Not that that's a bad thing ;-)>

  4. ah the draw bridge...

    yesterday, watched, Little Lord Fauntleroy,
    The Littlest Rebel, & Song Of Bernadette

    for flashback analysis, and all.

    hope all is well, and thanks for the grins
    and laughs....

    even the smallest of hopes need to be nourished



  5. In his haste to bomb before an investigation Trump forgets the US Constitution. And little has been made of this. When Obama forgot or misinterpreted the Constitution the conservatives were incensed.
    Something about being out of power makes people remember the Constitution. Interesting.


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