Friday 20 April 2018


Cartoon of the Week. Hands down.

This lovely offer of atonement is fake but flooded the internet last week. Most people believe it to be valid. More on this later. In the meantime, pity the poor baristas.

I still don't indulge in much fatty food but sure like to look at it and salivate.

With the passing of Barbara Bush, the cartoon world was inundated with soppy memorial cartoons that left me slightly nauseous, simply because I have never liked this woman and the family she shaped with her husband who will most likely not be far behind her. Pearls and "the Grandmother of the Nation" commentary everywhere. These two are a little different. 

It is bad taste to offend those who really did care and might genuinely feel loss, although at 92, the old gal had a good run. The woman below, however, felt no self-restraint and insulted the world; her hubris brought her down quickly. She even gave the local suicide line as her personal phone number leaving that organization flooded with calls to the point that genuine calls could not get through.


Eric and the man who made him even more famous, JJ Cale. 
This song never gets old. 
Anyway the Wind Blows

Braving the Canadian border for freedom after being dropped off by a chartered vehicle no more than a few feet away, folks flee oppressive America who demands legal process. Quebec is already at maximum capacity with migrants; they still arrive at the border to be welcomed by the RCMP and then bused to the appropriate agencies. Trump Derangement Syndrome is apparently the cause of their abject terror.

Khan deserves it.
Trudeau just loves all Muslims!

The cicada. Hot summer days
Sound track of my younger years.

Can you feel that CommieLuv?

Built by tradition.

Built by capitalism. This is what many areas of my part of the world look like now.

The image to the left is, I am fairly sure, in or around Vancouver, BC.

Bill has the nose of someone who over-indulges in alcohol. A lot. But then he did do himself a lot of nasal damage with that cocaine he loved so much.

The death of this particularly angelic child has caught the attention of the British people and opened a few eyes to the problems there. The last I read, two older teen boys were taken in and charged. May they rot in hell.

SO hot!

In Newcastle. Areas for grooming gangs.

Ah, if only.... Good luck Mr. Orban. 
The silly thing I just now noticed is the Nazi insignia on Orban's uniform, but Soros himself was a Nazi during WW2 who specialized in pointing out Jews to the SS and participated in various operations against his own people. Meanwhile Mr. Orban has been a staunch anti-Communist all his life, no indication of Nazism.

WHOA! Stop right there!

Excellent question.


Enlarge. Ask yourself, why is Africa heavily breeding and then shipping their dregs around the globe? I do not believe this is by accident.

Somewhere in Portugal.

This is an excellent little blog. LAGenie has been working hard over the years.

The original version.

Spring flowers in Palestine.

Many Pearls from Perloff today. 

Yep, that same twit from last week who thought the Syrian situation was "worth every penny" as he posted images from Baghdad, 2003.

Be kind.


Sadly, not a joke, but even funnier.

Political discourse in America.


This Starbucks star, featured somewhere else today, actually does get it. Hugely. He is very woke.

WOW. 2015!

I watched the video; it was amusing but I swear the barista girl would have given him ANYTHING he asked for she was so brainwashed. But "comic genius" is stretching it a bit.

The White Helmets, harbingers of doom.


  1. Thanks for this wonderful service!

    1. You are most welcome, Henry. It is a small contribution.

  2. irony & hypocrisy seem to be twins of the same lineage...

    dig this ROME

    {{{POOPA}}}...Francis is known to have a sweet tooth,
    particularly for the caramel dulce de leche specialty of his
    native Argentina.

    At one soup kitchen run by the Vatican's Caritas charity,
    a container of vanilla and chocolate gelato was served
    alongside a lunch of pasta to guests.

    Francis has made a point of taking care of Rome's
    poor and homeless, inviting them to occasional lunches,
    concerts and museum visits at the Vatican, and providing
    them with sleeping bags, free showers,
    barbers and laundry long as they are not


    would Mary Poppins be a better..."POPE"...?

    just sayin'....




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