Friday 6 April 2018


These are NOT the people who fear things. They have no problem filling out their citizenship status on government documents. It is the ILLEGALS who have problems. They have had plenty of time to set things right during their time in the US. There is a reason it is called the "naturalization process" and that is not to trash their new home as illegals tend consider their innate right. Illegals walk all over the rights of those who immigrated properly as well as the rest of us.

This Canadian has been asked all her life if she is a citizen of Canada on almost every government form possible from filing taxes to voting to everything in between. We don't flip out at this perfectly normal question. From the general cartoon responses, one would think only members of the KKK ~ who hate all those voters the Democrats court ~ are interested such "hateful" information.

The "staff of Baphomet".

And wondering what bathroom to use.


This morning, April 6, 2018, in Quebec.

Trudeau does Africa. He has even mastered the dances of one nation.

See? I told you that asking about citizenship means you are a "White supremacist" in the eyes of a Liberal!

Stilton Says: With immigration (and a possible invading army of Hondurans) much in the news, we think it's time for some sober contemplation of the larger issues and implications associated with weaving different nationalities and traditions into our great national tapestry. 

Is assimilation an impossible dream? Or is America made better through the contributions of people from other parts of the world? We firmly believe in the latter proposition, if only in recognition of the great gift Polish immigrants brought to their new homeland: Dyngus Day! 

Dyngus Day occurs on Easter Monday, and seems like an especially good idea to those whose Cadbury Easter eggs turned out to be full of liquor. Likely based on ancient fertility rituals, on Dyngus Day boys splash water on girls whom they find attractive and the girls, if similarly interested, tap their suitors with a pussy willow. Presumably, great merriment and a slew of new Polish kids ensue in the fullness of time. 

In some sad backwaters of our nation, Dyngus Day still isn't celebrated with the same enthusiasm as other ethnic drinking holidays like St. Patrick's Day or Cinco de Mayo. Perhaps because restaurants and bars aren't sure if they can advertise a "Big Dyngus Party" without getting into trouble with the law or, perhaps, attracting an entirely different clientele than they were aiming for. 

But in Buffalo, New York they do the day up right, complete with parades, polka bands, a competition for the much-coveted title of "Miss Dyngus," and festive Dyngus Day costumes like these...

For those of you with dirty minds, we should point out that the men in the picture above are actually dressed as pierogies ~ the traditional Dyngus Day pastry. Said pierogies may be stuffed with macaroni and cheese, sour cherry filling, or buttered sauerkraut...making each reach for an hors d'oeuvre a culinary game of Russian roulette. 

Here at Stilton's Place, we think it's high time to give Dyngus Day the attention and respect it deserves. And if you don't want to take our word for it, just listen to what respected journalist (and Stormy Daniels Fan Club president) Anderson Cooper has to say...

 This really is funny even if it IS Anderson Cooper.

Flugennock Says: From all the howling in the MSM these days, you’d think they were expecting not just a “Blue Wave”, but a “Blue Tsunami” ~ except the numbers say they’ll be lucky to get a “Blue Ripple”, and in Texas right now it’s looking more like a “Blue Tidepool”, pitting a bland corporate-looking white-boy Democrat against an incumbent whose head is sculpted entirely of suet pudding. This on top of the fact that on social media, the Democratic Party politburo, trolls and fangirls are going with the formula that worked so well for them last time:
• Run a bland, donor class-approved corporate Centrist.
• Threaten and shame Left voters.
• Gaslight, insult, and lie to Left voters.
• Bully and smear Left electoral challengers.
• Hope the GOP candidate is revealed to be a pedophile.
Cowabunga, dudes.

Account suspended. Check the name and the numbers. Let us discuss finally cracking and uttering his (((tribal))) truths.

Absolutely no surprises here.

The world has been suckered by some major hoaxes. We can only pray that, although the truth is obvious and out there, that eventually it wins out and people gain their freedom.

And now the media is taking THIS slant after its utter blindness to the crimes of both Obama and Clinton.  


Yes, Roseanne is a refreshing tv alternative but, as conservative and Middle Class American she is, the show still promotes many modern liberal values to be explored in future programmes including the cross-dressing grandson...

The Communist Christian Crucifix? 
Presented to the Pope by Evo Morales, leader of Bolivia. 

The gift from Morales is also the same symbol Francis wears around his neck.

The Communist Pope. An effigy in a parade in Rome. The detail of those little golden angels is delicious.

"God fearing son of the soil." Whose god I ask.

THIS from Newsweek:

Even this rather conservative South African cartoonist memorialized this woman lovingly!

 This explains why they don't want us seeing into their backpacks.

Stilton Says:  Ultra-liberal actor Robert De Niro has made yet another attack on the Right, saying that with gun-toting, Trump-loving morons like us "we're at the point where it's beyond trying to see another person's point of view." As if he'd ever tried to see our point of view. 

But we had to laugh at Bob's assertion that the young students who recently participated in school walkouts are nascent geniuses whose moral strength and spontaneous wisdom will eventually create a better America at the voting booth. 

Most telling is De Niro's phrase, "they're the ones that feel the way we do" - the "we" in this case referring to hardcore Leftists. But note that he doesn't say these kids think the way his Hollywood pals do, just that they feel the same way. Because Progressivism is always about feeling rather than thinking. 

Which is just as well, because kids are idiots these days. Exhibit A is the current "condom snorting challenge" sweeping social media. The kids take videos of themselves snorting a condom up one nostril, sucking it back until it's dangling down the back of their throat, then grabbing the end (while trying, sometimes unsuccessfully, not to puke) so the whole pre-lubed mucus-coated shebang can be dragged through their nasal passages and yanked out of their mouth. After which they post the appalling video online to make sure that they will never be hired by any potential employer who has access to a computer. 

But eventually these Trojenz-tooting dolts will make it to the polls. We can only hope that sometime between now and then, the "become an informed voter challenge" turns into an online craze.


Eat a Tide Pod and figure it out.


  1. I think I'm becoming jaded with politics and the world mayhem in general - my favorite memes this week are inspirational: 'the only knowledge that really matters"and a quiet mind", the internet and reality on Wednesday was pretty cool too ... thank you.

  2. I look forward twice a week to this compilation that must take quite a bit of time & effort to put together. You have my thanks Noor


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