Thursday 27 June 2013


The 'wolf in sheep's clothing' logo of the Fabian Society that betrays their true intent and character

The Fabians were named after a Roman general famed for his 'tactics of harassment and attrition rather than head-on battles'. Their aim has always been to take gradual steps towards 'socialism' rather than the outright revolutionary approach of others on the left. 

Of course references to socialism are a typical deception of the Fabians. Prominent Fabian and writer, George Bernard Shaw, revealed that

their goal was to be achieved by 
“stealth, intrigue, subversion, 
and the deception of never calling socialism by its right name.”
This is a tradition that has been continued right up to the present day. That is to disguise their true meanings and intentions. Any mention of socialism was really a veiled reference to communism. Sydney Webb, one of the founders of the Fabians, along with his wife Beatrice even wrote a book called 'Soviet Communism: A New Civilisation'. It was denounced by many for its uncritical description of Stalin's harsh and murderous regime. 

The original and still standing aim of the Fabians, was world communism and a world government. It is yet another of the many fronts that They have opened up in pursuit of their totalitarian New World Order.

Many Fabians were also members of occult secret societies. George Bernard Shaw’s mistress, Florence Farr, was a witch in the Satanist Aleister Crowley's Order of the Golden Dawn, itself closely associated with the Theosophical society. When Helena Blavatsky passed away in 1891, leadership of the Theosophical society passed to Annie Besant. As well as being a Freemason she was also a member of the Fabians and as such became close friends with many of its leaders such as H.G. Wells, Aldous and Julian Huxley and Bertrand Russell. The writer Edith Nesbit was a member of the Order of the Golden Dawn as well as being a co-founder of the Fabians.

Many members of the present day Labour party, including Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, are also members of the Fabians. Both of these former Prime Ministers are clearly puppets of the ruling 'elite' being also Bilderbergers and high ranking Freemasons. In addition, many other members of the Labour hierarchy, as well as being Fabians, are of the far left of the political spectrum. We can find many 'ex' Communists, Marxists and Trotskyists, including Peter Mandelson, the Millibands, Alan Johnson, Alistair Darling and John Reid to name but a few.

As we've seen, these are all part of what Canadian serviceman William Guy Carr calls the 'Workers Revolutionary Movement' which in turn is controlled by the 'occult 'elite'. He cites a quote by Dimitri Manuilsky, secretary general of the Communist International from 1946 to 1953 and President of the United Nations Security Council in 1948 and 1949. He was discussing Britain in a speech he made to the delegates of the 18th Congress of the Communist party international in Moscow in 1938, when he said:
"Britain is the rock upon which the waves of revolution have so far dashed themselves in vain. Britain and her people must be destroyed before we can reach our ultimate objectives"
Cameron and Clegg stand beneath the Masonic (Luciferian) rising sun symbol above the door to 10 Downing St. ~ a sure indication of the real power behind British politics

We can see then that the phenomenon of mass immigration into Europe and more specifically Britain, is carefully planned and deliberate. The clamour for mass immigration isn't solely restricted to the 'left' though, not by a long way. Although the 'right' in the form of the Conservative party, gives lip service to restrictions on immigration, nothing serious is ever done. Both false polarities of British 'democracy' are equally under the control of the ruling 'elite' and as such the real agenda being pursued is never deviated from. Immigration will continue as will the march towards a unified Europe under the control of the Luciferian oligarchy. The (undemocratic) European Union was always about a federal 'super state' under Their control, despite the denials. 
Coudenhove-Kalergi hinted at the illusory nature of politics in his book, Adel. On page 31 he wrote:
“Nowadays, democracy is nothing more than a facade for plutocracy. Because the nations no longer tolerate naked plutocracy, their masters allow them nominal power, while retaining factual power in the hands of the plutocrats.
In republican as well as monarchical democracies the statesmen are but puppets and the capitalists are their string-pullers.
The capitalists dictate national policy guidelines and control the electorate by manufacturing public opinion, controlling the ministers through their financial and social connections.”"
Of course for capitalists we should read bankers in the sense that it is they who control the flow of money which is the main method of control. As if to emphasise this former Chancellor of Exchequer, Reginald McKenna was referring to the power of the bankers when he said: 
"I am afraid the ordinary citizen will not like to be told that the banks can and do create money. And they who create and issue money and credit, direct the policies of government and hold in the hollow of their hands the destiny of the people."
I'd suggest it would be misleading to think that it was the bankers themselves who wielded the ultimate power.
They are merely the operatives

in service to those above them

who own and control the banks.

The lie told to us by the puppet politicians of the controlling Luciferian cabal is that it is either the natural movements of peoples, necessary for our economic benefit or even recompense for the crimes of 'white people' against other ethnic minorities in times past.

The levels of immigration are certainly not natural;

they have been actively encouraged in a variety of ways.

Neither have they been to our economic benefit.

Amongst other things wages have been driven down

and services greatly over stretched.

The only ones to truly benefit economically have been the elite, super rich, few who were already incredibly wealthy. The last claim, which is that we, as in all 'white people', owe some sort of debt to ethnic minorities, which can only be paid by agreeing to very high levels of immigration, is a complete and utter fallacy.
It should be noted that highlighting this and other hypocrisies surrounding the issues of mass immigration and multiculturalism is not at all 'racist'.
We are all victims of the globalist agenda, both ethnic minority and native Briton.
In fact being truthful and honest about these issues is the best way to avoid the worst consequences of the divide and rule policies being operated by Them.


The waves of immigration seen since the Second World War have been accompanied by such things as political correctness and campaigns for 'equality' that are little more than deceptive ways of undermining the native populations. Tactics such as these come straight from the
Cultural Marxists of the Frankfurt School and are intended to subvert, destabilise and demoralise.
One of the methods used is the manipulation of language.
We can see evidence of this 
when the word 'white' is used 
as opposed to native English, Scots, French or German.
This is partly an attempt to manipulate discussions on any issues surrounding race or immigration into an easily polarised (divide and rule) black and white (Hegelian) dialectic. It's also part of a process of de-humanising people, to some degree, by denying them their ethnic roots and culture. They are more easily denigrated, dismissed, discriminated against or even violently attacked if thought of as merely 'white' rather than English, Scots etc or 'black' rather than someone hailing from Nigeria or Jamaica or indeed India or Pakistan.

Other problems with the claim, that all 'white' people owe ethnic minorities a debt of some sort, were dealt with in a previous article
'Left Wing Dupes'. It was discussed how the 'left' have been manipulated into willingly pursuing and defending the destructive policies of the Luciferian elite (the 'right' are also manipulated in different ways, but I'd argue perhaps not to the same extent as those on the 'left'). The claim doesn't bear any scrutiny.
The truth is that the forefathers of the majority of (white) British people were little more than slaves or serfs (vassals) themselves for centuries. Even after huge numbers were forced off the land (through hunger, desperation and despair) into the often terrible conditions of the Industrial revolution, the reality was that they were still very much the serfs or slaves they'd always been. Most worked long hours, for six days a week and lived in appalling conditions. These conditions caused a Reverend J. R. Stephens to observe that:
"It was a settled custom of the male and to a great extent of the female, workers in factories to be in bed from 9, 10 or 11 o’clock on Sunday [morning], because they were tired out by the labour of the week. Sunday was the only day on which they could rest their wearied frames. It would generally be found that, the longer the time of work, the smaller the wages. He would rather be a slave in South Carolina, than a factory operative in England.”
Slavery didn't originate with 'whites' nor did it end after it was outlawed in 'white' countries. For example, Muslims began buying and selling large numbers of African slaves 600 years before Europeans did and continued to do so until at least 100 years after. The prevalence of 'white' slavery is also rarely if ever discussed. Between one and one and a half million white European sailors and residents of coastal villages were enslaved by the (Islamic) Barbary pirates. This included many from Britain itself, particularly in Devon and Cornwall.
These and other aspects of slavery are rarely, if ever, discussed or debated because it doesn't fit the anti-white agenda. Neither does the fact that it was black (African) tribal leaders who, during military conquests of other tribes or states, captured and enslaved their fellow black Africans then sold them in the slave markets to the highest bidder.
With slavery being such a lucrative business wars were often launched with the sole purpose of enslavement in mind. Another source came from within the enslaving societies themselves. Just as Britain disposed of its convicts, heretics, debtors and ne'er do wells by sending them to the colonies so did the African tribal leaders by selling them as slaves.


Both the slave trade and the Empire were
funded by the (Crown) bankers in the City of London. This 'square mile' operates as a state within a state (UK) with its own Lord Mayor and police force. The Crown, or Crown Temple, has been the real power in Britain since at least 1215. In turn the Crown itself comes under the control of the Vatican and as such plays a prominent role in many other aspects of the New World Order, global government, agenda.

King John, having been in dispute with the Papacy for several years, finally negotiated terms for a reconciliation. The
'papal terms terms for submission were accepted in the presence of the papal legate Pandulph in 1213 at the Templar Church at Dover'. King John then broke the terms of this charter when he signed the Magna Carta in 1215, the result of which was that control of the English monarchy and entire British Crown now belonged to the Pope. This situation was neatly summed up in this article.
"There is no mystery behind the current abomination of Babylon for those who discern His Truth:
And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. . . . . -Revelation 17:5 
God has reserved His judgment for the great idolatress, Rome, the chief seat of all idolatry, that rules over many nations with whom the kings have committed to the worship of her idols (see Revelation 17:1-4). The Pope and His purported Church; sitting on the Temple throne at the Vatican; ruling the nations of the earth through the Crown Temple of ungodly deities are the Rule and Order of Babylon; the Crown of godlessness and the Code of commerce.
One may call the Rule of the world today by many names: The New World Order (a Bush family favourite), the Third Way (spoken by Tony Blair and Bill Clinton), the Illuminati, Triad, Triangle, Trinity, Masonry, the United Nations, the EU, the US, or many dozens of other names. However, they all point to one origin and one beginning. We have traced this in history to the Crown Temple, the Temple Church circa 1200. Because the Pope created the Order of the Temple Knights (the Grand Wizards of deception) and established their mighty Temple Church in the sovereign City of London, it is the Pope and his Roman Capitols who control the world."
The truly evil looking City of London serpent/dragon carrying a shield with the flag of the Templars.
The symbol of the City of London is a serpent/dragon creature holding a shield with the Knights Templar flag of a red cross on a white background. Indeed this has been the flag of England since just after the signing of the Magna Carta when the Papacy took control of it. The Templars were and still are subservient to the pope. Of course the serpent/dragon is also symbolic of Lucifer/Satan. In the Book of Revelation 12:9 we read:
“And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.”
There has long been an identification with serpent/dragon worship and that of the sun. On page 227 of his book 'The Two Babylons' the author Alexander Hislop states:
“Along with the sun, as the great fire-god, and, in due time, identified with him, was the serpent worshipped. “In the mythology of the primitive world,” says Owen, “the serpent is universally the symbol of the sun.” In Egypt, one of the commonest symbols of the sun, or sun-god, is a disc with a serpent around it. … The original reason of that identification seems just to have been that, as the sun was the great enlightener of the physical world, so the serpent was held to have been the great enlightener of the spiritual, by giving mankind the “knowledge of good and evil.” … At all events, we have evidence, both Scriptural and profane, for the fact, that the worship of the serpent began side by side with the worship of fire and the sun.”

ED Noor: Another reason for worship of the serpent was the mystery of its moult. The snake goes blind and reclusive then through an amazing process of self regeneration is born anew in the shedding of the old, reborn resplendent in its shimmery new skin. Among cultures around the world this has symbolized regeneration, rebirth.

The Empire was always primarily a commercial enterprise in the form of the likes of the East India and Hudson Bay Companies. Only later was the fig leaf of the state required, usually when problems had arisen that required some sort of military action (funded by the British tax payer and yet for the benefit of the 'company' stockholders).
The simple fact of the matter is that the major reason why Third World nations are so poor and impoverished is because they have been and continue to be, relentlessly exploited and enslaved by the same, City of London (the Square Mile) based banking interests that treats the native inhabitants of Britain with a similar contempt.
This is where the real fascists are to be found. The evidence for Wall Street (if not a proxy of the European banking cartels then a close companion) funding both the rise of Communism in Russia as well as that of Hitler and the Nazis in Germany is compelling.


What the so called 'anti-fascists' (who act more like fascists themselves much of the time) of the 'left' don't realise is that, with their protests against anyone who speaks out about mass immigration or the many problems associated with multiculturalism, they are being used by the real fascists and are unwittingly supporting their aims.
The protesters of the UAF are destined to be enslaved by the New World Order elite every bit as much as those of the EDL. A common thread with organisations such as Unite Against Fascism, Antifa, Hope Not Hate etc is that they are all funded and controlled by the left. Usually the Labour Party or Trade Union movement, both of whom are themselves are controlled by, higher, globalist forces. Interestingly the logo for the Hope Not Hate organisation is a (Luciferian) sun symbol (why use that?) which gives you some idea of who really controls it.
Ironically the swastika of the Nazi's is also an ancient sun symbol. One other observation is the name of the British newspaper published by the Communist party is the 'Morning Star' ~ a descriptive term often used for Lucifer.

Searchlight is the parent organisation behind many of these off-shoots. Its founder, Gerry Gable,
once ran for the Communist Party of Great Britain.
It should never be forgotten that
Communism and Fascism 
are really two sides of the same totalitarian coin.
On the one side we have the national socialists and on the other the international socialists. Both are as bad as one another but for some reason, despite being responsible for many more deaths than Fascism, the Communist/left/international Socialists/Marxists seem to be often portrayed as well intentioned good guys whose hearts are in the right place but who sometimes don't quite get things right.

As an aside, the current 'clash' between the UAF and the EDL is a good example of 'divide and rule'. In this case though, there's probably a bit more to it. 
As mentioned before, the Hegelian dialectic seeks to create conflict of some sort between two polar opposites, the thesis and antithesis. 
The idea is that by controlling this conflict they can shape and control the outcome of it, the synthesis.
This is essentially what such large numbers of Muslim immigrants have been encouraged to come to this country for. The ruling elite wish to 'change' us racially, culturally and spiritually and manipulated conflict with Islam is just one of the ways they are trying to do it.

However, the conflict we see in Britain is just one front in a much larger 'dialectic' They have engineered between Islam and the West. I suspect the low level conflict we are seeing now in Britain is just a hint of what will happen should current friction in the Middle East expand into something more deadly.

I'm certainly not unaware of the true nature and history of Islam and neither, I'd add, are the real controllers of this country. The ones who have overseen the huge rise in muslim immigration in recent times. Yes we have differences, many, in many respects, irreconcilable, but it will do neither of us any good if we fall into the traps that have been intentionally laid for us.
It's important we understand who our true enemy is.
Only then do we have any hope of resolving those differences without the sort of violence They are only too keen to exploit.


Israel Shamir, in the same article linked to above, states:
"Mass immigration is ruinous because it squeezes the local population, and life becomes worse for everybody but the wealthiest strata. It is a simple matter of less territory per person, and that is bad. This observation calls for no racial explanations. Why then do some anti-immigration groups regurgitate racialist slogans?
It is a triumph of the Masters of Discourse [the 'perception managers' aka 'brainwashers']. They have succeeded in convincing nearly everyone that anti-immigration is racism. The anti-immigration policy makers simply accepted this silly notion. Perhaps it is easier to go along with such a subjective argument than to fight it. The most committed groups integrated the racialists, not willing to abandon their primary mission for artificial divisions.
Objection to immigration is not due to 'belief in racial superiority' or to 'racial hate', it is a perfectly normal defensive reaction of the working classes (and of those members of upper strata who feel compassion and empathy for them).
Now we can better understand the nature of the self-styled ‘anti-racist’ groups: Antifa, Searchlight, Expo and similar bodies. They are storm troopers for the Predator. They crush local solidarity groups. They act as a solvent, disintegrating traditional society…. People are impressionable, and they can’t withstand a massive attack of mass media."
He also makes an observation that those on the 'left' should consider.
"If you are told ‘you are racist’ because you object to mass immigration, respond with ‘you are uprooting poison’ [or] 'you are the Predators’ tool', or 'you are on the side of landlords and moneylenders', and it will be true."
I'd add you are on the side, knowingly or otherwise, of the Satanists and Luciferians who wish to enslave mankind and that would be true as well. Shamir also claimed that racism is an invention created by the 'Masters of Discourse'. He added:
"It is a tempting sin to speak ill of others"
This is true whether it be French 'frogs', English 'rosbif', or Irish 'paddy's'. Shamir continues:
"But there is a fine but clear difference between the light witty bitchiness of Oscar Wilde and spit-dropping drivel."
It is this difference that those behind the political correctness agenda purposely fail to distinguish. The creation of racism offences was one of the key recommendations of the Frankfurt School cultural Marxists that sought to undermine and destroy Western society.  They were also the source of the dogma that is political correctness which is being used to similar effect.

Several years ago I was racially abused by a gang of Asian males. Reflecting afterwards I realised I wasn't in the least bit offended by them screaming 'white b****rd' at me. Why would being called 'white' bother me in the slightest? If anything it was the 'spit-dropping' way it was said. That is, it was the abuse itself that was the problem and the threat of violence that was implied by it.
Why then should ethnic minorities be encouraged to consider that someone calling them 'black' is the very worst thing that could happen?
Wouldn't we all be better off if instead we were encouraged to ignore and shrug off such comments? To encourage anyone called 'black' to think, why on earth should I be bothered about someone calling me that? The real problem arises if the 'abuse' is done in a vitriolic or threatening manner but that is true of any abuse regardless of how it is framed or who the target is.  

The reason that a sensible approach such as this is never considered is because the 'elite' wish to exploit racial tensions for Their own benefit so it's in Their best interests to create as much of it as possible.
They want to encourage 'black' people to perpetually consider themselves as being victims and at the same time for 'white' people to assume the role of guilty oppressors.
ED Noor: Does this not sound just a wee bit similar to the techniques used by our "not so dear" friends when it comes regarding Holocaustianity conditioning and extortion?

As regards Communism it's worth reflecting on the words of R.E. McMaster writing in the international investment newsletter, 'The Reaper':
“The goal of international communism is not to destroy Western international debt capitalism.
The goal of international communism is to enslave mankind at the behest of Western international debt capitalism.”
Researcher Anthony J. Hilder put it similarly when he said:
“Communism is not [and never was] a creation of the masses to overthrow the Banking establishment, but rather a creation of the Banking establishment to overthrow and enslave the people.”
Oswald Spengler was even more direct:
“There is no proletarian, not even a Communist movement, that has not operated in the interests of money, and for the time being permitted by money ~ and that without the idealists among its leaders having the slightest suspicion of the fact.” 

Stalin in Masonic 'hidden hand' pose
The 'banking establishment' certainly funded both both Communism and Fascism (particularly its Nazi offshoot) but those who think the 'banksters' are the root cause of the problems should be aware that there are undoubtedly still higher, darker forces, pulling their strings. Those forces created and controlled (and still do) Communism as the ideal antithesis to the Capitalist thesis and it is the Hegelian doctrine of controlled conflict between these two that is supposed to result in the New World Order 'synthesis'.
Freemasonry certain plays an important role in Communism with many of its leaders such as Marx and Stalin being high ranking members.

The Hegelian dialectic (controlled conflict) is widely used in the furtherance of the New World Order objective. This explains perfectly why the puppet politicians of the state are eager to label all native Britons 'whites' and are happy to squeeze as many ethnic minorities as possible into the 'black' category. We can begin to see why we have the absurd situation where the National Black Police Association, that was formerly run by an Iranian, claims that 'black' does not refer to 'skin colour' and that membership is open to all minority groups.


In the article
'UN and the Occult Agenda' we looked at former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations and 'father of global education' Robert Muller. A man who, according to New Man Magazine, 1995, seeks to:
"…steer our children towards global citizenship, earth-centred beliefs, socialist values and collective mindset which is becoming a requirement for the 21st century workforce."
Muller was the author of the World Core Curriculum which has had an extremely significant influence on the education of the world's children. In the preface to the book it says: 

The Lucis Trust logo as a stylised rising sun
"The underlying philosophy upon which the Robert Muller School is based will be found in the teachings set forth in the books of Alice A. Bailey ...."
Bailey was the third head of the Theosophical society whose founder was the previously mentioned Helena Blavatsky. As we discovered earlier she openly proclaimed Lucifer and Satan as being 'the god of our planet' and our 'saviour'.
As part of her role as the head of the Theosophists she published a magazine called Lucifer. This was continued after her death by the second head of the Society, Annie Besant.

Bailey, along with her 32nd degree freemason husband Foster, created the
Lucifer publishing company to further disseminate both her own work and that of Blavatsky's. This later changed into the Lucis Trust and in addition it now also prints and disseminates UN material. It is now 'recognised by the United Nations as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), and is represented at [its] regular briefing sessions.'

This is just the 'tip of the iceberg' where occultism and the UN is concerned, but we can see that those within the UN that deem it necessary that the world has a standardised, global, educational policy for all children are heavily influenced by worshippers of Lucifer and Satan. As said earlier, the influence of Theosophy and by extension the writings of both Blavatsky and Bailey, cannot be underestimated not only on the United Nations and the burgeoning New Age movement but also on the wider New World Order agenda itself. In regards to this, Alice Bailey made a very revealing statement:
"The New World Order must be appropriate to a world which has passed through a destructive crisis and to a humanity which is badly shattered by the experience...  [It] must lay the foundation for a future world order which will be possible only after a time of recovery, of reconstruction, and of rebuilding."
The 'crisis' is being fomented as we speak with its culmination likely to include a major conflict in the Middle East or worse, a worldwide economic collapse and subsequent food and fuel shortages. These are all steps along the way towards the new, global, Tower of Babel.


Bailey also said:
"…the present world order (which is today largely disorder) can be so modified and changed that a new world and a new race of men can gradually come into being."
This 'new race' is the very same 'mongrelised' humanity with the appearance of the ancient Egyptians that the Luciferian occultists such as Pike, Coudenhove and Palmer Hall spoke of.

The 'new human' that is part of this 'new race'

is not just characterised by the colour of its skin,

it is also meant to be reprogrammed

to think in a completely different way.

Lady GaGa makes the 'Eye of Horus (Lucifer)' symbol. Since almost all stars make use of these hand signs the population has become accustomed to the occult in their every day lives without realizing there is an element of dark bewitchment involved.
It has been well documented on websites such as Pseudo Occult Media and the Vigilant Citizen that one of the ways that the Luciferian agenda is introduced to the wider public, particularly young people, is through the entertainment industry. One artist who stands out in this respect and whose songs, videos and public persona are replete with occult symbolism is Lady GaGa. She is clearly another puppet of higher, darker, forces and some suggest a victim of the sort of mind control that is rife in the entertainment business.

In her recent song 'Born This Way' she 'narrates the birth of a new race within humanity'. This idea was carried on into her 'appearance' at the 2011 Grammy awards in America where she arrived in a large egg, which it was said, she was 'incubating' before officially birthing this 'new race'.
You may think this is all stuff and nonsense but if you do you underestimate the powerful effect such imagery and words have on the young minds to which they are targeted.


Many have speculated on the reasons why it's 'white' people that are, seemingly, the main targets of this genocidal policy. There are several suggestions and perhaps all of them contain some truth. Some claim that the reason 'white' people are being targetted is because of:
"... the European tradition of ordered, self-governing liberty [that] is probably part of our genetic heritage [and is] unique among the peoples of the earth ... the people of the West recognise, at least in theory, the subordination of government to individual rights." 
Others say that just as the 'white race' comprises the majority of those within the Luciferian elite so does it also contain its greatest enemy. Others appear to confirm this theory by saying that it is because we have always proved to be too rebellious and difficult to control. The history of Britain, for example, is heavily censored and controlled and if the truth was revealed then perhaps that level of resistance would be more widely known.
Still more claim that, in the case of the British, it's because Christianity (perhaps more specifically true Christianity (as opposed to the counterfeit Catholic version) which to some extent could be described as Protestantism), so loathed by those who revere Satan and Lucifer, took such deep root in their hearts, minds and very souls.

When considering that the spiritual dimension of the New World Order agenda is the most important, there may be more to this idea than it seems. As stated before, there are many who point the finger at the Vatican as being the key player behind the scenes. Indeed my own research into these matters tends to confirm this. As we've seen, these claims are given more credence by the Roman Catholic involvement in the creation of the EU.

In some respects then, what is happening now can be seen as a continuation of the Counter Reformation led by the Catholic order known as
the Jesuits. It's worth remembering that every one of the prominent reformers of the Reformation identified the pope as the antichrist and the Catholic Church as the 'woman riding the beast', as mentioned in Biblical prophecy. Archbishop Cranmer denounced the Pope as 'Christ's enemy and antichrist'. Interestingly, in his book 'Catholicism and Fundamentalism', the Catholic apologist Karl Keating writes:
"Babylon is a code word for Rome. It is used that way six times in the last book of the Bible and in extra-biblical works such as 'Sibylling Oracles'… and Esdras."
Martin Luther "Already I feel greater liberty in my heart; for at last I know that the pope is antichrist, and that his throne is that of Satan himself."
Researcher and lecturer Walter Veith said the following:
"The great Protestant Reformation changed the world. But forces arose almost immediately to nullify its monumental effect and to bring the world back into line with papal teachings. The Jesuits countered the gains of the Reformation movement, setting up seats of opposition in every court, seeking to undermine and corrupt the men and women who stood for Christ. Through secret societies they put into place the false teachings that blurred the lines of reason and effectively buried the Protestant movement." 
ED Noor: It is claimed, with some success, that Francis de Loyola, founder of the Jesuits (Army of Jesus) was originally a marano before his conversion. Read into that what you may.
In this respect a quote from American political figure Lyndon LaRouche seems pertinent.
"I refer specifically to Philo’s commentaries on the notion of Creation in the first chapter of Genesis (verse 26), to the effect that man is distinct from and set apart from the animals and above them, by virtue of being in the image of God. Not image in the ordinary sense, but by having this power of creative reason. That notion of man as being in the image of God defines all men as spiritually equal as sovereign individual persons before the Creator and, among all right-thinking men, among each other. That does not mean that men are equal in their development, but it means they are equal in their species nature.
On the contrary side, on the opposing side, to which Gen. [Albert] Pike adhered, we have the oligarchical view, which rejects the notion of man as in the image of God, and views man as more or less inherently utterly detestable, utterly depraved by his nature [and therefore worthy of subjugation]."
I was reminded of the above and of the absurdity of placing the blame for slavery on all 'white' people, when I recently read a poem by William Wordsworth. It was entitled, 'To Thomas Clarkson on the Final Passing of the Bill for the Abolition of the Slave Trade, March 1807.' I was intrigued as to who Thomas Clarkson was and what his role was in the passing of the bill. His story was a fascinating one. As a young man at Cambridge he entered in to an essay competition, the topic of which was, 'is it lawful to enslave the unconsenting [sic]?' Clarkson won the competition and had what he described as a spiritual revelation from God. This was, that if what he'd written in the essay was true then some person should do something about it. Clarkson's father was a Reverend and he himself was ordained a Deacon and was described as devout. His sense of calling and the revelation he received led him to devote the rest of his life to trying to abolish the slave trade. Clarkson was typical of the early abolitionists in that almost all of them belonged to varying denominations of Christianity.  (ED Noor: Clarkson was a Quaker).

Perhaps it is the Christian spirit of doing the right thing, come what may and which is exemplified in the life of Thomas Clarkson, that is part of what the Luciferian elite are so keen to destroy.


Again, this is a complex issue but we should remember that the original Tower of Babel was in part an attempt at a unified religious system.  We can then see that mass immigration and multiculturalism are, to some degree, a part of the drive to unite the world's religions. The religious system of the New World Order will be one where the religions of the world unite around, what is said to be, their common roots. This
ecumenical drive is, of course, being led by the Papacy. At an 'Interfaith Meeting' in 1999 the Pope presided over an assembly of Buddhist monks, Zoroastrian priests, Catholic cardinals, Hindu gurus, American Indian shamen, Jewish rabbis and Muslim Muftis. Associated press reported that:
"Pope John Paul II was endorsed by consensus as the planet's chief spiritual guide and overseer and religious fundamentalists who refuse to go along with the global ecumenical movement are to be silenced. They must also be denounced as "dangerous extremists" full of hate."
Pope John Paul II kisses a Quran, a book which, amongst other things, denies the divinity of Jesus

This 'global ecumenical movement' is being continued by Pope Benedict. Above is just a hint of what is happening in this respect. The implications of it are enormous and they require an article all of their own but it was necessary to mention it in order to begin to grasp the fact that all is not what it seems where mass immigration and multiculturalism is concerned. There's a hidden agenda that is being worked towards that most are completely unaware of.

As we've seen with Andrew Neather's revelations, there was a clear intent to spread 'multiculturalism' by the Labour party. For years anyone who criticised it was vigorously denounced with the usual and predictable slurs of racist, xenophobe or fascist as discussed earlier. Yet in recent months several European leaders including British Prime Minister David Cameron have made speeches pronouncing multiculturalism a failure. Whilst this may have appeared to some to be altruistic behaviour by the politicians involved, it was actually all part of the broader agenda and it should be no surprise that the same message is being played out across the EU.
What people don't realise is that They always knew it would fail.
It was always meant to fail.
It was only ever going to be a short transition to the next step which will be integration, all in the name of peace, unity, community cohesion, reducing 'racism' or some other flowery, fluffy, feel good buzzword their research groups have shown to be effective.
PM David Cameron switches on the Olympic stadium lights in a ceremony performed on December 21st (the wintersolstice). The lights are in the shape of a pyramid with anilluminated capstone representative of Horus (Lucifer).
Further psychological manipulation along these lines can be expected in the hype surrounding the occult ritual that is the Olympic Games in London, 2012. They are being promoted with the slogan, The World In One City' but this is yet more subtle brainwashing and manipulation by the Satanic elite as They slowly move towards the desired end game.

ED Noor: The logo and strange mascots for the 2012 Olympic Games, which were rife with even more inbuilt symbolism than before, was also designed to draw attention to Zionism and the Jews.
That is the complete suppression and eventual elimination of the white British as part of Albert Pike's 'mongrelising' of the masses and the creation of a slave race incapable of any sort of resistance. However uncomfortable some may feel about discussing these issues, it's essential that they are and their true importance conveyed.

There is absolutely nothing particularly moral about multiculturalism.
It is a state enforced creation that has been inflicted on a mostly unwilling people. As we've seen both it and mass immigration are integral parts of the Luciferian and Satanic world government agenda that is intended to result in the mental, physical and spiritual enslavement of the whole of humanity.
When you research this subject in greater detail

and see it in its true light,

what becomes apparent is that this deeply evil enterprise

requires the destruction of the 'white' nations of the world.

This can't be described as anything other than genocide.

English children at the turn of the 19th century 


Some may scoff at describing what is happening in Britain today as genocidal. However, the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG) defines genocide as:
"... deliberately inflicting on [a] group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part."
Webster's Dictionary defines it as:
"... the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group."
Can anybody deny that this will be the result of the policies carried out by the ruling oligarchy and their puppet politicians?

English students today
Genocide, as defined above, seems to be a precise definition of what we're seeing in Britain and particularly England, in present times. A recent report stated that a census to be carried out in March this year is expected to show that the number of 'white' pupils in Birmingham education has fallen to 47%. The tipping point has been reached and the future of this English city is for its native English to be an ethnic minority.

Indeed in a previous report it was stated that the number of children under the age of seven in education in Birmingham was 40% Asian and 39% 'white' with the rest Afro-Caribbean and other ethnicities. It seems that the indigenous English are going to be a minority in the second largest city in the land and they won't even constitute the largest ethnic group. Birmingham isn't the only city in this position. London, Bradford, Leicester and many others aren't far behind. This has and is being accomplished completely through lies and deception, without any mandate and against the wishes of the majority.

Not only that but, as we've seen, these children, of all ethnicities, are already being indoctrinated, through the education system, into becoming willing members (world citizens) of the New World Order 'global village'. It is undoubtedly presented in harmless sounding, even desirable terms, such as unity, tolerance and diversity along with a positive appraisal of all things 'global', but the end result of this brainwashing will be a long way from that. It is merely the beginning of the 'mongrelisation' and enslavement envisaged by Albert Pike.

As part of this process, done under the guise of 'social justice' or 'equality', ethnic minority young people are encouraged to affirm or 'celebrate' their cultures and interests. Meanwhile young native English or British people are encouraged to do the opposite. It's their culture that is (mis)represented as the 'problem' and as such to be denounced and denigrated. It's through this process that the native British are to be 'changed' with ethnic minorities being cynically used as the catalyst.
ED Noor: Although this author comes from the British standpoint, this same programme is in full operation in the United States. Only there it is the influx of illegal Mexican aliens as well as the brown-skinned people of other continents.

There's no doubt that what is happening to Britain and England in particular, can be classed as genocide. As researcher and writer Tony Shell says:
"The English are a native people ~ 
an indigenous (aboriginal) people of the British Isles." 
Often the knee jerk, brainwashed, response to this is that this cannot be the case because we are a nation of mongrels or something suitably derogatory. This is said to be because of the influx of some Angles, Saxons, Danes, Romans and Normans in our past history. Leaving apart the fact that no other nation appears to be subject to such stringent standards let's refer to the work of Bryan Sykes who is a Professor of Human Genetics at the University of Oxford and a Fellow of Wolfson College. His research into this area led him to the conclusion that:
"In spite of all these later contributions, the genetic makeup of Britain and Ireland is overwhelmingly what it has been since the Neolithic period and to a very considerable extent since the Mesolithic period".
He summed this up in a quote from his book 'The Blood of the Isles', published in 2006:
"We are an ancient people, and though the Isles have been the target of invasion and opposed settlement from abroad ever since Julius Caesar first stepped on to the shingle shores of Kent, these have barely scratched the topsoil of our deep-rooted ancestry. However we may feel about ourselves and about each other, we are genetically rooted in a Celtic past. The Irish, the Welsh and the Scots know this, but the English sometimes think otherwise. But, just a little way beneath the surface, the strands of ancestry weave us all together as the children of a common past". 
The English, Scots, Welsh and other European peoples are every bit as much worthy of protection as any other ethnic group around the world and it's a curious form of reverse racism that pretends otherwise.

I often wonder what the residents of Kingston Jamaica, for example, would say if they were told that it was necessary to have massive levels of immigration that would result in them being an ethnic minority in their city. How would they respond if the new ethnic majority were, let's say, Pakistani Muslims and Kingston now had more mosques than churches.
In turn, how would the residents of Islamabad react if they, as a result of the lies and deceit of their political elite, were soon to be ethnic minorities in their major cities with largely Christian Nigerians being the new majority? My guess is that it wouldn't be welcomed as some fantastic new multicultural utopia and would be fiercely resisted.
 The new Zambians?
Advocates of mass immigration and multiculturalism often claim that it makes no difference what the colour of your skin is and that who really cares who is the majority or the minority.
The pretence here is that

any differences are only cosmetic,

hence the constant references to skin colour.
Does anyone seriously think that nothing much would change if the residents of Lusaka, Zambia went from being majority African to majority Chinese? Do they think that there would be no spiritual, cultural or political changes at all?
Even if there were said to be some economic benefits do you think the newly made Zambian minority (against their will) would think the sacrifice of their culture or way of life was worth it? There's a very good reason why discussions about issues such as race, mass immigration and multiculturalism have been made either taboo, or are heavily controlled, by the ruling elite.
It's because if we did have a chance to genuinely discuss these things freely we'd begin to see through a great deal of the manipulation and brainwashing on the subject.


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