Thursday 11 January 2018


Truth Kitty. Very witty. 
Not to mention, awfully pretty.

Truth Cat humour.
 A John McCain expose

A common sense comedic Canadian cat worth listening to.

Over the past few months I have been following THE TRUTH FACTORY over in YouTube and finally it is time to introduce you, dear Readers, to the Truth Factory Cat. A typical Truth Factory cat statement: 
'Before anyone gets "triggered": I believe in equal rights for everyone, I don't care what you want... '
Let Truth Cat introduce herself from her Patreon page:
Hello My Dear Friends,

In a world of fake news it's hard to know what and who to trust. I am the delightful foul-mouthed Kitty that independently tackles huge news stories and make fun of politicians at every chance.

My videos take me hours of research, recording and editing but I love doing it because you love watching it.

Any love or donations that you can share is most appreciated and if you can't that is good too, I always appreciate just a like, subscribe or share.

I really think I have the best subscribers and I thank you all of your support.

-Truth Cat (Meow XOXO)

Please enjoy the following. Truth Cat has many talents. 


  1. Oh I like that you give those addresses in your side blog! That's really great. Thanks!

  2. The evolution of the Cat and Cats has been going on long before the first humans appeared on the planet. After people settled down and gave up their wandering, hunter-gathering ways, it was the cat who helped us to make the transition to an agrarian way of life by discouraging the rodents and other pests that can ravage food storage facilities. After we learned to fend for ourselves, cats stayed around to keep us company.


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