Friday 26 January 2018


Normally I present these cartoons loosely categorized to pull everything together. Today they are all over the page due to a typo which resulted in their rearranging themselves. It is too late to go back and relabel them one by one, so please accept my apologies and take 'em as they come. That and the weird font sizes. Once in awhile I pick up a little bad html with these images and it wreaks havoc with the whole posting. However, the material is here; the errors are merely cosmetic. This week we cover Davos, Trump, DACA, Democrats, the FBI, liberals, Sex crimes, the media, Russia, Mueller, little Chuckie Schumer, and of course the usual jibes at the mad Left. Enjoy. That is an order. 

DACA must be addressed. The movement to legalize the illegal will never stop until the untold millions of undocumented democrats have the right to vote. Eternally shopping for a perpetual majority so they can finish the work of fundamentally transforming America, (((the Progressives))) agitate ceaselessly for amnesty.

If DACA is ever passed it will become the vehicle for millions of low-information voters dependent on the government to overflow our system in a tsunami of votes for bigger government.  The courts will stretch it to cover anyone and everyone. Look at how the liberal legal system has thrown up road blocks to hinder every step President Trump has taken to restore some semblance of conservative sanity to the nation.

If we don’t have a merit-based immigration system, what do we have?  If we don’t pick the best and the brightest, who do we pick?  If we don’t bring in people who will be a benefit to our society, who are we bringing in?  Are we instead bringing in those without merit, the worst and the dimmest, and those who are a drag on the system?  Oh yes, that sounds like a prescription for success.

 Loaded sentiment. 
So many hateful creatures 
committing horrific crimes.

 The future for so many of today's feminazis.

And just how stupid is this liberal cartoon? 
They fight to stay here!

Somewhere in Bosnia.

 California Governor Gerry Brown.

This cartoonist is so far to the right I cannot 
tell if this is serious or silly!

 "Commie Sex Camp"?

Artist Comment: "Fabio, You're Fired": Shop hires robot assistant... then fires it after just a week: Fabio the ShopBot irritates and confuses customers with vague replies and bad directions. Link:

Artist Comment: Shattered: The bodies pile up and families lives are shattered as firearm deaths in the U.S approach the 1,000 mark for January.

Artist Comment: Cholera Fight: Everyone is wondering whether the Zambian government is fighting cholera or the economy as all street vendors have been banned and churches and schools have been order not to operate

Requiem for the Oceans.

Artist Comment: Australia Day: January 26. We invaded your land in 1788, systematically murdered your people, stole your children and destroyed your culture over 230 years... but HEY! Let's celebrate Australia Day.

Artist Comment: Plastic in the Oceans: "If we don’t change the way we produce and use plastics, there will be more plastics than fish in our oceans by 2050,’ says the Commission’s first Vice-President Frans Timmermans, who is responsible for sustainable development.



Who's a goood dog?!
What a story this photo tells.

I. Want. To. Live. Here.

Already offensive to a lib. No brown or black stripes and the unicorn is WHITE! Racist!

Barry Obama was here.....

Parkinson's claims another victim.

Somewhere in Norway.

It is interesting that the only case of sex accusations to result in a serious punishment is in the case of this coach.  Those lovely girls accused him and he gets swift punishment. Now, why is the Pope being given a nod for his words in South America regarding child abuse in the church, of these Hollywood abusers still playing legal games?

Artist Comment: The Barb Wire Dollar: NGO's and humanitarian charities accused of profiting over the refugee crisis in Europe. Read more:

If Qaddafi were still alive, perhaps things would be further along the peace path.

Love the schnozz.

War and Peace.

A Soros pedophile protester.


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