Wednesday 3 January 2018


Yes, the story is real. Mother and child are in fine shape. Going into labour in a field surrounded by mating bears is quite the story to tell your child when she grows older.

The triumph of the Spirit


Dey wuz kangs.

How they do it:

Oh, Justin, Justin, Justin.


"The Voice" or 2018. Who will survive the battle rounds?

Throw in a guitar, some drums, and you have one good evening ahead.

Iranian Woman. From what I can see in Iran, this is more "Egyptian Spring" type action from the usual suspects trying to bring down Iran using the old revolution gambit.

Typical Jewish insult.

And you think YOU are cool?


OK OK! I am sorry already! I didn't mean to give you indigestion.

My daughter survived this university! But then she was busy being a Math and Sciences major with no time for this yidiocy. Unlike most of the folks who take these programmes, she is delightfully female and has unending employment prospects.
A course in "Border Crossing, Migration and Gender"?  "Queering the Undead"?

Straight out of Vice magazine.

How they do it:

Liberty takes a Holiday: Sign of the times in America

Kinda wimpy folks here.


Pretty jaded but very accurate.

What other culture mastered the art of making cold hard marble appear to pulse with such life, passion and precision?

This never made the JMSM! I wonder why not. Read about these nasty women HERE.


 Speaking of sex crimes....

 Road to Oblivion

The Gun Road. Mexican Cartoon.

My Daddy taught me this long ago. 
How to chop down a tree properly.

Plumbers must be making a fortune about now.


  1. Meilleurs vœux de bonne et heureuse année, Noor !

  2. There is something disturbing about people who are still holding out for Trumpenstein. This ignorant and stupid little fraud is a disgrace and a lying hypocrite. Get over it; you have been fooled.


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