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There was never a revival of Satanism.
Nor did he return.
He has been here all along.

Satanism and blood rituals and sacrifice are topics I know far too much about. These things were not part of my life at all, I was raised as a typical naive Catholic girl in the 1960's. However, when I met the man I loved beyond belief 15 years ago, I met a man raised in these dark cults of the powerful and elite. As couples do,we exchanged our life stories; his was like nothing I had ever heard before.

He had been raised in Satanism. He had been trained through torture and pain as many defectors have spoken. However, because of his high level in various desirable skills, he was not sacrificed even though he fit the requirements for high sacrifice ~ a blonde, brilliant, beautiful male with a strong life force is most desirable in sacrifice.

He defected but at a young age but was tracked down on the other side of the world; he never was free and they took his life a decade ago. But for decades they left his wife and children alone provided he served them and so he did. His specialty was blood ritual and sacrifice which he taught to those deemed worthy by his "superiors" of such skills. The assignments became worse and worse and finally when he could, he broke free. Then they terminated him.

Learning more about his past is one of the main reasons I became so involved in mind control and its dark uses; I had seen firsthand what was done to my in-laws. Almost all are gone now, their lives taken in one way or another, every one of them devious beyond belief. Yes, I paid a price for my involvement and almost lost my life in 2000. It all seems so long ago. The point is, these things still go on and should not be doubted. But do not take my word for it. Ask your own questions. Find answers. However, this is very dangerous and it is easy to get in trouble and the price can be death or your own sanity if you slip up.

The underbelly of the beast is not a pleasant place to be, but it is real. And it is fueled on many things,one of which is stolen energy. Read on. And if I can, if you have questions, send me an email and I will provide readings if I can. I am no expert, but over the years my library has grown.

In the context of Holocaust, or "burnt offerings" most of my illustrations are modern gifts given to Lucifer in our own time.

The Baphomet or upside down Pentacle with Jewish Cabalistic script, symbol of Satanism.

December 12, 2009
By Henry Makow, PhD

The Illuminati
sacrifice children in rituals eight times a year, "Mary Anne," an Illuminati defector who had been groomed for high political office, told me Sept 21, 2008
I spoke to Mary Anne again last week. She said new and disturbing memories had surfaced. In preparation, I am summarizing my 2008 interview here for people who don't have 45 min to listen to it. Much of what she says in both interviews is simply outrageous. I can't vouch for any of it. But it is consistent with the testimony of other defectors, Svali, Sue Ford and Cathy O'Brien.

Also with those of Fritz Springmeier, Cisco Wheeler, Brice Taylor, Barbara Hartwell and Arizona Wilder. Ted Gunderson, ex head of the CIA has done extensive work in this field as well and his talks should be required listening to anyone looking for answers.

The Illuminati count on people to be incredulous.
That's their protection.
The more egregious their crimes,
the safer they are.

In other words, make it so unbelievable,
that no one believes a word;
meanwhile do what thou will no matter how evil.
They COUNT on the general goodness
of most people
not WANTING to believe
or comprehend that such filth exists.

Mary Anne sounds convincing to me. Why would anyone defy the most powerful people in the world? The first interview is available here so you can decide for yourself. Also, both interviews, although 14 months apart, are consistent. People who invent stories rarely can keep track of them.

On Sept. 21, 2008 Mary Anne said that tens of thousands of children will be sacrificed that night (the autumnal equinox) in Illuminati ceremonies. The children are bred for the purpose or kidnapped. Satanists believe they gain power from killing. Often they rip out the heart and eat a piece of it. They prefer it to be still beating. At Easter, they kill adults.

Bohemian Grove. Despite statements to the opposite, Kathy O'Brien and other escaped slaves, mind controlled slaves who are older and breaking down conditioning are often sacrificed during the summer gathering.

Sex with the victims, preferably rape and pain driven, is always part of these rituals. The greater their fear level, the higher level of natural chemicals in their body, is very important.

There are also sexual rituals involving young children. They are believed to increase power, and create fear and solidarity in members.
[A troubling error. Mary Anne let me refer to this as the "Vernal Equinox" when it is the "Autumnal Equinox."]

911. A very significant sacrifice.

Actually these rituals happen all around the world. So that when these things happen south of the equator, the pagan rituals are reversed. Beltane in the North is Samhain in the South,for example. While I was in Canada and my man was in the southern it was opposite rituals for Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Illuminati members live double lives. At night they engage in these Satanic rituals. By day they are found in all walks of life: medicine, education, psychology, therapy, banking, law, law enforcement, government, technology, military, charities and religion.

They are everywhere.
The worst are in the news on a daily basis
posing as our leaders.

One way to recognize them is watch for signs of Satanism. The Satanic hand signs are very good signs of their dark side. They are usually much more subtle than the Bush clan were but, for example, Michelle Obama daintily flashes the sign on the covers of major magazines. Hidden in plain sight. One must know what to see what is hidden.

They are the elite of Freemasonry. They are generational Satanists, which means you have to be born into it. You can't join. Their children are evaluated and trained. Mormons and "Nation of Islam" have parallel beliefs, she said.

A burning victim or "holocaust" of Gaza, burned beyond recognition.

Freemasonry is basically based on Kabalism.

The world has been divided into ten regions. Different groups are in control of North America. They are related to the Crowns of Europe.

Many Jews have a prominent role
but the Illuminati is not predominantly Jewish.
Muslim, Christian, Mormon, Wicca, Pagan
and New Age groups
all play a role.

At the uppermost levels, they speak German.

She said 80-90% of the House of Representatives and %100 of the Senate belong to the Illuminati.

Child sacrifice in Afghanistan

Some of these escaped slaves above have named many names of famous leaders, presidents, vice presidents, entertainers. Not one of them has ever charged for slander, even with Kathy O'Brien spoke before the Senate in 1977. In fact, the link provi
ded on this page for Brice Taylor is one in which she names names. Reagan, the Bushes, Kissinger, Senator Byrd, Al Gore, Bob Hope, Jerry Lewis, Chris Kristofferson, Dick Cheney, the Clintons, just to name a few.

Only two Presidents were not involved in the darkness of the Grove. Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon did not attend a second time. Nixon is recorded as saying "It was the god damned faggiest thing you ever saw." Cathy O'brien also is on record describing her use there as a sex slave.

Mary Anne said she was sexually abused by her own family from an early age. In spite, or because of this, she was groomed to be a prominent political figure. She worked closely with many world leaders and was sexually abused by them. She was tortured when she refused to carry out assassinations.

All religions are infiltrated and controlled by the Illuminati. The Vatican is rotten at the top. The future "Anti Christ" will be a Pope. All countries, including Russia, China and Iran, are controlled by the Illuminati. "You don't say no."

The Illuminati is behind the homosexual agenda, AIDS, and the sexual revolution. They foster anything that is in rebellion against the Christian God.
CONCLUSION The first responsibility of government is to prevent a fanatical cult from taking control. Our governments have allowed a satanic cult, the Illuminati, (i.e. the Judeo Masonic central banking cartel) to usurp power. Most of our "leaders" are their appointees or dupes. Recently a former pilot for corporate bigwigs wrote to me:
"At times I would hear them talk about "the big boys" ... Most said that they did as they were told by the BIG INVESTORS [i.e. central bankers] who really ran the show behind the scenes, that they [CEO's etc.] were just highly paid actors and messenger boys who read a script and made very few decisions themselves."
Our politicians are analogous. They are the CEO's of the corporations called countries, soon to be amalgamated into a world cartel. Mankind is headed in the wrong direction. Our only hope is that, when things deteriorate, the masses will become incensed and demand genuine change. Satanic Holidays

Child sacrifice from WACO.
Svali ~ Illuminati Defector Details Pervasive Conspiracy


Statistics on missing persons in the Unites States are difficult to find, but are appalling. The following missing persons estimates are from the Kyle Fleischman Foundation: 2,300 American people are reported missing on a DAILY basis.

"Human trafficking" is a very real and huge activity world wide. Among other uses trafficked people are a pool of victims for selection for occult human sacrifices. Mary Ann estimated tens of thousands of sacrifices routinely occur world wide on the dates on the calendar. Best advice to the public is know where your pets and children are at all times.

Following the kidnapping and disappearance of several babies at our local hospital, ever since, 24/7 a policeman has been assigned to the maternity ward for the week before Samhain.

It is estimated that in 2010 over 1,000,000 missing persons will be registered with law enforcement agencies. 814,957 were registered in 2007.

Ninety per cent of missing persons do return home. Ten per cent or 100,000 do not.

As of December 1, 2007 only 105,229 missing persons cases were considered "active".

In 2007 only 15.8% of the missing persons cases registered were classified as "located" by the National Crime Information Center.

52% of "active" cases were juveniles. 11% were considered young adults ages 18-20.

55% of missing adults are men, 40% of them white, 30% African American, 20% Latino.

Only in October of 2001 were adults made inclusive of the National Missing Children's Organizations national clearinghouse database for missing people ~ this was called Kristen's Law. Kristin was also a Charlotte, NC native, like Kyle.

Little legislation since Kristen's law has been initiated by the government to address the growing problem of missing adults cases in our county. No new laws have been enacted and little federal support has been given.

Here is part of what Svali had to say about these holidays. The dates and details are identical to those in the list above.

Certain holidays will change year to year, since they are tied to the lunar cycle. One is the Easter revels, which begin the week before Easter in some groups. Some groups tie their spiritual rituals to full moons, and new moons.

The person's birthday will also be tied to special ceremonies and initiations.

In the Illuminati, they followed many of the traditional dates for their spiritual gatherings. But they also had members come in two or three times a week between rituals for military training, scholarship training, sciences training, or training in other disciplines. The spiritual was only one part of the process, and was not that engaged in most frequently. Other groups may do things differently, and the frequency of meetings many vary.

Birthdays in the Illuminati are always tied to horrific rituals, abuse, and ceremonies. To this day, even though most other holidays have lost their grip on me as I have worked through the memories, I choose to not celebrate my own birthday because of the immense pain attached to it.

Read more at Suite101: Ritual Holidays

Svali Describes Easter in the Cult
from a Child's Perspective

There are certain times of the year that are particularly difficult for survivors of generational occult. These are “holiday dates” that correspond to rituals celebrated by occult groups. While the actual rites and practices may vary somewhat from group to group, there are certain similarities among many.

Easter is one such time. In the group that I grew up in, during the daytime I was allowed a normal experience. Easter was a celebration of springtime, of lengthening days, and the new flowers signaling winter’s end. I often enjoyed playing with waving palm branches during Palm Sunday, and hunting for Easter eggs on the church grounds. And of course, every year a small Easter basket appeared with a chocolate rabbit or lamb.

But at night, the holiday time was celebrated in a very different manner. The preparation leading up to it often lasted during the week before (there was no school during Easter week when I was a child, in the years before “Spring break” became common. Most schools let out for a week to ten days during this week).

The events of this time were quite painful, and including brutalization, sexual abuse and other rituals surrounding fertility rites, culminating at the end of the week with a mock crucifixion. Often a child would be chosen to undergo crucifixion in a grim mockery of the Christian celebration, and the adults would state that this ritual was an offering to debase the Christian tradition and show its lack of meaning.

I do know that young boys were chosen for this ritual, and it was horrible to see.

At times, a mock “resurrection” ceremony might occur, but the resurrector was not Jesus, but a demonic entity who would enter into the person brought to a near death state.

The spiritual roots of these ceremonies were created to allow the passage of the demonic into the participants, and to “seal” them as they participated in the ceremony. At times, a golden chalice was passed between participants, and the child’s blood filled the cup that participants drank.

I am finding in my healing that more and more of what was done to me involved dark occult ceremonies as a child, such as I describe here. These ceremonies allowed the entrance of the demonic, and one of the hardest parts of the group programming to break has been the hold that these memories, and the spiritual destruction that ensued, has had on me.

Part of my own healing process is involving undergoing deliverance, and replacing the gruesome, negative spirituality of my childhood with a faith that includes love, mercy, and forgiveness, the antithesis of the harsh and punishing ceremonies that I saw.

One of the most important tasks for the survivor when remembering these types of events, (and anniversary dates often bring memories) is to find healing and self-forgiveness for participating, and to reach out for a belief system that can replace the negative. For me, that belief is Christianity, and my hope is that others will know its comfort during this difficult time of year.

It can also help to realize that so often the group

makes certain things sound final.

“You are sealed for life”, they tell the children, or

“You agreed to this.

Now you are one of us forever.”

This is nonsense.

JonBenet most likely died during training for sacrifice. After reading Kathy O'Brien's story, many realize that JonBenet just did not survive the training. Her brother was maimed permanently during his training.

No contract is binding forever, especially one created under coercion, and once a person has free choice, they can choose to break childhood spiritual contracts made under duress. The group during holidays and ritual events tries to inculcate helplessness and a feeling that “Now I can never leave”, but this message is absolutely false and plays on a small child’s fears. Instead, as an adult, the survivor has choices, and can choose to break those covenants and enter into freedom.

This is a battle, and I don't want to make it sound as if it is easy. It isn't, and I am still battling this is my own life, but it is well worth breaking free of the hold that these ceremonies and demonic entanglements have in the life of the survivor.


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    Read Jeremiah 10:1-8 Christmans and ALL holidays are pagan traditions and condemned in your bible.
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