Wednesday 26 September 2007


Leo Lyon Zagami in full Masonic regalia, in days long past.

In an interview with former Illuminati insider Leo Zagami, Greg Szymanski writes that "POPE BENEDICT XVI PURPOSEFULLY INFLAMED MUSLIMS WITH HIS RECENT SPEECH IN GERMANY ON DIRECTIONS OF JESUIT GENERAL, FR. PETER HANS KOLVENBACH," the so-called Black Pope.

Zagami says that Kolvenbach, who Zagami is THE top Satanic evil leader giving the Pope his marching orders. Zagami also claims Kolvenbach’s loyal Jesuits are the leading 'black Satanists and magicians' leading the New World Order charge to destroy America"

"I know for a fact Kolvenbach meets with the Pope almost every Friday at 1pm in order to get his weekly instructions," said Zagami. "I also know for a fact the Satanist and Nazi, Benedict, has a 24-year-old gay lover and that satanic worshipping does go on at the Vatican. Most recently, in May of 2000, a Black Mass was celebrated with Satanist Aleister Crowley's follower William Breeze present, as well as Satanists Alberto Moscato and Massimo Introvigne, who are intermediaries for the Jesuits.

"Only the real perverts and criminals get to the top of this Illuminati satanic chain of deception and this way only the truest evil finally becomes Grand Masters of their own puppets.

"Their perversions and their strange practices are all very easy to blackmail and manipulate for the Jesuits, so that's great for Vatican HQ's and serves their evil purpose of total domination and Mind Control slavery in the hands of the Antichrist.

"And for the so called "honest ones" who don't participate in this kind of perversions but are still a key part of the New World Order plot? Well the Illuminati can still manage to buy them out offering them a powerful positions in any field, and lots of money to make them shut up and keep on serving the Satan in their Masonic Lodge or at the local Rotary.

"So the Jesuits keep everybody by the stick using people in the Monte Carlo P2 Illuminati GLADIO Mafia to coordinate and control Secret Societies, these people are the Vatican Assassins for real and no jokes are allowed with the Don's of Monte Carlo.

"Anybody who gets out of control will die from the mysterious hands of the Mob (not so mysterious after all...) So nobody talks ~ they are all very scared of even opening the mouth in front of certain Brothers. But in the last 3 years I started a small Revolution within the European Illuminati and many support me knowing my inside work and many efforts to make them go in the right direction, but very few at the present time have the courage to do it openly especially now I've completely gone public about it. (Note, only by going very public has kept Zagami alive. )

Ratzinger now and in the past. He canot hide that Nazi arrogance.

"Remember that at the top levels are the various occult groups working for the Jesuits, and they are pulling the strings of this idiotic fake Templar game in the hands of a bunch of corrupt European Aristocrats and as usual the Knights of Malta.

"In England the Masonic Knights Templar are also Knights of Malta because it is just a common Great Priory show for poor middleclass idiots in the hands of the Queen and the Vatican ~ but they don't have the same privileges as the Vatican Knights of Malta. The Knights of Malta were actually the enemies of the Templars and made a deal with the Vatican 700 years ago to eliminate the real Templars and take their Churches and all their possessions. And now after eliminating any trace of genuine Templarism, the Knights of Malta work with the Jesuits to control the fake Templars and the Freemasons.

"It's actually ridiculous that people still believe the real Templars still exist, because they don't; they were eliminated with their Grand Master Jacob de Molay. Everything that comes later is just Vatican rubbish calculated to rule the military side of the New World Order plot. At the top level, the Monte Carlo P2 Lodge in super Catholic Monte Carlo is simply a Knights of Malta center for ultimate PSYOP manipulation and blackmail plus the usual business deals.

Prince Albert II. I only put this up because of the background. Very interesting.

"The P2 and the Jesuits keep their privileges alive in Monte Carlo because they blackmail even the gay Prince Alberto II of Monte Carlo who has been doing orgies with two black gay men and one black woman at the same time not knowing there was a P2 Brother with a camera living next door. The woman actually had a son from the Prince because of one of theses encounters, as some of you in the gossip field might remember. And for more P2 gossip from Monte Carlo let's also talk of the common female lover that P2 /Priory of Sion Brother Jean Pierre Giudicelli shares with the Prince of Monte Carlo..."

"To fight such evil and decadence in the coming years I have to first of all protect the few people that secretly support me in all the secret Societies and in the intelligence world. This I will do by never mentioning their names otherwise the Illuminati will probably eliminate them soon after. But I have now a growing number of Masons and Templars that in the coming months want to openly support me against the Zionist, the Illuminati and the Vatican infidels...but I don't trust anyone until they completely reject all those idiotic rituals of Freemasonry and the Illuminati and finally embrace the one God with honest intentions.

"But I must say that I start to receive daily reports of aristocrats wanting to switch sides, but it is not so simple and we all know that very well since corruption in fact will not be tolerated or accepted at any level of my project so let's see what happens."


"Wahhabi or wahhibi as you call them were created by the Zionists and their English friends who think they are the lost tribe of Israel as the same happened with Arafat and the so called Muslim Brotherhood created by the English intelligence.

"ALL MANIPULATION, ALL THEATRE even the Emir of Qatar works with the Illuminati and the UK Freemasons. I have enough evidence in my hands to prove it but I'm keeping so I can release it at a later date to ruin the show of these idiotic Masons, who are publishing around the internet that I'm a Nazi working for the Emir of Qatar.

"And what a surprise when I will bring out that the Gran Mufti of Qatar works with the P2 Illuminati and the United Grand Lodge of England Nazi perverts like Brother Jonathon Boulter. Jonathon who is actually producing on the side "spanking films" are approved in Qatar when he is not working with the Emir.

"I can already see the face of the poor Emir...that's hot stuff and it involves the GRAN MUFTI OF QATAR and well known P2 Brothers like Jonathon Boulter (Double Horizon 9269 UGLE) and Troy Southgate (P2 REGULAR GRAND LODGE OF ENGLAND/Grand lodge No.1) connected to evil secret societies and right wing operations for the UK intelligence."

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