Saturday 26 March 2022


I am not in a terribly serious mood this evening so starting off on a frivolous note. The world is just coming at us so hard and fast that it is difficult to keep up at times. Please work your way to the end. It was refreshing to not end things with the usual pile of virus memes! Just a break ... there are other things to deal with and that whole hoax is now being forced and accepted as part of the new normal as the world moves on and switches focus to other agenda-driven issues. Anyway, here we go...

What is a man?

The left is fighting DeSantis as hard as they can.
Here is an example of hiding the fact that small children do not need this.

Hard hitting instant karma at work.

Disarm the citizenry first.
Literally within minutes of announcing the coalition.
We don't know how long it is for but even Jacinda has ended the mandates! But not Tyrant Trudy.


Do you remember when you did not understand what he was really telling us? We were busy mocking his headgear and confused by the term "postnational state", something he is determined to deliver to his master.
It goes far beyond blackface, Justy.
They were primarily mercenaries of various levels brought in to clear out the truckers.

This elephant picked up a lion cub suffering from dehydration and carted it to the closest water hole.
JT dresses for the Ukraine.
Actually Liz has known JT since he was a baby. Of course he serves her slavishly!

The true state of the Canadian coalition.

Our media spoke of the crowds...
What is that person riding? It looks like a fun day...

Not so much any more. SIX nations took JT to task in Europe this week for his treatment of Canadian citizens. They did not mince words at all.

Some folks are still posting this foolishness and calling him great.
This comes from one member who refused to attend Trudeau's presentation.

As usual, the story is proven false after the damage in the public eye has been done.

Time to start already!

Look at Grandmother's smile! Chrystia has that smile.
Someone is cruel. Hah.

Joe is not leading anything very far.

Pray there was no one aboard.

Clever. This pizza company came out with specifically designed packaging during the #Pizzagate scandal.

This week I watched the documentary, Who is Hunter Biden? I cannot recommend it highly enough. The inner workings of the Biden cartel. Judge Jeanine Pirro is the narrator/presenter. The situation in the Ukraine will become much clearer and chances are you just might become a weeee bit ticked at the current administration for its involvement.

There is a reason for this. This information would be a literal bomb if released to the public.
I have photos and more photos but decided to not post them. Why reproduce this sordid material? It exists and that is more than most people even want to know.
I see you sitting there eating breakfast! Let me in!

This shameless creature is one of the most protected men on the planet. While watching the above-mentioned documentary helps one to understand what produced this shipwreck of a human being, it still does not make him a decent person. As things stand, he is beyond all that.

Oh, Jill, you are as nasty as the rest of them.
Now imagine if that were one of the Trump boys!
Biden figures everyone is as corrupt as they! "everybody knows somebody.."

Barry's Momma.

More on Barry's (((Momma))).
Bam! Dead.
So Barry is a BUSH!

This is how our Canadian media speaks of any who dare insult their boss, JT. Unnecessary "slurs" to cast doubt on their validity.

The protester. Greta told him he had no future and here he is.
The inspiration. He wanted to be like Greta.
Greta's followers?

I think these are Roman ruins remaining in London.

The expense of going green
France and Spain seem pretty solid...

T'is the season to know the difference

Remember when they said chemtrails and weather modification were just conspiracy theories?

Presented without comment. Both men do honour and obey the Lubavitchers.
That "Z" only means (((one thing))) to me which is not what the artist intended.

Does anyone out there know what this is? Hundreds of them passed through my hands back in the day. Beneath that red film is a gold insignia.

The madness is real. And perverted. The man cannot stop sniffing or scratching his nose. He and Hunter are buddies. I say most likely the coke itch.

In the film, a few other bags are twitching about as this clown smokes.

Seriously? Not too many Ramirez cartoons lately because he is gungho on the trash Putin wagon. I am saying "seriously" to the comparison of (the horrid but admired) Churchill to that little comic involved in the Ukraine morass. It saddens me to see a savvy cartoonist fall into the trap; Michael is usually so good about avoiding such pitfalls.
Is this going to draw in viewers or repulse them? I dunno, I never watch these things.

What are these?

Interestingly, two other suspects also sketched, the Podesta brothers, are on the Tombstone pizza packaging posted earlier..

Inaccurate. The 2022 version is headed straight to the top if he learns to properly accessorize.

Black, Chicago Marxist, or Jewish privilege? Go with the Marxist, that is the Obama connection.
Are those figs? This dish I want on my tongue. Now.
Back in my day we studied flags of the world. Nowadays it is ...

Lia Thomas photo-shopping:
Goggles leave marks in the skin. This boy has fuzz on his face too.

Is this big cat fat or pregnant perhaps? Answer at the end.

No one has taught "her" how to tuck her bits?

This could almost be the cottage we had in the Haliburton Highlands of Ontario. The road, the trees, the general building...


I came across this image the other day. Then I discovered the potatoes were diseased with some sort of wart like the one above. No one would purchase those. In this case, the headline seems to be misleading considering the food situation in Canada today.

Hong Kong


Now this is a view to wake up to.
Big cat answer. He just had a huge meal!