Friday 27 November 2020


Chicago, 1939. Al Capone's food line for the poor.

Just a short distance from his shop, there is a Walmart selling hotdogs and foods. Adam asks why they can do this (considering they have money to lobby) while a small family business is being forced into bankruptcy. That they came with horses, 25 squad cars, 50 to 60 police, to shut him down ~ the G20 response. The Mayor abused the power at hand to over enforce someone who dared to defy him in public.

Bruce Kelly, who was arrested, owner of the joint, told the media to get off his property and report from across the street. He told then he knew they would misrepresent him so to just go. As a result they complained about the parking tickets they got and went to town on destroying him as best they could.

Canadian passport under light

These police who were part of the G20 style closure of the Adamson's BBQ knelt for BLM but were happy to arrest a Canadian man who just wanted to sell the best BBQ in Eastern Canada to his patrons. They are trying to paint him as a bad "white supremacist" but that is just ludicrous. It seems liking meat done Confederate style makes you a supremacist.

THIS is a very interesting little group. No wonder I never trusted Crenshaw! Or Tulsi! That Rapinoe is there is no surprise.

AKA "Build Back Better" and "The Future We Want"

You did not expect Jeff Bridges to take a normal selfie, did you?

The Great America Party. I just discovered this. Check it out for yourselves.

Horst and Ursula, the lioness of truth.

This is so beautiful.

1946 Medical bill. I remember my parents' honeymoon suite at a top hotel around the same time. The bill for the room for two days was $6 and change.

Elizabeth and Marilyn. 1954.

But destroying and burning down neighbourhoods is "mainly peaceful demonstrating".


Roman slave collar

I hope all the inspirational quotes don't get you all too bored. It seems to be time when we need to up our gumption level! Be well and do all you can to RESIST this tyranny we are all dealing with. Choose your battles carefully but NEVER give up what is right.
 Same time, same place, next week God be willing.