Saturday 26 February 2022


All I can say is  "What a week!". Everything they have promised for so many decades, centuries, millennia, is upon us now. We are in the early days of what I think they call the Tribulation. Not sure of the right terms, but here we are. Mandates lifting but promises of more to come as bloodlust begins to take over the planet. What else could one expect with a weak President? Of course these men smell it as a wolf smells a helpless baby in the wilds. Of course they take advantage of such gormless creatures. 

Does he get punished, given a salary, or handed an award?

Our own!

Jerry cans have become the new symbol of Canadian resistance it seems. It is true, our media is working overtime on white washing the government and demonizing "the terrorists of the bouncy castle invasion".

Dr. Tam just today said the mandates will probably be back in the autumn. As I suspected, the fear of the truckers convoy helped bring about the current ending in some provinces. But only to allow enough steam to be let off before coming back again with more.

Butts, telling the NYT that they did not cover the Trucker Convoy violence the way the government wanted them to. They were actually being factual and posting facts. Trudy did not like that.
This is eight years old.

Violent truckers during the evening.

This retired Hockey great has a rare insight into Canadian politics. I am a fan.
It's funny how this works, but work it does. Every time. Thank modern communication systems.
Every war has a good lovers' kiss image somewhere in the mix! Seriously, it's a thing!

I wonder who might be proud they voted for her.
People snitched or made formal complaints against them. There are videos of them holding the police at bay on Sunday past as the officers tried to enter their cafe to shut it down and possibly arrest them. On Sunday there are several videos of the police over-stepping their powers, being absolute bullies, in the downtown core of Ottawa.

I cannot imagine even...

The media never quits. About anything that they can muck rake with. Or promote Communism.

Nails it!

Looking at a lot of years. Someone must be made an example of. Definitely martyr material. This is so politically motivated when you look at other arrests made during this event.
These are real. If you want to save them, don't count on finding them anywhere else soon, if ever. This is how those mounted police thought after the accident with the woman on the scooter. Latest news on her is she is doing well and plans to take her family down to Florida. That was her latest tweet this morning; people were being very cruel to her; I was rather stunned at the level of hatred I found.

Enemies in position

Of course the NDP knew what was coming and were in sync on following Jag in supporting JT. Media knew too. The NDP deserves the betrayal they got from JT; they were begging for it, he plays really dirty.
Just a serendipitous accident, er, coincidence, I am sure.

HUH? Who actually reads such absolute hogwash? (((Oh, Communists, you say?)))

The bicycle was the mobility scooter a victim was sitting on, Those horses literally came out of nowhere very quickly from behind her. But the whole world already knows the truth not these silly reports.
Mom and the cubs

The most dangerous road in South America.
I did.

Yes, we know the WEF is on the side of humanity when we see this stuff. Might I add, within a few years of his first term, Trudeau worked hard on issues such as this and passed some bizarre sexual laws passed involving, if I remember correctly, animals and also lowering the age of consent.
Instead of chips for that crunch with your fake meat.

When I post an image like this, I like to put myself into the image and go there. In this case I can almost feel the crisp air, the frozen nose, the sound of the wheels on a wet road, alert for black ice, the freshness all around. Sunglasses steam up quickly as I head into the blinding dawn sun. Yep. Looks like the upper Island.

Smooth driving and a superior mounting system. Darn he has them stacked!

Bill in the Ukraine making deals and getting rich.

That poor puppy even has ice on his bits.

I just capped this in Twitter. He STILL calls himself President.
Scottish forest. A carpet of snowdrops.

Pretty flamingo

Pretty but useless doorway.

I go back a decade or so beyond this. I was aware of music by around 1954. Then along came the sixties. The Doors. Mothers of Invention. The Beatles. The earliest Rolling Stones. Cream. Jose Feliciano. Dion and the Belmonts. Yardbirds. Baby Clapton and Beck. The Who. Sonny and Cher. The Everly Bros. Baby Elvis. Fabian. Ricky Nelson. Buddy and the Bopper. Think I should stop now or I will never get this page up! But when someone asks me my favourite song, how do I choose just one?

Sprouting marijuana seed

I recognize a few of these kids. Charlie Kevin Patrick.... I was not into much of this stuff then. Was too busy chasing babies.
Jordan likes guns too.

TBH this concept just cracks me up.

Hong Kong low rise housing....
Think I need to hack after looking at this! I preferred vintage kitchen knives, the kind with the plastic or ivory handles because they did not heat up.

The men in Ottawa also had this equipment in the crowds but did not employ it. The fact that Australia used it during a peaceful rally, even if it was in the millions, is terrifying.

Bourdain witnessed much more that put him in danger. Many insist he was related closely to Epstein; the resemblance between them is astonishing.

Hamster on a mission

I know I grew up in the dark ages, but at that age I had no idea what a condom was or even what use it could be put to!
I saw it. Now you have to see it too.


Interestingly, Ru, who has been around forever, was also in some of the old Brady programmes.

Classic Loren. Imagine, Botox had not even been invented in those days. Natural lips.

Because they are never satisfied?

Love this one. If you ever have a chance to see Hap and Leonard, Season 1, this is the mood shared between the two men portrayed by James Purefoy and Michael K Williams.

PHILOSOPHY? What is this drivel? Someone needs to check this kid's work!

About this American convoy. Is it genuine or a set up? After Jan 6, one has to wonder. As we have seen the Turd tried to paint that picture to the world as well, but the convoy organizers were aware of this ahead of time and went to great extremes to keep things on the up and up. As I posted last week, their rules were thorough to prevent any possibility of such a thing even looking possible. Everyone had warnings of pitfalls and possible problems. So I am a tad concerned about something this huge in America. However, truckers are tight knit so there is hope in that.

The future.... Very dark clouds ahead.