Saturday 28 May 2022


 Here we go again!

When cars had personalities.

I guarantee you that much of the alien presence on planet Earth have already gone home.

Chertoff, one of the most brutal of the neocons. A tiny man with a squeaky voice and clear ties to Israel, very involved in the 9/11 event.

Sister St. Gilbert, my Grade 8 teacher, was one nasty old gal!
This would be me were I to go into a place with the intention of paying far too much for a drink.

What would it be like to live behind these doors and windows?
Ah, yes the shortage of food for infants. The war is real. Why only in the United States. China is mocking America openly.

If I had babies to feed, no guilt felt in stocking up!

Now THIS explains a great deal. Interesting. (((Klaus))) comes from this background? My takeaway here is that these ((("elite"))) play whatever side of the game is best for personal gain and political power.
But you get the bugs.

Replace the pine nuts with some lovely fried insects and this wee bit of mince with a lot of rice or pasta will make for fine dining!

Same goes for pineapple pizza:

I want.

This dog is getting to know the flock she will be tending in the future. She works as a guard dog at a free range chicken farm.

RIP, Ray Liotta. Your unwitting gifts to the meme world, along with your outstanding film career, guarantee you will not be forgotten.

So thoughtful. Some folk this is their only contact with the outside world and this is such a valuable service to them!

Easier said than done but not impossible.

Wealth. What it is all about.


When the air was pure ~ no smog of any sort. Oh, and values, though brutal at times, were defined. People knew where they stood and what to do to change things although traditions presented challenge.

Let us accurately define the word "deplorable" and place it where it rightfully belongs.

Could they not have shot the damn lock open? Waiting for a KEY? If one of those police had a child behind that door you can bet things would have been different.


How do Liberals figure this one out? One of their chosen darlings went over the edge, purchased weapons, massacred babies. Truly, it must be confusing for some of them. Not a man. A confused child. How much of this could be due to the cocktail of drugs he might be taking for his dysphoria?

Sleeper agents, anyone?

This is how Canadian media presented Beto in the MSM. A hero standing up against weapons.

Snarky comeback of the year:

How do they deal when the shooter is a brown Mexican boy with gender dysphoria?

Imagine the sessions, the parties, the great times this room has witnessed. Stepping outside for a smoke of one type or another under the dark night skies. Then coming back and melting into that sofa while the musicians get into their play...

This is what my Dad had up at our cottage. An old 1948 Winchester hanging on the wall accessible to all, not that anyone noticed it really. If my brothers were "good" that summer, their reward was an afternoon up on the rocks with Dad shooting tin cans. We were remote and it was a necessary safety measure in case of bears or wolves. I wish that I had been offered the chance to give it a go back then.

Starbucks has promised to make sure its employees have access to abortion and pledged to help them transport to a location where it is available. Read HERE. Amazon is another corporation making the same promises to their employees. Can you spell "virtue signalling" and figure this one out?

One family smokes. The other does not.


Just sayin'. Even wracked by cancer, Putin remains the superior man.

Have you ever seen the antennae of a male moth enlarged 40X? Now you have.

Gosh, where is Palestine?

Mr. Depp is certainly learning this costly lesson.

No privacy for amorous kingfishers.

She would know. Her father was an absolute kingpin in the dark world.

These folk are so sick.

RIP Ray Liotta.

The parents of this child could not afford the walker he needed to regain use of his legs. They were in a home hardware store and somehow the staff found out about the child's needs. They told the parents to go away and come back a few hours later. In the meantime, they created this walker using materials from the store. People, given the opportunity, are innately good. Check out that beaming face.

My kind of island.

Candied violets on cupcakes. So pretty.

I think we can all relate.

Liver, snails, tofu, oysters. Everything else is debatable.
But they survive very very well!

I hope you enjoyed! I am loving your little comments by the way. You have no idea how they keep me motivated! In the meanwhile, it appears summer has finally arrived. Enjoy it all you can. For the past few decades as life cycled by I would think, "Enjoy this, it might not happen again." referring to summers, strawberries, seasonal holidays, personal milestones. Now, it is pretty easy to see I was just ahead of that curve. Hard times lie ahead; get your sunshine while you can. Meanwhile, love you all.