Saturday 30 November 2019


And that is almost all I am going to say about that. Other than Chick-Fil-A is no longer on my bucket list. Not worth the fast food calories any more.

I am so tired of this impeachment fraud; the Democrats and their misbehaving, etc etc. 

Much of today's offerings are from the Communist folder that was beginning to overflow. And also the Democrats, but they are pretty Communist so it is easy to toss them all together.  

So hoping all you Americans had a great Thanksgiving and realize, no matter your grudges, you live, are privileged to live in, one of the greatest human experiments in history. And it is WORTH fighting for!

Reagan was far from perfect but he sure hit the nail on the head often enough to be taken seriously at times.

This is the time I grew up in. Those little beasts on bicycles could easily have been my younger brothers, now into their 60's.

Regarding #1. I have finished my meager Christmas shopping already. Did it before "Black Friday" left nothing but picked-over trash. AND all of it is either Canadian or local made but for one book printed in China. All of the above is nothing but common sense.

Sipping a good spiced rum as I work on this post. I pray I run into no posting challenges!

Just classic.

And that is a MAJOR truth!

American Woman

Rude awakening

That certainly includes yours truly, for rent as well.

I think I once almost believed this! Shhhhh!

Marx is now represented to the younger generation as a benevolent sage. Just saying. You will see this from a few of the images posted below. Few modern socialists have a clue about communism and Marxism, hence their support for this vile creature's Talmudic philosophical ramblings. It is documented that this man lived in absolute squalor, more often than not, drunk, surrounded by chaos.

When cars were works of art as well as form and function.

And this is the crux of it all. Now they enforce this idea upon humanity on an international basis. Currently the West is being brought down to third world standards.

Isn't he cute?

This cute little needlepoint is rather nauseating! No mention of the zillions of lives lost in previous attempts at "changing" things.

Mushroom/bacon/candied onion/carrot mix. OMG looks delish.

But then you have Bernie's option.

The Thanksgiving Dinner! Thanks Bernie.

Generally this man was lewd and crude in his living. This image is not far off the mark although I wager the long johns are less wretched than his were.

The difference between Conservatives and Liberals lies RIGHT here!

I want this. NOW.

Not. On. My. Life.

Bloomberg IS Israel's greatest fan. He opened up an NYC Police office in Israel.

That wallaroo weighs up to 100 pounds. This is a serious snake.

Does anybody really care? Just go acoustic, play small halls, travel from gig to gig by bicycle.

No natural woman sits like Mooch is here. That is such a masculine pose! In fact, "manspreading" is a bad thing according to feminists, isn't it?

Mac and cheese as an art form. And mighty tasty looking as well. But, not for my palate alas. No pasta allowed.

I am craving fresh veggies this evening.

Oh, dear, but that is such a sad truth.

I will never again be able to eat corn on the cob like this. Something to do with fragile teeth but that does not keep this from looking delicious beyond belief.

One of California's (((best Senators))). He also does drag. Sorry but he triggers me. Oh, and he helped create drag story hour, made it possible to never tell anyone you are HIV+, and can be charged if you don't address trans using their desired pronouns. This guy is a doozy. The photo is from one of San Francisco's orgiastic street celebrations where public debauchery is extreme.

She has what looks to be a Celtic style cross under her skin above her breasts. Hard to notice anything after her companion however.

Presented without comment other than to note his need to wax that chest. This is a man who can grow a full beard within two days!

University of Notre Dame is under assault by a (((gender focused))) group to bring about the above alterations to the educational system and remove almost all white authors from the curriculum.


I had an Old English years ago. She was a never-ending grooming story, fur piling up in corners no matter how often I swept, but such a wonderful animal. I loved my Lucy almost as much as my children.

Not a Soy Boy

Better than a mall on the day after Thanksgiving.

This embroidery thread art by Gabriel Dawe is amazing. The term "string art" seems so lacking!