Wednesday 27 February 2019


The fact that these cartoons are up so late should tell you that I am still fighting this cold with laced hot toddies! And, happily, I am winning quite nicely. Off to the pool tomorrow for, optimistically, a few laps along with good tunes and warm water. I never fail to give thanks to God and my good fortune to have such a luxury at my fingertips. 

Anyhow, enjoy today's offerings. Please. I pray you are all well and fighting the good fight in your own special way; even though I feel old and discounted in my personal life in regards to just about everything (bonafide educated millennials tend to make you feel that way), I don't buy into that mindset. But I do know I am so far out of touch with what goes on that I have no idea of how far out of touch I am! Do I really want to know? 

Anyhow. Checking out and heading to sleep now. Not much witty stuff to say, far too late. Blessings all. Until the next time, .....

Whitewashing again?

Accurate summary of the situation in Venezuela.

A photo of my daughter, taken atop some hill in Norway. 

Meanwhile in Canada:

So spoke the author of the hymn to the Communist manifesto, "Imagine". How naive we all were back in those days although John a little less so than most.

Another scene from Norway

An AOC comic is in the works. This woman is being brought into the orbit of young children by Marxist educators. Already she has brainwashed very young terrified "Storm Toddlers" coming in to harass and force the Green New Deal on other politicians, as seen with Nancy Pelosi last week. There is heavy duty propaganda in the works to endear her to them, make her their inspirational hero. They have plans for her; her idiocy works in their favour. She is not going away; she really believes her own braggadocio about saving the planet and being the boss in charge ~ with all the intensity of a driven egotistical fool.

"I'm the Boss!"

No better phrase could sum up the political position of Statists. Their political position is not any policy position or set of policy positions.

The political position of a Statist is very easy to understand. There once was a time when the Left was very open and honest about it. They were for dictatorship. They were for a very strong dictatorship. The political goal was to establish dictatorship. Both Hitler AND Stalin proudly and openly stood as dictators on principle. World War II opened everyone's eyes to the horror of dictatorship throughout the entire socialist world. The Left had to become very dishonest about what they stood for politically.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez means it. She means to be The Boss of society and everything that goes on in society. She means to rule over society and she means for the rest of us to be her subjects.  

"I'm The Boss." That is her political position. Her policies aren't her political positions they are her commands.

Who is the guy between Marx and Trotsky (or is it Lenin?)? I thought it might be Theodor Herschel. What do you think?

Hundreds of people agreed he looked like a cute girl. O. M. G.

This guy had thousands of women drooling over how cute he was! They were very attracted to him. What am I missing?

Recently she recommended voter fraud as well as speaking out against against ID.

These butterflies are not eating this rotting frog; they are licking the salts and chemicals from its skin for trace nutrients.

You are looking at the face of evil here. That is a mouth tainted by adrenochrome.

Look at that pompous twit in his black frock! He really takes his statement seriously. At least Jamie Farr was tongue in cheek.

Cocaine at the Oscars: In the eighty-nine years since the very first Oscars ceremony was held at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles it is estimated that Hollywood elitists have consumed well over one metric ton of cocaine, often in specially constructed secret cubicles set up by Academy staff backstage to make proceedings bearable during the painfully long three hour events.
Believe it, or not.

I remember doing a few of those sets, including the horse heads, when I was a kid. They were really dismal and guaranteed to make you think you could not paint worth a darn! And messy, too.

Why on earth would anyone want this traitorous woman back?

Dreams of summer days. 

Back with more on the weekend! Keep well