Friday 26 January 2024


We cover a lot of ground this week. Buckle up! Some pagan roots material as well. This summer my daughter will be having a Norwegian/Viking/Goth themed wedding and has tasked me with some research. I am finding some interesting things so there will be more.... 

UPDATE:I just loaded the Tucker Carlson talk from the other night in Edmonton. Canadians should take time to enjoy. My takeaway, however, was his final recommendation to dealing with our enemy, the Trudeau/Freeland government. His personal history with Freeland are worth the listen, guaranteed. That final recommendation was what you find here, what I have been purposefully doing for so long: LAUGHING AT THEM. Taking action as you can but LAUGHING because it does get to them. Look up to the top of this page; there you will find that is just what we are doing here at Snippits and Snappits. OK. Read on, I need to go to bed.

America is at this point now.

You might hate me forever.....

These are possibly the wisest words you will read in your lifetime. This post has a lot of wisdom; I found a lot of inspirational material to share with you this week.

I never had an Aunt Rose.


I think this is what they call a really big "ooopsie". I just noticed this is a Vancouver Island broadcast.

Note the date.


That space between dreaming to waking, when you awaken naturally, is when the voices of our ancestors ring clearest. Floki nailed it.
Floki. Dreamer. Lover. Artist. Creator. Berserker. A staple character in Vikings.

This is not Boeing; it is a Slav plane.

Sure do.

Again, note the date. More proof of a Canadian uni-party.

A stunning female Cardinal.

Last week the Albertan government was telling people to conserve their energy needs. To cook with microwaves; the province that was the king of the Canadian fuel industry.

Tucker is bringing it home to Canadians. Here is his full talk in Edmonton.

Bring on the lawsuits.

Real Canadians remember this and smile.

My area is NDP. Randall Garrison, signed at the bottom, is our representative. That is actually a nice feeling; pity Singh is involved just by being head of that party.

Oh those beautiful chemclouds! Or could it be HAARP. This photo is from Alaska.

They began this programme in earnest in the mid to late 1980's. I worked in the school system and remember that time well. And here we are. A few boys who really needed ritalin just to sit in class and function. But now everyone gets it if they show symptoms of anything.

The language of dominance and submission

It is everywhere. Even if you live in the city, it is in the wind.

If not God, certainly one of His angels. More times than I can count.

Thank Him for those angels! Gratitude for the gift of life.

Human fibroblast undergoing cell division. LIFE!

They dig very deeply to find new things for us to be concerned about. I mean, they really dig.

Hemingway was mentored by the same genius as Eustace Mullins ~ the great Ezra Pound.

Such beauty. I love his little moustache.

More major wisdom.

Every morning I post a photo titled "Your daily #WHITE"in Twitter and Gab. I will start including them here.

Cobalt in the Congo

Illegal immigrants in Japan

This, to me, is a vision of hell! You certainly cannot swim so why be there?

The great John Cleese, one of Britain's greatest treasures.

No one notices what goes on in Sudan.

Infiltration of the Vatican?

He makes a very valid point here; however, someone had to.


There are some in Israel who are against the slaughter but they are arrested and dealt with. Most Israelis want the job done and Palestinians eradicated from both Gaza and the West Bank.


Even more dark wisdom to guide and nourish your soul.

This sort of thing must be stopped. The ruination of family values at the expense of a child!

There are classes for that. Specialists who deal with the softening of a male voice. But, er, that won't improve the situation much!

Not much better than the above.

"Light reading material".

Real advertisement

Bruce has never been chopped.

Feed those Florida gators.

I have found this to be true. Many who did sports have done very well in their adult accomplishments and lives.


Sad but true.

The enforcer of "community standards". You thought the above was a joke?

Do you remember when Beyonce, supposedly heavily pregnant with twins, literally waltzed lightly into an interview, sat very swiftly (as no pregnant woman ever could) and blew her MoonBump out? I do.

Several years ago, European women were travelling to this area to find men who could guarantee them perfect White babies.

Red necks in Slovakia on a hot day


This Swedish subdivision. These homes. Oh, my. You could just lie there on that furniture and watch nature intimately.