Saturday 24 June 2017


I do apologize; I overdid it again; overloaded too much for you, Dear readers. Too much here for me to tell you about. You will just have to keep scrolling and laughing (out of one side of your mouth or the other) till the bitter end! Someone teach me how to edit them more please! It just seems that each topic is covered by many excellent and different viewpoints.

Meanwhile, the fast continues. I broke and had a lovely little sandwich the other day and paid with a very uncomfortable tummy so it is still going. Doctor is happy with how things are going and so am I but in this heat, I am not traveling too far.

Enough of me. Please enjoy. Share. Send your friends. Never hesitate to say hello!

When doting fatherhood is severely tested....



Chortle. Laugh. Gruffaw. They just can't handle it.

Potentially the most terrifying cartoon posted this week. Think apocalyptic neocon.

This photograph made my heart stop beating a moment to drink in such pure innocence and beauty ~ and the significance ~ of what these little angels represent. Meanwhile, American girls get Toddlers and Tiaras!

Oh, Man, we did not sign up for THIS from Justine Trudeau. Worse than Obama when it comes to this deviance and cultural Marxism. I have been "schooled" twice in the past months for using the word "girl" innocently in conversation. Guess I can expect more of same only now will have to deal with this yidiocy.

Please enlarge.

It's like the Walmart wars in the final quarter of the past century, all over again. Only this time with drones and millennials.

"Never forget" HOW Bezos gained the money to buy the planet. Off the backs of "slaves". How very Talmudic.

I am very proud to be a Canadian from an old founding family, but I sure don't take much pride in the following foolishness. Trudeau simply has to go.:

I cannot even begin to express my disgust at this excuse for a human being.

Yes! Acknowledge our Native Peoples. Name stuff after them. But don't part with your cash.That would mean a real concession and admission of guilt.

That smarmy face he makes when he is ... being (in)sincere.

This is a top story these days. Oh, dear! The musings, the suggestions, etc, etc, etc. How many to smoke a day. What is safe. We already know not to drive impaired or to let kids near it. But they are going to do a good fund-raising Communist-legislated job of selling mediocre pot under a million different regulations.

Check your magazine stand some time. Then go (re)watch Century of the Self

Obama's legacy.

Oh, dear. How very lewd. Laughs.

And then we have Johnny Depp, another washed-up actor, caught in an endless round of formula films with Disney, creating a PR nightmare when, attired as an immature Keith Richards, in a drunken low key but very public ramble... Well, read on. Of course Disney has too much sunk into the Caribbean franchise and the latest release to do more than attempt to minimize the damage. Johnny's apology was not terribly sincere. I have seen his described in media as "a joke" by CNN; those who have spoken against this new "hero" of the liberals, are called snowflakes and reminded of an old video of Ted Nugent rallying against Obama. Bad taste there as well, but not on the scale of Depp (Link to translations. Worth the visit.) on the world stage.

An Irishman providing some common sense? Yes.

Too many funny options to go for just one! Something different for each day of the week.

This cartoon is haunting.... 

How very Talmudic. And Wahhabist.

Macron will ensure that they get a transgender- oriented, Russophobic inclined, pro-austerity practising, Euro-centric, anti- labor, pro-gay, anti-Christian, pro-Israel, rainbow loving government that they can be proud of. The description of this was "The Rothschild Dynasty Now Officially Rules France ." ~ Vinyard of the Saker

The French are concerned by the extreme youth of his cabinet.

Adolf in da Haus. Artist Comment: Did Adolf Hitler survive the war and escape to Argentina? Police have recovered 75 Nazi artifacts from a house in Buenos Aires, including items believed to have been used by Hitler himself.  Check it out:

Maybe I was wrong about the scariest stuff of the day. Because this is really happening.

Pun break:

Enlarge this and absorb the international significance for the planet, of greatest notice to this Canadian are the G7 Economies. This has been going on for years, manipulated by the Elite to lower Western standards of living and elevate those in other places. The very real "redistribution of wealth" aka International Communism is what this could be called. With the exception of Africa and Latin America. This shifting of wealth has been going on for decades.

"Our Mother Europe" Check the date.

For much more: The Future of Europe

Portugal is burning. Who has Portugal displeased in the past year or so?

I have NO IDEA what this says. I just recognized the names of two and wondered what it is about. IF you can translate, please do. It would be greatly appreciated.

The new Ken dolls. Notice anything subtle in the placing of these dolls?

This abomination claimed she tried to go blonde, it fried her hair, she had to chop it off. But she has gotten ugly due to her politics and Marxist dreams. Whatever Hillary has, it is contagious.

Heck, a real Barbie wants to be ravished by GI Joe!

Or this Viking/Celtic man doll here...

Ah, deception and ethics. 
Blame the victim if there is a problem.
Such highly valued traits by these liberal deviants.

But you already knew that! Enlarge if you need further clarification.

This is the easiest boycott I have ever pledged to! 
I don't go to movies. Period.

 Liberal Tears Redux. Will they never learn?


Please enlarge to read the difference between Conservatives and Liberals. 

This is from a director of Antifa. Just think about what you are reading. And understand, from the final line, just how deserving these folks are of being shut down. If you do not actively fight them, they take that as acceptance of their crud.

 Not very meany inhabitants of the planet seem to "get" this message.

They are related:

You can enlarge the above and your own research on this one. I am just posting it for you. But Trump, being a descendant of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) is a rather astonishing factoid.

They are depriving Venezuela of many life-maintaining medications including insulin. This is criminal and much the same as has been done to Middle Eastern nations in the past. Iran. Iraq. Syria.

Artist comment:  How much time will have to pass for the world to take seriously what is happening in Venezuela?... until it looks like Syria?...

The joys of Twitter. These are some of the goodies that hit my page this week. I really do enjoy the variety and depth of some of the things sent. James Perloff and Henry Makow are among my favourite contributors.

Just think about this for a moment! Pause. 
Let it allll sink in.