Wednesday 29 August 2018


Nothing in the world is so great as the loss of John McCain ~ according to the JMSM. I would say this is an effort to stick it to Trump, knowing how much so many of us detested him. Every cartoonist out there is outdoing himself to let us know what a great patriot we lost. Further below you will find the other side of that particular debate for this rather deplorable individual. The Snarky Conservative, aka Dixon Diaz, nailed the situation beautifully.

Were they Imams or Rabbis, would the media be having such a field day trashing an entire religion? Would they equally criticize these other "religious leaders"? Or would they try to bury the articles at the soonest possible occasion?

Already! Seeing this despite the heat.

This little walkway was not there when I used to canoe around that little island looking for loon nests. This is Lake Kabakwa in the Haliburton Highlands, prime cottage land.

I can hear Liberal heads exploding.

From Start to Finish.

Senator Scott Weiner at the Folsom Street Fair (complete degeneracy) with some of his fans. Scott, who also looks good as a bearded woman, is the man responsible the California laws that make it perfectly legal to give blood or take on a partner without telling them you are HIV+. He is also the man responsible for the programme to wash up the streets of San Francisco.

Brown needs to visit McCain, keep him from getting lonely.


A female radio host I enjoy listening to occasionally speaks with great appreciation of  "dirty white boys"; this photo brought her words to mind. Georgia Peach is her name and she is VERY easy to listen and learn from. Southern charm, common sense, a sharp wit, good political insight.

As with Donald Trump, Salvini is under major media attack for his defense of Italy and hard-line stance regarding the illegal immigrant situation in Italy. Spain has gladly taken up that slack and is already paying the price as it slips into the Kalergi-Coudenhove nightmare that is Brussels-approved Europe. He is proving to be another bent cog in the EU machine.

When did Common Sense or pride of nation become "Hate"? Oh, when you are trying to stop an invasion of unwanteds!

So many thank yous to Mr. Diaz for his fine work.

Regarding this latest tragedy in Florida, PLEASE read the following article for some clarity:

Fits the narrative. Ms. Tibbett's murder did not.

A proud new Grandmother of a sweet boy, I am glad to learn that young parents no longer automatically have this done to their sons, preferring to leave them intact to make their own decisions as adults. Meaning, intact forever. It seems there is a reclamation of the natural state happening; no one seems to discuss it but in Western Canada at least, in areas where the majority of the populace is of European origin, it is no longer de rigueur to snip your sons.

I acknowledge this is in "deplorable" taste, but it did make me spew tea all over my keyboard in, er, shock. Yeah, shock. Imagine someone thinking like this, making jokes about St. Anne! The irreverent horror of it all.

All you ever need regarding, quotes, commentary, etc, on YOU GENTILES can be found here, complete with working links to the original text.

Took a little hard work (somebody had to do it) but I finally deciphered the tat on the leg of the critter on the right to read "Daddy Issues". No surprises there! Their parents must be so proud. What you see here is a manifestation of the new Communism.


"Honey, I'm almost home! No, I don't want to go back to the 7/11 for smokes!"

"Highly principled."

Tell me these do more than just insult the GOP more than praise the traitor?

Some folks believe it but then again, some folks still believe flat earth theories.

So many of us wonder how Arizona kept electing him over and over again.

George Orwell and a puppy; The Spanish War.

This man just chose TexMex over his daughter.

How long will it take for the UN to notice the genocide in South Africa?

I feel a road trip coming on soon.

This is the Minister of Basic Education for South Africa speaking. I assume therefore she desires a return to life as it was before the White folks arrived? Including the modernization they brought?  It is obvious there is a destructive plan in place; first for the Boers; then for those who will starve.

The Spider and the Fly.

My daughter camps here routinely. Her beau's family, (like Norwegians for forever) has a remote cabin... 

One of her shots from a recent hike.