Saturday 10 October 2015


Putin. Russia. Syria. Isis. Lucifer's chosen. Amerikkka. USrael. The list is as endless as the world is crazy. 160 cartoons guaranteed to make you think twice about the world.  Oh, and just for fun, PIGGYGATE ~ the British scandal involving that infamous Rothschild agent, Mr. Cameron.
Quote of the day: Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses. ~ Plato
 The Motherland

 Common sense

Diversion, thy name is Syria as noted above and below. Meanwhile back in Greater Israel....

Call me a sick puppy but Oh, dear, this one cracked me up during the days following the much ballyhooed Shemitah.

 Truly, one picture, a million concepts.

 I altered this cartoon. The original villain the lady mentioned was PUTIN!

 This is an old cartoon, but just kinda fell in here with the Cameron Piggygate scandal.

Cameron is being sacrificed as a distraction to keep the British people from seeing just how dismal things are in the country he manages for his bosses. But that does not mean we cannot still have fun with this filthy creature. Pity the pigs he defiled.


The concepts encapsulated above are brilliantly done explicit and dangerous. Please spend a little time appreciating taking note of the work the cartoonist put into this horrific example of rampant anti-semitic portraiture.

 It saddens me when a great concept is ruined by poor spelling!

Isn't it interesting how we never see Israel included in these images denoting who is involved in what wars?

 Political promises.

Ah the Nobel Peace Prize: