Friday 24 April 2015



 Cultural Invasion (Watch out Iran!)

 The true interpretation of "the trickle down effect".

 The blood of the Amazon

Those are not flowers they are throwing!

 Green pollution ~ environmentally safe?


I thought this was a joke when I first saw the ad for this thing. A nice orthodox Jewish man is going to help all you Christian Zionists to be better Jews! One ad said something about it beautifying your home ~ yes, ugly red plastic crucifixes by a man who was raised to detest Christ is just what I want to bless my doorway.

My favourite this week. Next to the Mr. Rogers Remix video, that is. Speaking of which, here it is. Please enjoy the great wisdom of Mr. Rogers who, I admit, bored me to tears when he was on TV.

The cost of eternal surveillance

The Ukraine


War and forced immigration



Cultural invasion

Takfiri / Wahhabi Islam

"My parents had three daughters before me and my father dreamed of a boy, who did not come. After seeing several doctors without success, a friend of the immediate family of Lubavitch advised my father to seek blessing of the Rebbe. Our family is a traditionalist but not practicing. Nevertheless, my father went to New York in 1982 and did as many people waited their turn to receive a blessing. When his turn came, he asked the Rebbe if he could promise him a boy. The Rebbe handed him a dollar and questioned him about his religious practice; my father confessed to not respect the Jewish laws. The Rebbe then explained what the philosophy of Chabad, how it is harnessed to connect Jews among them to the world, through joint actions. The Rebbe instructed my father to commit to teach the son, he promised a Jewish education. 

"I was born less than 18 months after this interview and at my bar mitzvah, my father gave me that dollar he had received from the hands of Rabbi and repeated to me the message that he had sent to him. I kept, without paying much attention, that dollar. At the time of my studies and was born while gradually Facebook project, I remembered what my father had told me. I felt that there was a coincidence between the message of the Rebbe and my own social network. When it came time to get Facebook, I had this feeling it was time to make use of the dollar, I have in the bank at the time of the creation of our company, after you know it. 

"I'm not very religious and yet, I can only testify to the extraordinary intuition that this man, I regret not having met." ~ Mark Zuckerberg, Dutch Jewish newspaper: Joodse Kronieken.

Turkey and its usual international identity crisis

Blind optimism

From the minds that brought you exploding mammaries... LOL.

Another cartoon from the first days of the war on Iraq.

Food from contaminated soil