Friday 24 September 2021


Think about this as the logical reason for Joe:

 Meanwhile in Canada:

 Meanwhile in Melbourne:

The entire "whipping reins" frenzy is proof of just how far these people are from country life. Meanwhile witnesses have come forward stating that nothing untoward happened; the angle of the photograph was just that ~ a misleading angle.

These men are descendants of older immigrants who came to America legally with full intention of "making it" not mooching from the American teat.



Ah yes, the intended "Storming Hoax 2.0" failed:

How many have fallen through the cracks? How many had dedicated home schooling?:

Further on photos of medical staff resigning en masse:
This is why, as a Canadian, I have supported America for so long.:

Meeting Ting the Tiger during a raid:

I did my Grades 9 through 10 at this school in Peterborough, Ontario. Then I flunked religion classes and went to public school:

Back to Peterborough:

Canadian cheap food. No name. As bad as it looks. Even the ball gags!:
I am so proud to have this man leading our nation to hell on behalf of his masters:

Who is this? (h/t Daily Time Waster):


I used to wonder how one ate these things. Then I realized I would just sit and pick it apart bit by bit, savouring every delicious chew by delicious chew. That is easily 2 or 3 meals for me right there:

This is what real Bolsheviks do after they have destroyed Russia and slaughtered millions of White Russians by the bloodiest means possible. They moved on and visited their bloodthirsty tortures upon the Spanish. Many of them ended up in Palestine destroying those people during the establishment of modern Israel.


Forget the Nazi and concentrate on the modern Communism dubbed "the Great Reset":

Meh! Nothing new here!:

Then and now. Epheseus:

West Coast salmon spawning season begins:


A herd of elk wandered through an Oregon town recently. It is obvious they do not like roads! Eventually, they found their way to the wilds.

Boat Parades:


They were concerned about people coming to adopt these babies (hence sharing a "virus"):
Tears for Melbourne:

It's got to be hot somewhere, right?:

Almost the entire staff of this hospital resigned rather than be jabbed. Meanwhile, they talk about a "nursing shortage".:

Truck art in India. Why? In the name of Shiva, why?

The peacemaker:

I was doing a search on "Lumber Jane" and, among the photos of logger ladies I found this "Jane". That is so NOT a woman! Or is this just an overly muscled woman? Are you with me on this?:

White supremacy has polluted Yoga she says:


Low blow:

She speaks the truth:

Against mandated vaccines: