Friday 30 July 2021


This is where I come from as well. 
It is all an unholy mix.
Dang! Don't go looking for my updated blog roll. Believe it or not, I just erased it AGAIN when I went in to put in the new link for NorthernTruthSeeker. It is all HIS fault. I think I might be a tad drunk on baby love since I spent most of the day rocking and holding a lovable person just discovering the joy of almost cooing and making precious infant sounds.

One of my new sources of cartoons is a left wing site in Reddit. very amusing because they post many of the images I share with you; it is obvious they just don't get the humour. They scratch their heads, mock, and cannot figure out much at all. Yes, most of the humour I post is dark and twisted by liberal standards. On the aforementioned site, they could not think much was funny beyond the fact that it amused neanderthal conservatives whom they despise. Everything is viewed through their twisted negative lens of hatred and supercilious attitude. But I do find some good materials there.


Dawn. Mist. Silent paddling. Deer tentatively drinking at the shore. The shrill of a loon. Fish breaking surface. Yes, I loved my dawn canoe outings!

Who are these fine gentlemen? Answer at the end of the post.

Sadly I fully relate except I can throw in a few PhD's as well.:

Cedar Waxwing

OLD cartoon:

"Alleged" Biden child victim:

Yes, He really said it!:

Typical Tofino pup on a stroll

Coffee hotel in Vietnam:

A picture speaks a thousand words:

Dumped in Red States?:

Love this one:

Griffon Vulture:

Remember the Elders:

On Salt Spring Island;

This is how creatures are farmed here on the Island. Below are some pigs from a Cowichan Valley farm where animals are raised pastured. Almost all the animal products I eat is pasteurized. We are fortunate here. The bacon, by the way, is beyond heavenly!

Rio de Janiero:

It trolled me:

Ted Cruz:

Walked. Usually along a river or stream. Including winters. Alone. Too dangerous by today's standards.:

Eye Contact as well as Farts can spread Covid?

Were they effing serious when they created this? Sadly, yes.

The Bowden Bicycle. 600 made. Designed in 1945. Not made until the 60's. I imagine they weight a ton but they remind me of the flowing graceful lines of Art Nouveau.

Knowing when to cut bait.:

The propaganda is heating up. Same prose; many voices.:

That's all for this week! 

It is been gratifying to see that folks are actually reading some of the more serious material I have put up recently. But most of all, your comments are what makes it worthwhile!