Friday 31 May 2019


Let's begin with this zinger, possibly one of the best cartoons ever! Not to mention downright dangerous in today's climate.

The good old days. Proper manners. Decorum. Pointed witticisms. The British were Masters of the art. People used an interesting vocabulary to insult each other creatively rather than just cast sexual slurs or use graphic terminology.

International IQ's. Didn't make the list? Find yourself HERE. Israel ranked in with 95. The US is 98.

The chap in the brown robe made a film on the proper way to beat your wife, a matter on which we native Canadians are woefully ignorant!

In 1980 and 1985, the two doctors who confirmed my pregnancies offered me an abortion in the same breath. Trudeau goes to talk NAFTA with VP Pence but vows to talk abortion. Sigh. He just HAS to meddle where he has no business.

Naive fools.

Truer words have never been spoken!

He died in 1938.

Just call it (((Communism))) and get it over with. Sharia is just part of the battering ram.

Can you see the birdsong? Such an amazing photograph.

Beto is gone. Done.

Flugennock says: n a tragic revival of an old protest tradition, a man set himself on fire near the White House this week. And yes, this somehow put me in mind of the Democratic Party’s insistence on trying to foist Joe Biden onto progressive voters ~ which, of course, would be their biggest debacle since the 2016 debacle, and a true “hold my beer” moment for the Democrats.

A reader asked if I am starving myself that I ogle over such yummy fatty foods. Well, the answer is still yes. I can never eat like this again because it made me so fat so now I take great pleasure exploring healthy cuisine vicariously. I cannot remember the last time I ate pasta or a big steak. Just little bits of the good stuff nowadays. The asparagus above would be the first to disappear off the plate.

The bee won.

The ugly origins of Nancy Pelosi! This explains a lot.

And this vile creature thinks God will listen to her pleas?

Lake Tahoe is back, full and beautiful.

Now this is a story I would love to hear!

Current repairs at Notre Dame.

March to the globalists or be labelled a Nazi (Not-see)

Oh, I would LOVE this thing to travel North America in!

Here we are in Ireland! Look at all those little leprechauns!

We can only hope for the best for this fine Canadian.

And zoophiles.

A pizza to die for.

Pretty nasty, isn't it?


Mel Gibson. Decades ago interview. Woke does not begin to describe the man.


This is a Hollowco$t story I had never heard before! And we thought the 5 Diamond Story was a stretch! This is right up there with Weisel's geysers of blood. 

Never forget!

Seriously, check out this fashion shoot of men in this summer's hottest crochet outdoor looks. You won't regret it. Just don't have a hot drink in your hand as you scroll through. Thing is, these White boys are just having fun in the forest.

South Africa today.

A very sick corner of Twitter. A lot of these filthy things in there.

Remember those emo kids? How much do you want to bet that a great deal of them ended up on the Antifa rolls!

The Spirit Bear, a local variation of the Black Bear.