Friday 16 September 2016


Hillary Dump #3. There seems to be an endless supply of humour regarding this fine example of American womanhood. Could this possibly be due to the absurdity of the whole situation? 

Last weekend I was at a large social function under strict orders to behave and avoid politics wherever possible! This was not difficult to do since politics were the last thing on my mind but a few family members decided to discuss the "deplorable Trump" and the "experienced Ms. Clinton", and the very "admirable Obamas". At that point, fortunately I was called for make-up and hair and departed silently bemoaning (for an extremely short time) the ignorance and chosen innocence of Canadian people, on the whole, when it comes to American politics. Anyhow, that being said, here is the Hillary Dump. Later today I will post the regular material But I just wanted to get this out there. 

For a change I have included commentary by a few of the artists where available. Please let me know if that is helpful or just a bit too much. Personally, I like knowing what some of these folks are thinking when they create this material. Especially the ones ... those special few... who actually get it.



Stilton says: Oh, you knew we weren't going to let this one pass by! On Friday, Mrs. Clinton attended a New York fundraiser hosted by "The LGBT for Hillary." While there, comfortably among her own, the former first lady decided to unload on the rotten, lousy Americans who aren't planning to vote for a repeated felon just because she's alleged to have a vagina.

"To be grossly generalistic," she grossly cackled, "you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic ~ you name it!"

Mrs. Clinton allowed that the other half of Trump voters are people who feel the government has let them down (no, really?!) and are "desperate for change."
Actually, we think her math is just a little off with that 50-50 breakdown, since at least 80% of the Trump voters we know just want to keep the lying, cheating, DNA-spewing, raping, stealing, bribe-taking, influence-peddling Clintons out of the White House any way they can ~ which in this case includes voting for Trump. And virtually all of the actual "deplorables" (we would include abortionists, race agitators, communists, and anarchists) are on her side, and quite possibly on her payroll.

Hillary's jaw-droppingly elitist attack on common people isn't surprising, but her candor is. "A basket of deplorables," she calls us. Rabble. Peons. The Great Unwashed.

Perhaps owing to her grievous brain injury, she's forgotten how recently she was one of the common people ~ out of work, homeless except for a handful of mansions, and "dead broke" until the huge checks started rolling in again from  foreign countries that wouldn't bother calling her LGBT fundraising pals "deplorables," but would instead hurl them from buildings, behead them, or stone them in the streets. Which, apparently, Hillary is cool with. Now that's deplorable.

According to the artist, Mike Flugennock:  When I picked up the morning Post off my front stoop last Tuesday morning and got a look at the front page, I knew this was arguably one of their most sublimely insulting headlines ever. Here was the Ice Queen obviously destroying evidence under investigation ~  along with other actions that would result in immediate firing and imprisonment for people who aren’t Hillary Clinton ~ and the Washington Post is queefing out yet another blast of tired old 1950s red-baiting and dick-wagging, continuing to aid Clinton and the Democrats’ ongoing deflection of blame and claims of victimhood.

After over a year of Hillary and the Democrats’ lies, half-truths, primary rigging, thievery, bullying, threats and insults, the Washington Post still insists that it’s the Russians ~ the goddamn’ Russians ~ who are responsible for the loss of faith and trust in the American electoral process. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t need the Russians’ help to lose my trust in American “democracy”.

Artist Mike Flugennock says: Hillary Clinton’s recent collapse at a Nineleven™ anniversary ceremony ~ with all the obligatory Clinton campaign spin, dissembling and lies ~ has given a whole new meaning to the Democratic Party’s campaign slogan, “Stronger Together”.

Very interesting and timely observation, non?

 I am so slow. It took me ages before I got this and went... "EWWW".

Stilton says: Hillary Clinton is being accused of using a tiny, nearly invisible radio-enabled earpiece to feed her answers, information, and cues to cackle wildly or cough dramatically during her recent town hall event with Matt Lauer.

Hillary's campaign team categorically denies this accusation which, as far as we can tell, is actually the primary function of her campaign team: categorically denying that the latest pungent brown shrapnel to fill the air is more of Hillary's feces which has hit the fan.

Frankly, we don't know or much care if Hillary has added a high tech element to her lying. After all, at this point we should all accept the truism that Hillary isn't so much a person as the mascot-like face of a huge criminal enterprise with plenty of players. Whether or not she's actually got a teeny-tiny walkie-talkie shoved up her earhole is secondary to the fact that everything she says has been scripted, focus group tested, analyzed for legal liability, and has virtually nothing to do with the truth.

Even so, we think Donald Trump might do well to invest in a pocket-sized radio jamming device to carry into his debates with Hillary. Or better still, he should just find out her earpiece's radio frequency then blast her eardrums with the national anthem.

Rat-Face Rothschild speaks. My goodness, does this loathsome creature not remind you of a toothy diseased rodent found in the foulest corners of big city sewers?

Creator Stilton says: Ironically, Mikey was only at the hospital to visit Johnny Optimism. Hope n' Change doesn't take any pleasure in the thought of Hillary Clinton being sick ~ perhaps very seriously so. We do, however, experience unbridled delight whenever she's unable to keep her lies from being exposed ~ as is currently the case, thanks to the video that makes her look like a flopping flounder being flung into the hold of a fishing trawler.